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Integer’s free to watch nitrogen market presentations

Integer deliver concise and insightful nitrogen market presentations that provide a great window into the prospects of the global nitrogen market, and the key issues impacting its outlook.

Please click on the icons or links below to watch these presentations (recorded from our market outlook webinars). You can also register for free to our upcoming webinars on this page, as soon as they are advertised.


Global Nitrogen Market Webinar: Industry Dynamics & Outlook (10th Oct 2018)

This webinar will cover: 

  • Recent nitrogen market developments
  • Nitrogen pricing developments
  • The impact of production costs and the supply-demand balance
  • Concise overview of projects
  • Medium term outlook
  • Confidential Q&A session at the end

>> Click here to register for the webinar

Nitrogen Market – The evolving impact of energy (27 Apr 2017)

This recorded webinar covers:

  • Key changes in marginal nitrogen production costs
  • Gas market liberalisation – the future of low-cost nitrogen production?
  • The impact of falling oil revenues on nitrogen producers in MENA
  • How do these changes shape Integer’s forecasts?

>> Click here to watch the presentation



Nitrogen Market Outlook: Who will suffer and who will prosper (Nov 2016)

This recorded webinar covers:

  • The next phase of nitrogen pricing: what has changed?
  • Developments in China: Integer’s previous forecasts and how they have been validated and proven correct
  • Production costs or the supply-demand balance, which is more important going forward?
  • Medium term outlook: who will suffer and who will prosper?

>> Click here to watch the presentation



Nitrogen Market – A new era of nitrogen forecasting: the outlook for all products and end-markets (March 2016)

This recorded webinar covers: 

  • The increasing importance of trade: who is moving what and where?
  • Profiling China: what has changed and how long can producers survive?
  • Mapping the outlook for all nitrogen products: how is Integer ensuring clear and accurate analysis across nitrogen products?
  • Debunking the energy myth: what are the true impacts of the new energy environment on nitrogen?

>> Click here to watch the presentation


The Integer View: The impact of the CF Industries – OCI merger ( 2015)

This recorded webinar covers:

  • In what ways will the nitrogen market be affected?
  • How will the combined companies’ competitiveness change?
  • What are the implications for other nitrogen producers?
  • Who could be next – is there room for further industry consolidation?

>> Click here to watch the presentation


Nitrogen Market Dynamics (Oct 2015)

This recorded webinar covers:

  • Nitrogen supply
  • Nitrogen trade
  • Nitrogen prices
  • Feedstock costs
  • Nitrogen producer competitiveness
  • The impact of oil prices

>> Click here to watch the presentation



Related research from Integer

Nitrogen Cost and Profit Margin Service >>

  • Production costs by producer, the prices and margins they achieve and how these are likely to change in the future.
  • How feedstock costs, including shale gas, will impact production economics
  • Identify swing producers and where they are on the cost/supply curve
  • New capacity (greenfield and brownfield) likely to be added in the medium term

Nitrogen 10-Year Outlook Service >>

  • Reveal the 10 year forecasts of capacity additions, incorporating several scenarios
  • Discover the demand forecast for all of the primary nitrogen products, end products and end markets
  • Understand the role of the prominent importers and exporters by end product
  • Access the forecast casts for key importers, exporters and end users of the primary nitrogen products