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Sulphur types, regional and major country breakdown

The service provides a breakdown of the different types of elemental sulphur – splitting out gas based and oil based recovered sulphur. We provide the latest updates and changes on key projects in the pipeline that will impact any new supply coming to the market.

Sulphur market dynamics

The service provides insight into how short term changes in the sulphur market can impact the medium term and long term outlook.

We explore the expectations for sulphur inventory in the forecast, including sulphur blocks and granular storage.

We consider how shifts in new supply sources will impact trade routes and in turn the relationship with the key sulphur benchmarks. As supply grows we see continued diversification of trade patterns in the outlook.

The 10-year sulphur outlook

Our in house comprehensive data model allows Integer to extract and analyze changes in the forecast, presenting three different scenarios – reflecting the dynamic nature of the market.

  • Supply:
    We present a 10-year forecast for sulphur production by type, based on our database of oil refineries and gas plants. We look across projects in the pipeline and macroeconomic assumptions to underpin our methodology for supply. Due to the nature of sulphur production – we also closely consider the energy landscape and how this may impact developments in the oil and gas sector.
  • Demand:
    The service splits demand data by fertilizer and non-fertilizer sectors, providing an overview of key sulphur consumers. Projects in the outlook include phosphate fertilizers and also those in the metals sector that require elemental sulphur for the production of sulphuric acid in leaching operations. Other non-fertilizer projects we also monitor include those in the chemicals industries.
  • Future pricing:
    Our pricing methodology is supported by our comprehensive supply and demand model and database. The three scenarios we calibrate for supply also feed into our price forecasts – allowing a dynamic look into price expectations for key benchmarks including China CFR, Middle East FOB, NW Europe (molten) sulphur and more. We also consider the impact prices may have on marketing strategies and pricing structures in the market.
  • Trade
    As new sulphur supply comes onstream, this ultimately means we will see a shift in sulphur trade. With changing producer availability and end user
    requirements – trade routes have been changing for many years. Our robust database and methodology allows us to look at the supply/demand balance and forecast imports and exports. Our extensive live database of projects also allows our trade balances to shift in line with project delays and start ups

Supporting data:

  • Historical dataset: supply, demand and trade
  • Supply: 10-year forecasts for sulphur production by type (oil, gas) including a plant list with new and existing projects that underpinour assumptions
  • Demand: 10-year forecasts for sulphur demand, including projects impacting the outlook for fertilizer and non-fertilizer demand
  • Trade: 10-year forecasts for sulphur trade – to show how importers and exporters may evolve in the outlook
  • Pricing: 10-year forecasts in three scenarios for key benchmarks

Spotlight Reports

Specialised review and examination of a key topic within the sulphur market. Four spotlight reports provided during the one-year subscription period.