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DEF Tracker

DEF Tracker is the first independent monthly Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) price reference for the North American market. With a focus on prices and supply locations, DEF Tracker allows you to follow market trends by delivering accurate data in a practical Excel file format every month.

Why you need the DEF Tracker:

  • Access DEF prices for real transactions in key U.S. and Canadian hubs from 2012 onwards
  • Unlike NOLA-based pricing, DEF Tracker reflects local market conditions and costs
  • All supply modes, every month: tote, LTL, FTL, truck stop pump and jug
  • Rigorous price methodology reflecting data from suppliers and buyers on sales made during publishing month
  • Insight and analysis from leading industry experts

Excel iconMonthly DEF pricing Excel data                    

  • Monthly DEF price data from in five key supply formats
  • Price histories in an easily accessible Excel format
  • Trends and key figures – including 63 price references
  • Monthly urea feedstock price trends
  • Market intelligence – overview and trend analysis
  • Supply network – the latest information on DEF pump investments

Table of Contents for a typical issue.

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DEF Tracker follows a strict reporting methodology, which dictates the data collection procedure and sets minimum thresholds for reporting pricing information.

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Subscribe to DEF Tracker and every month you will receive the following:

  • DEF prices – price data in key formats
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