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Global review
  • A review of the major countries and regions where nitrogen product markets are significant in the global context, which informs the primary country sample for the later and more detailed stages of analysis.
  • 10-year history of capacity, production, trade and demand for the primary nitrogen products, and of demand for end products and end markets.
Capacity and production
  • Capacity additions (in gross and net terms) for the primary nitrogen products.
  • We track all proposed large-scale nitrogen projects globally, and combine this with analysis of production economics in each country to provide 10-year forecasts of capacity additions with scenarios driven by the outlook for incentive nitrogen prices in the forecast period.
  • In addition, we also make assumptions about plant closures over this period.
  • Drawing on our extensive underlying knowledge and analysis of fertilizer and industrial nitrogen demand, we assess annual consumption and changing trends firstly in nitrogen nutrient terms, after which we assess the demand for all of the primary nitrogen products, end products and end markets.
  • This includes substitution trends and the role of new supply and pricing dynamics. Scenarios take into account the impact of, among others, changes in nitrogen application rates, nutrient use efficiency and government policy.
Global trade
  • The role of the most prominent importers and exporters by end product, including a view on how we can expect these to develop in the future, and the rise of new importers and exporters.
  • Including scenarios driven by the growth in supply and demand over the forecast period.
Costs and prices
  • Forecast costs for key importers, exporters and end users of the primary nitrogen products
  • Combined with the outlook for the supply-demand balance in each year to provide price forecasts for the primary nitrogen products at key regional benchmarks.
Nitrogen data file

Integer Research proprietary dataset released and updated every quarter during the one-year subscription period, providing:

  • Capacity and production of all straight nitrogen products to 2025
  • Fertilizer and non-fertilizer demand of all straight nitrogen products to 2025
  • Imports, exports and net trade of all straight nitrogen products to 2025
  • Forecasts are provided by country to 2020 and by region to 2025
  • Historic and forecast prices for the primary nitrogen products for the key relevant geographic references
Spotlight Reports

Specialised review and examination of a key topic within the nitrogen market. Three spotlight reports provided during the 1-year subscription period:

  • Focus on supply: projects, closures and utilisation rates
  • Focus on demand: growth trends, substitution and end markets
  • Focus on trade: the changing nature of importer, exporters and net trade