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Take a look at our video for a quick overview of what our Nitrogen services cover and who benefits. Below the video you will find details of the key features in the Nitrogen Cost and Profit Service including:

  • Cost and supply curve analysis
  • Financial performance
  • Energy market review
  • Capital costs, investments and expansions
  • Outlook and forecasts
  • Current and future pricing
  • Quarterly datasets
  • Spotlight Reports

Cost and supply curve analysis

Our cost and supply curve analysis gives insight into why margins can vary not only globally, but between companies in the same region. We include curves for all of the major nitrogen products, and coverage of every region in which production is operational. We also analyse and evaluate how changes in government policies affect market pricing, supply and trade.

Financial performance

We help you identify which companies are most profitable in the nitrogen business, by comparing and contrasting the financial performance of the major nitrogen producers. We analyse average prices, unit netback, financial performance and production costs. Key producers covered include:

  • Jinmei Group
  • Sichuan Meifeng
  • EuroChem
  • Acron
  • OPZ
  • NFL
  • CF Industries
  • Agrium.
  • PotashCorp
  • Kaltim
  • Vale
  • Yara
  • OCI

Energy market review

We include extensive coverage of energy markets globally, in the context of nitrogen production economics, with the aim of providing you with the key characteristics of each producer’s feedstock costs. Features include:

  • Typical regional energy costs to nitrogen producers
  • Comprehensive feedstock analysis
  • Regional energy market analysis
  • Regional resource estimates
  • Analysis of shale gas impact
  • Analysis of anthracite, coal, regulated energy markets

Capital costs, investment and expansions

We track almost 200 greenfield and brownfield projects within our analysis of nitrogen investment projects. We break out typical costs by project type, and evaluate our expectations for the viability of investment. Each project is analysed by:

  • Projected capacity
  • Capital Cost
  • Operating Cost
  • Status of project
  • Projected completion date
  • EPC/licensor details

Outlook and forecasts

Using our robust, industry-leading methodology, we show the relative competitiveness of each of the main producers and how this has evolved over time, highlighting where low and high cost capacity is located (for urea, ammonia, AN and UAN). Using bottom up methodology we create forecast cost curves for 2016, 2021 and 2026, revealing where key changes are likely to occur in regional cost position along the curve in the next 10 years.

Current and future pricing

We provide 10-year price forecasts based on energy scenarios, helping you to confidently plan for future developments in the nitrogen market.

  • 10-year forecasts for ammonia, urea, AN and UAN
  • 10-year forecasts of energy costs to nitrogen producers
  • Forecasts are Energy scenario driven
  • Forecasts account for greenfield and brownfield capacity expansions
  • Forecasts run for 10 years and compliment the cost curve outlook
  • The incentive price to build new capacity

Quarterly datasets

We deliver quarterly datasets throughout the one-year subscription period, which provide:

  • Unit cost and revenue for ammonia, urea and nitrates producers
  • Ammonia, urea and nitrate production and sales volumes by producer
  • Nitrogen producer company financials
  • Greenfield and brownfield investment projects database

Spotlight Reports

Specialised review and examination of a key topic within the nitrogen market. Four spotlight reports are provided during the one-year subscription period.

  • Benchmarking: 2014 cost and margin curves by company
  • Projects: Capital cost analysis, 2014 financials, incentive price forecast
  • Energy: Regional energy market analysis
  • Forecasts: Forecast cost curves, feedstock cost update, energy outlook

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