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NEW: Nitrogen Cost and Profit Margin Service

  • Production costs by producer, the prices and margins they achieve and how these are likely to change in the future
  • How feedstock costs, including shale gas, will impact production economics
  • Identify swing producers and where they are on the cost/supply curve
  • New capacity (greenfield and brownfield) likely to be added in the medium term

The Sulphur Market Dynamics Service

  • Examination of the major trends likely to reshape the industry in the next 5-10 years
  • Analysis of sulphur prices and key drivers impacting price volatility
  • Exploration of demand in the fertilizer and industrial sectors
  • Forecasts to 2024 for sulphur supply and demand by region, including a breakdown of sulphur types

NEW: The Sulphuric Acid Market Service

  • Track future supply developments, key projects and trends to 2025
  • Reveal future demand developments in the fertilizer and industrial sectors
  • Learn what trade routes are shifting in the outlook to 2025
  • Discover future market prices based around three different scenarios

Phosphate Cost and Profit Margin Service

  • Production costs by producer, the prices and margins they achieve and how these are likely to change in the future
  • New capacity (greenfield and brownfield) likely to be added in the medium term
  • The junior miners' likely positions on the cost curve
  • How phosphate demand, supply and pricing will evolve in the next 10 years.

The Potash Market Service

  • The production costs by producer, the prices and margins they achieve and how these will change in the future
  • How much new capacity – greenfield and brownfield – is likely to be added in the medium term
  • How potash demand, supply and pricing will evolve in the next ten years
  • Stay up-to-date on the market with data and analysis updated quarterly

The SOP Outlook Report

  • SOP cash costs for each producer and what prices and margins they achieve
  • The future of the SOP price premium over MOP and how this is being impacted by supply economics
  • New SOP projects by region and how much new greenfield and brownfield capacity is likely to be added in the medium term
  • How SOP demand, supply and pricing will evolve in the next ten years

UPDATED: Wire & Cable Data Service

  • Track the latest developments in the wire and cable market (75 key countries covered)
  • Discover where and for which products demand is growing
  • Identify and capitalize on exciting new ‘hotspots’ by geography and product group
  • Forecasts consumption, production and trade data up to 2018.

NEW: Wire and Cable Plant Databases

  • Revenues by plant and location
  • Revenue by country and product
  • Country/Company production
  • Rank producers by country/region

NEW: Expert Briefing – The VW diesel emissions crisis

  • Implications of the recall remedy for VW and US customers
    • Regulations and test cycles for emissions and fuel economy
      • How will VW's engine and emissions technology suppliers be affected?

    NEW: Sulphur Quarterly Insight

    • Quarterly high level analysis
    • Forecasts and intelligence on the Sulphur market
    • Supply / Demand / Trade / Pricing / Projects
    • Purchase a single quarter or subscribe for a year

    COMING SOON – The Automotive Grade Urea (AGU) Market Forecast

    • Brand new report on Automotive Grade Urea (AGU)
      • AGU supply and demand
        • AGU trade and pricing

      NEW: Sulphuric Acid Quarterly Insight

      • Quarterly high level analysis
      • Forecasts and intelligence on the Sulphuric Acid market
      • Supply / Demand / Trade / Pricing / Projects
      • Purchase a single quarter or subscribe for a year

      NEW: Fertilizer Country Profiles – Sub-Saharan Africa

      • Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania + more added throughout the year
      • Demand + import by product and country of origin from 2009-2014
      • Domestic policy framework, market structure and crop production
      • Cost estimates and trade maps of fertilizer import flows

      NEW: The Integer Top 100 Global Wire and Cable Producers Database 2015

      • Who are the biggest wire and cable manufacturers in the world?
      • What are their annual revenues and how large is the global industry in total?
      • How have the producers rankings changed over the last 6 years
      • Who are the new entrants, and how close is the competition?

      NEW: Company Profiles – Potash Producers

      • ArabPotash, ICL, Intrepid Potash, Mosaic, PotashCorp, Qinghai Salt Lake, Uralkali + more added throughout the year
      • Market position, export volumes by country, financials, production costs per tonne, investment + expansions
      • Essential SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis
      • Indication of producer position on Integer potash cost curve

      NEW: The Chinese UAN Industry – addressing the global impact

      • Reveal the outlook for UAN production from producers of both AN and urea, including plant level detail for major exporters
      • Discover the outlook for UAN projects: capacities and geography, and the impact these may have on trade forecasts
      • View production developments in China and potential export availability by supplier
      • Identify potential exporters with logistical advantages to reach the international market

      COMING SOON: Nitrogen 10-Year Outlook Service

      • Reveal the 10 year forecasts of capacity additions, incorporating several scenarios
      • Discover the demand forecast for all of the primary nitrogen products, end products and end markets
      • Understand the role of the most prominent importers and exporters by end product
      • Access the forecast costs for key importers, exporters and end users of the primary nitrogen products

      NEW: The European AdBlue® Forecast Service

      • Updated AdBlue® forecasts and pricing
        • Vehicle forecasts
          • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) forecasts and developments

        NEW: The ARLA 32 Market Forecast to 2025

        • Updated heavy-duty vehicle sales and ARLA 32 forecast
          • Updated methodology and assumptions
            • Probability of Euro VI (Proconve P-8) implementation and its impact on ARLA 32 consumption

          NEW: The Chinese Phosphate Industry: addressing the global impact

          • Track the development of and outlook for the phosphate industry in China
          • Discover the industry’s costs of production and export potential based on the Chinese phosphate cost curve
          • Gain insight into government export policy and possible future export scenarios
          • Understand likely future supply developments with forecasts to 2020

          NEW: The DEF Demand Outlook

          • Integer estimates of current and future DEF consumption
            • The main drivers for DEF demand in North America
              • Main manufacturers' strategies and technologies used to meet these requirements

            Power Generators and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) demand in North America

            • An introduction to emissions standards legislation in the power generator market
              • The affects of the power generator market on DEF consumption
                • What is driving the market for DEF in relation to power generators

              The Integer Top 200 Chinese Wire & Cable Producers Database

              • Balanced and unbiased ranking of major chinese players by revenue
              • Compare and analyse figures across each of the last 6 years
              • Breakdown of production by region in China, showing activity hotspots
              • Easy Excel file with in-built pivot tables and charts for easy reference

              The DEF Market Dynamics Report

              • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) production and consumption in North America
              • DEF supply & pricing
              • Vehicle and DEF demand forecasts
              • OEM plans for SCR in the region.

