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Fertilizer Country Profiles – Sub-Saharan Africa

In recent years, the eyes of major international fertilizer players have turned to the untapped potential of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). This region has suffered from decades of geo-political instability, but is now showing signs of steady market development, which could offer significant opportunities.

Integer Research is delighted to launch a new series of Fertilizer Country Profiles, focusing on the SSA region (as of January 2016 we have also published a new Latin America Fertilizer Country Profiles series). These profiles offer high-level analysis of demand, production, and trade across a selection of nations that we feel display the greatest potential, making them our ‘ones to watch’ in this region. The following SSA fertilizer markets are profiled:

  • Nigeria – (published September 2015)
  • Ghana – (published September 2015)
  • Ethiopia – (published July 2015)
  • Kenya – (published July 2015)
  • Mozambique – (published July 2015)
  • South Africa – (published July 2015)
  • Tanzania – (published July 2015)
  • Additional country profiles will be added throughout the year
  • Click here to view free extracts and screenshots from the profiles >>

Contents/PDF format

PDF-imageDelivered in a clear, easy-to-read PDF format, each country profile can be purchased separately (or order multiple profiles at a discount – see details below) and provides the following:

  • Aggregate Fertilizer demand from 2009-2014
  • Fertilizer import demand by product and country-of-origin from 2009-2014
  • Major crop production
  • Domestic market policy framework for the fertilizer industry
  • Fertilizer market structure
  • Delivered cost estimation for fertilizer imports from the main global export hubs
  • Trade map of fertilizer import flows by region of origin

Use our new Fertilizer Country Profiles: Sub-Saharan Africa to:

  • Support your investment planning and decision-making
  • Inform in-house analysis
  • Capitalize on investment opportunities in SSA fertilizer supply chains
  • Understand the origin of SSA fertilizer imports
  • Discover each country’s fertilizer market structure
  • Research the key fertilizer-consuming crops in each country

Order Instantly Online or by Email 

Add your required country profile(s) from the table below to the shopping cart and pay securely by credit card online or request an invoice by email. Discounts apply when you order multiple profiles or work for an NGO (see below for details). You will receive a full receipt/invoice/confirmation and your profile PDFs will be dispatched by our customer service team as soon as payment is received.

Country Format  Buy now
Nigeria PDF (21 pages)

$950.00Add to cart

or email your order >>
Ghana PDF (19 pages)

$950.00Add to cart

or email your order >>
Ethiopia PDF (17 pages)

$950.00Add to cart

or email your order >>
Kenya PDF (19 pages)

$950.00Add to cart

or email your order >>
Mozambique PDF (18 pages)

$950.00Add to cart

or email your order >>
South Africa PDF (18 pages)

$950.00Add to cart

or email your order >>
Tanzania PDF (17 pages)

$950.00Add to cart

or email your order >>
Order any 2 country profiles (we will contact you to confirm which two you require)
 Any 2 profiles – save $200

$1,900.00 $1,700.00Add to cart

or email your order >>
5 PROFILE DISCOUNT – Save $1,750
Order any 5 country profiles (we will contact you to confirm which five you require)
 Any 5 profiles – save $1750

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or email your order >>
Order all 7 country profiles
 All 7 profiles – save $2800

$6,650.00 $3,850.00Add to cart

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You can also call us directly to discuss your order on +44 (0)20 3696 2320 or email publications@integer-research.com


Integer is also extending special pricing on our new Fertilizer Country Profiles for all NGOs/Not-for Profit Organisations operating in Africa. Please contact Ibi Idoniboye ibi.idoniboye@integer-research.com for more information.

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