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Table of Contents

Demand and imports

Study methodology and sources (Supply, Trade, Demand, Production Costs and Margin, Forecasts)

Demand and imports: World Overview

  • UAN and nitrogen demand overview
  • World UAN demand overview
  • Global UAN apparent demand by country
  • World UAN imports overview
  • Global UAN imports by country

Demand and imports: North America

  • USA’s nitrogen supply and demand
  • US nitrogen supply – domestic production and imports
  • US UAN and nitrogen demand overview
  • US UAN demand in 2014 – top 15 states
  • US UAN imports over time and source
  • Canada Fertilizer consumption of ammonia, urea and UAN by province, 2016/17
  • Canada nitrogen fertilizer demand over time
  • Canada UAN apparent demand
  • Canada UAN demand by province
  • Canada UAN imports over time

Demand and imports: Europe

  • Europe UAN apparent demand by country
  • West Europe UAN and total N fertilizer demand – and reasons
  • Central Europe UAN and total N fertilizer demand – and reasons
  • France apparent consumption over time
  • France fertilizer demand over time
  • France UAN demand 2015/16
  • France UAN imports over time and source
  • Germany apparent consumption over time
  • Germany fertilizer demand over time
  • Germany UAN imports over time
  • Germany UAN domestic sales by region 2016/17
  • UK imports/apparent consumption over time
  • Spain UK apparent consumption over time
  • Poland apparent consumption over time
  • Czech Republic apparent consumption over time

Demand and imports: Former USSR

  • Ukraine apparent consumption over time
  • Ukraine straight fertilizer demand over time
  • Belarus apparent consumption over time
  • Belarus straight fertilizer demand over time

Demand and imports: Latin America

  • Argentina apparent demand over time
  • Argentina straight fertilizer demand over time
  • Mexico UAN apparent consumption over time

Demand and imports: Rest of the world

  • Australia apparent consumption over time
Supply and Exports
  • Introduction to supply and exports
  • Global UAN production
  • Global UAN exports

Supply and exports: North America

  • North American UAN capacity
  • UAN Production
  • North America UAN production
  • North America share of global production
  • North America UAN exports
  • North America share of exports
  • North America Exports
  • US UAN exports by destination
  • Canada UAN exports by destination
  • CF Industries: UAN Capacity, UAN statistics, reported annual UAN capacities, investment programme
  • Nutrien: UAN Capacity, merger outline
  • Koch: UAN Capacity
  • Iowa Fertilizer Company, OCI: Overview & Current Status, UAN sales
  • CVR Energy: UAN Capacity, UAN statistics
  • LSB Industries: UAN Capacity, UAN statistics, UAN sales volume and operating rate
  • Dyno Nobel: UAN Capacity, UAN statistics
  • Yara: UAN Capacity
  • J.R Simplot: UAN Capacity

Supply and exports: Europe

  • Europe UAN production by country, 2017
  • Europe UAN production and exports
  • Europe UAN production, 2010-2017 by country
  • Europe UAN domestic deliveries
  • Europe Exports, 2010-2017 by country
  • Netherlands: UAN Capacity, 2017
  • Netherldands UAN volumes
  • Netherlands UAN production and exports
  • Germany: UAN Capacity, 2017
  • Germany: UAN volumes
  • Germany: UAN statistics
  • France: UAN Capacity, 2017
  • France UAN volumes
  • France UAN statistics
  • Spain: UAN Capacity, 2017
  • Spain UAN volumes
  • Romania: UAN Capacity, 2017
  • Romania: UAN volumes
  • Romania: UAN statistics
  • Slovakia: UAN Capacity, 2017
  • Slovakia UAN volumes
  • Slovakia UAN statistics
  • Poland: UAN Capacity, 2017
  • Poland: UAN volumes
  • Poland: UAN statistics
  • Bulgaria, Hungrary, Czech Republic UAN volumes

Supply and exports: Former USSR

  • Russia: UAN Capacity, 2017
  • Russia: UAN volumes
  • Russia: UAN statistics
  • EuroChem: UAN Capacity, 2017
  • EuroChem: UAN volumes
  • Eurochem: UAN statistics
  • Acron: UAN Capacity, 2017
  • Acron: UAN volumes
  • Acron: UAN statistics
  • Lithuania: UAN Capacity, 2017
  • Lithuania UAN volumes
  • Lithuania UAN statistics
  • Belarus: UAN Capacity, 2017
  • Belarus UAN volumes
  • Belarus UAN statistics
  • Ukraine: UAN Capacity, 2017
  • Ukraine: UAN volumes
  • Ukraine: UAN statistics

Supply and exports: Rest of the world

  • Trinidad & Tobago: UAN Capacity, 2017
  • Trinidad & Tobago: UAN volumes
  • Trinidad & Tobago: UAN statistics
  • Argentina: UAN production
  • Australia: UAN production
  • China: UAN Capacity, 2017
  • China: UAN volumes
  • China: UAN statistics
  • Egypt: UAN capacity
  • Egypt: UAN volumes
  • World imports 2000
  • World imports 2017
  • Russia exports 2000
  • Russia exports 2017
  • Trinidad exports 2000
  • Trinidad exports 2017
  • USA exports 2000
  • USA exports 2017
  • Lithuania exports 2000
  • Lithuania exports 2017
  • West Europe imports 2000
  • West Europe imports 2017
  • US UAN imports 2000
  • US UAN imports 2017
Production costs
  • UAN production costs overview
  • Main factors affecting Ammonia costs
  • Global energy prices to Nitrogen producers 2016-2017
  • Ammonia gas use efficiency
  • Ammonia fixed costs
  • Urea costs
  • AN and nitric acid costs
  • UAN costs and margins
  • UAN cash only cost curve – 2017
  • UAN cash only cost curve – 2008/2017
  • UAN gas cost vs cash cost curve – 2017
  • UAN cash margin vs gas cost curve – 2017
Historical prices
  • Nitrogen and UAN price drivers
  • 2007-2018 Nitrogen fertilizer monthly average prices
  • UAN prices: Move in line with energy costs which drive production costs, and the cost of freight
  • US urea vs UAN prices
  • US Gulf urea vs UAN prices
  • UAN prices in Europe

UAN price forecasts

  • Short-term Price Outlook
  • Medium-term Price Outlook
  • Long-run Marginal Cost

1998-2018 monthly UAN and Urea price changes, standard deviation

Urea price forecast

  • Short-term Price Outlook
  • Medium-term Price Outlook
  • Long-run Marginal Cost

2018-2027 Urea and UAN price forecast
LRMC – investment costs