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Industry Insight: Navigating the North American Nitrogen Market

Integer’s timely online report Industry Insight: Navigating the North American Nitrogen Market is a groundbreaking investigation into the changing production economics and opportunities within the North American nitrogen market (made even more pertinent following the recent merger between industry heavyweights CF Industries and OCI).

This dynamic online resource analyses the underlying fundamentals of the regional market, providing context to potential investment and producer risk analysis. The report will help you:

  • Understand the scale of the turnaround in the market
  • Determine the market potential for your business
  • Capitalize on new capacity opportunities
  • Support your strategic decision-making

Designed in response to the industry’s market intelligence needs, Integer’s Industry Insight: Navigating the North American Nitrogen Market answers the key questions in the industry on the dynamics of the North American market, and analyses how the turnaround in nitrogen market sentiment is likely to influence the industry in the next few years.

Watch our quick 1.5 minute video to discover more about Integer’s Nitrogen market analysis services:

Info-175FREE Infographic: North American Nitrogen

We have prepared a simple ‘Infographic’ featuring a small taste of the wealth of data included in the new report.

It’s a quick and easy way to see what we offer without taking up too much of your time. Click here >> (or on the image to the left) to view it.

If you like what you see, then please consider registering on our website to read a free preview chapter with more extracts and charts (details below).

FREE Online Preview: Includes exclusive extracts

Read a FREE Preview chapter including charts and tables extracted from the report >>

The preview chapter includes summaries of each chapter within the report showing you the quality of coverage and the wealth of data available when you subscribe/order access. It also features selected colour charts and tables extracted from the full report.

Table of Contents & what subscribers receive

All the data you need on the North American nitrogen market at your fingertips…

  • Chapter 1: An introduction to nitrogen
    • The role of nitrogen (incl. charts on Global nitrogen fertilizer demand and outlook + The nitrogen production process)
    • Ammonia / Urea / Ammonia nitrate and nitric acid / Urea ammonium nitrate (UAN)
  • Chapter 2: History of the US nitrogen industry
    • US agriculture and nitrogen use (incl. charts on US fertilizer application rates, US crop production, and US crop fertilizer consumption)
    • Nitrogen fertilizer demand and product substitution trends (incl. charts on US nitrogen product substitution
  • Chapter 3: The US supply-demand gap
    • Incl. charts on The US Nitrogen balance, US balance of supply, US straight nitrogen imports, and US nitrogen imports by origin)
    • The role of Trinidad (incl chart on Trinidad gas supply)
    • Imported nitrogen: Points of entry (incl. charts on US nitrogen imports by port of entry and US nitrogen imports by region of entry)
  • Chapter 4: The changing fortunes of the US energy market (incl. chart on US shale plays and basins)
  • Chapter 5: The impact of the shale gas revolution on the nitrogen industry (incl. charts on Profitability of CF Industries nitrogen segment, US and international gas prices, and International and US gas prices)
  • Chapter 6: The US Midwest hub
    • Midwest consumption (incl. chart on Midwest nitrogen consumption by state)
    • Midwest supply
    • US Midwest supply-demand balance (incl. chart on Midwest nitrogen supply demand balance)
  • Chapter 7: Internal logistics and transport costs (incl. chart on US nitrogen logistics costs)
  • Chapter 8: Capacity investment (incl. charts on Us nitrogen capacity expansion projects by likelihood and US Midwest capacity expansion projects by likelihood)

Each online chapter includes detailed colour charts and tables, and can be printed an unlimited number of times with one simple click for researching offline. Access the data wherever you are from a mobile, PC or tablet, with no need to download any software or risk of losing/misplacing out-of date PDFs – simply login and use.

This concise, easy-to-use online report offers a snapshot of the key market statistics, successes, trends and drivers including:

  • Analysis of falling production costs and rising local price premiums
  • Discussion of the balance between domestic and international supply
  • Commentary on the successful exploitation of shale gas resources
  • Examining the role of internal US logistics and transportation costs
  • Assessing the scale of interest in nitrogen capacity investment and project likelihood

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  • Full colour charts and tables
  • Unlimited ‘Print chapter’ option for each chapter
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1. Introduction

Introducing this key plant nutrient (subscription required to view in full).

Read More
2. History of the US nitrogen industry

Essential context and history of the US nitrogen industry (subscription required to view in full).

Read More
3. The US Supply-demand gap

An exploration of the supply-demand gap (subscription required to view in full).

Read More
4. Changing energy markets

The rapid developments of the US energy market (subscription required to view in full).

Read More
5. Shale gas revolution

How the shale gas revolution has changed the market (subscription required to view in full).

Read More
6. The US Midwest

The role of the US Midwest hub (subscription required to view in full).

Read More
7. Internal costs

Analysis of the transport and logisitics costs (subscription required to view in full).

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8. Capacity investment

Expansions and planned project likelihood (subscription required to view in full).

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Glossary of key terms used in the Industry Insight: Navigating the North American Nitrogen Market report (subscription required to read in full).

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