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Environment & Emissions
DEF/AdBlue/ARLA 32
Emissions Control Technologies
Marine Emissions
On-Road - Light Duty Vehicles/Passenger car
LNG/CNG/Alternative fuels
On-Road - Heavy Duty Vehicles
Engine/Vehicle Manufacture
Fertilizers & Chemicals
Ammonium Sulphate
Ammonium Nitrate
Phosphate Rock
Potash (SOP)
Potash (MOP)
Sulphuric Acid
Value Added and Specialty Fertilizers
Wire & Cable
Data, signal & control
Enamelled/magnet wire
Fibre optic cable
Fire performance cable
Power cable
Specialty cable
Automotive Cable

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Upon publication of each region, The Monitor will be available to download via our website. When you subscribe, you will be able to download the newsletter style PDF as well as a supporting Excel data file.

We also include as part of your subscription:

  • US$100/€100 delegate discounts: on Integer Emissions Summit series – Attend any of our emissions summit events (Europe, USA, Brazil, Russia, India, China) and receive $100/€100 discount
  • Conference papers: Free downloads of selected key papers from our global Integer Emissions Summits – hear about the latest issues affecting your industry
  • Ask an analyst – you will have invaluable access to the expert analyst team which compiled the report, you can ask specific questions on the publication and its findings, delve into the detail one-to-one with our researchers and clarify facts and figures.

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The Monitor Europe PDF & Excel files available online
The Monitor North America PDF & Excel files available online
The Monitor Brazil PDF & Excel files available online
The Monitor worldwide – all three regions PDF & Excel files available online



We provide single-user licenses and multi-user licences for all of the above – for more information please contact us. You can call our sales team directly on +44 (0)20 7780 4200 or email to make your inquiry.