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The Market For Specialty Industrial Cable

An extensive study on the market for Specialty Industrial Cable, providing detailed market demand analysis and forecasts by key segment.

Use this comprehensive focus report to discover:

  • Drivers of demand by end-use
  • Production in US$ million
  • Specifications and standards by sector
  • Size of the market by OEM product, counted by region and country
  • Key consumers of cable by sector
  • Projected new build
  • Cable demand forecasts to 2015

Understand the key demand drivers and customers in key vertical markets
From merchant and military shipboard cable, through the aerospace sector, oil and gas, and offshore wind farms, through to rolling stock and airport systems – 5kv runway cable and 400Hz cables, and the emerging market for solar farm cables.

How this report will help you

The first report of its kind in the cable sector

No other report has broken out the key Specialty Industrial cable categories like this before.

  • Understand what are the key drivers for demand in each market
  • Track end-use sector demand
  • Track trends driving demand of fire safety cable applications
  • Find out about competitors and emerging markets
  • Learn about the ever changing specifications for jacketing and cable design
  • Use the supporting raw data
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Vertical markets analysed

We provide information on the leading global producers in each vertical market; we look at cable market for new build, as well as retrofit and repair and maintenance, along with details on specifications and standards required for each end-use requirement

  • Rolling stock
  • Aerospace market
  • Airports
  • Merchant shipping
  • Military/Naval shipping
  • Offshore oil and gas
  • Offshore wind farms/renewables
  • Onshore wind farms
  • Solar farms/BIPV/renewables
  • Nuclear power
  • Mining
  • Elevators/lifts
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