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We provide detailed coverage of all major nitrogen fertilizer products. We analyse urea capacity by geography and feedstock, as well as energy integrated and non-integrated producers.

We also examine the key trends which are likely to reshape the industry in the future. These include coal cost curve in China and the gas price trend which will impact production cost.

Export Market

We review urea export policy and tariffs, explaining how prices trend in major domestic markets and international markets. We provide comprehensive analysis of export by company and destination and also deliver an export outlook.

Producer profiles

We analyse producer profitability based on feedstock, energy integration and geography. We include profiles of all major urea producers, outlining production assets, marketing and sales strategies, financial performance, production costs and investment
plans. Producers’ profiles include:

Gas-based Urea producers

  • PetroChina
  • China BlueChem
  • Liaoning Huajin Tongda
  • Sichuan Meifeng
Coal-based Urea producers

  • Jinmei Group
  • Yangmei Group
  • Hualu Hengsheng
  • China XLX
Mixed feedstock Urea producers

  • Yuntianhua
  • Hubei Yihua


We provide supply and export forecasts to 2020, based on feedstock and geography:

  • Our supply forecast is based on future projects within mainland China, as well as planned new capacity by feedstock, geography and capacity closures.
  • Our demand forecast splits urea demand by major regions within China. This analysis is more in depth compared with the first issue of the report published in 2013.
  • We provide energy supply/demand and price forecasts, explaining the relationship between the pricing of urea and feedstock.
  • Our export forecast is based on industry supply/demand dynamics and the price gap between domestic and international markets. Our forecast takes into account and explains the impact of Chinese export policy on the urea industry. We also provide a forecast of export volumes and prices to 2020.

Chinese Urea Cost Curve

We provide current and projected cost curves for the Chinese urea industry, taking into account geography and feedstock utilised.
Future cost curves cover 2018 and 2020 and are presented by location, feedstock and future export potential.

Supporting Data

Our supporting data outlines capacity by company, demand by region, export by destination, investment plans based on feedstock and producers’ financial data – a great research tool.

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