Wire and Cable Regional Study: Brazil - Integer
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Wire and Cable Regional Study: Brazil

This report was published in 2011 is superseded by our more current
Wire & Cable Data Service

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Comprehensive analysis of Brazil’s cable industry performance…

With a GDP of around US$2 trillion, Brazil has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in the last decade.

Whilst still some way behind China and India in terms of market potential, it is now the 8th largest economy in the world and over the next 10 years will overtake the UK and French economies.

Brazil itself has quite a sophisticated wire and cable sector, and both Prysmian and Nexans (through Madeco/Ficap) are well established in the country.  São Paulo is the main industrial hub in Brazil, and the production and demand for cable is also concentrated here.

Integer estimates that total Wire & Cable demand in Brazil in 2010 reached US$2.3 billion, a 45% year-on-year increase from the 2009 low point.

Our NEW series of Regional Studies are the first in the marketplace to give you a complete overview of a global region, using a specific methodology.

Integer’s latest report maps in detail the main drives of demand in Brazil, as well as providing detailed financials of the leading producers, such as Prysmian Cabos and Nexans Brazil.

The study also includes information on plant and product mix for the leading 100 cablemakers, with profiles on companies such as Wirex Cable and Cordeiro Fios e Cabos Electricos.

Brazil Study highlights include:
  • Detailed snapshot of Brazil’s wire & cable demand with product-by-product analysis
  • Review of developments of the leading companies in Brazil, including analysis of recent financial performance and profitability
  • Overview of historical developments in trade and production and analysis of Brazil’s wire & cable trade balance
  • Plus a 5-year forecast of wire & cable consumption, production and trade in Brazil
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The study addresses issues such as:
  • Who are the main players in the Brazilian market?
  • How effective is capacity and is it efficient?
  • How is Brazil’s cable industry performing compared with other BRICs? Is there still room for growth?
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