              Focus Report: Phosphate Rock Supply, Demand and Pricing Outlook to 2023

              • What is the future direction of phosphate rock supply by rock type over the next 10 years?
              • What is the outlook for phosphate rock demand by rock type and application over the next 10 years?
              • How does phosphate rock quality affect both market demand and price?

              The Monitor: AdBlue, DEF & ARLA 32 markets

              • AdBlue, DEF and Arla 32 pricing and consumption in Europe, North America and Brazil
              • Data from motorway services, truck stops, OEM dealerships, canisters, pumps, IBCs, small bulk and ex-works supply and home base delivery
              • Analysis of commodity markets for oil, gas, diesel and urea
              • Analysis of supply and demand

              Industry Insight: Navigating the North American Nitrogen Market

              • Comprehensive snapshot of this dynamic regional market
              • Key statistics, trends and drivers
              • Easy-to-use online format with colour charts, tables and unlimited print
              • Everything you need to know about the North American Nitrogen Market

              DEF Tracker

              • Access DEF prices for real transactions in key U.S. and Canadian hubs
              • Unlike NOLA-based pricing, DEF Tracker reflects local market conditions and costs
              • All supply modes, every month: tote, LTL, FTL, truck stop pump and jug
              • Rigorous price methodology reflecting data from suppliers and buyers on sales made during publishing month

              European Diesel Emissions Control & AdBlue Market Study

              • Extensive 3 Volume exploration of the impact of Euro VI/6 legislation
              • 1. Euro VI medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles
              • 2. Euro 6 diesel passenger cars and light duty vehicles
              • 3. The European AdBlue® market

              The Global Ammonium Sulphate Market Service

              • AS producers and product offerings
              • AS grade preferences by market
              • Price premiums by grade and country/region
              • Future AS producers and market outlooks

              The Chinese urea industry: addressing the global impact

              • Explore investment in new capacity in China
              • How much China will export with or without export tariffs in future years
              • Financial profiles of leading companies and their production costs
              • China urea cost curve for 2013 + projected cost curves for 2017 and 2020

              Wire & Cable Focus Report: ASEAN Markets

              • Consumption by country and product for 2007-2013, plus forecasts to 2018
              • Analysis of 70 leading cable producers in the ASEAN region
              • Product mix and revenues by product, and production share by country
              • Trade and demand forecasts.

              Emissions Control in Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) Markets

              • Analysis of OEM Tier IV/Stage 4 strategies and emissions control technology forecasts
              • Plan for future AUS32 consumption in key markets to 2023
              • Understand the timing of NRMM emissions regulations globally
              • Discover which regions will emerge as the leading markets over the next ten years.

              Focus Report: The European Fire Performance Cable Market

              • Outlook for the consumption and production of FPC in Europe 2007-2018
              • Profiles of key producers of FPC Impact of Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and other legislation
              • Analysis of key trends
              • Analysis of the use of materials – including polymers and flame retardants

              Global Fertilizer Demand: The Long-Term Outlook

              • How global crop production and fertilizer consumption are set to change to 2030
              • Evaluate the link between crop and fertilizer demand in all major countries, by nutrient, for all major crops
              • How over and under application of fertilizers can open up new opportunities
              • Identify the future prospects for your business and plan ahead confidently

              Brazil Diesel Emissions & ARLA 32 Market Study: 2013 Edition

              • Current and future diesel emissions legislation and standards in Brazil
              • Heavy-duty truck market analysis - production, sales, engine usage, pricing and aftertreatment
              • ARLA 32 market pricing, supply and demand overview
              • ARLA 32 price, supply and demand forecasts

              China Diesel Emissions & AdBlue Market Study

              • Vehicle emissions and fuel quality legislation in China
              • Size of Chinese diesel market and lubricant market and it’s major players
              • AdBlue demand forecast for China
              • AdBlue supply and distribution review, and AdBlue costs and prices.

              Wire and Cable Focus Report: Middle East and North Africa Markets

              • Understand how the Arab Spring has affected MENA wire and cable markets
              • Discover where and for which products regional demand is growing
              • Learn how MENA cable makers are performing
              • Determine what the implications of the market outlook are for industry participants.

              The Market For Specialty Industrial Cable

              • Drivers of demand by end-use and production in US$ million
              • Specifications, standards and key consumers by sector
              • Size of the market by OEM product by region and country
              • Projected new build and cable demand forecasts to 2015

              The Outlook for UAN (2011 Edition)

              • Compare new entrants with existing suppliers and their response to increased competition
              • How new UAN supply will affect the markets for urea, nitrates and direct application ammonia
              • The influence of changing trade flows on logistics and storage
              • Production costs and profit margins achieved for major producers worldwide

              Wire and Cable Regional Study: Brazil

              • Comprehensive analysis of Brazil's cable industry performance
              • Maps in detail the main drives of demand in Brazil
              • Plant and product mix for the leading 100 cablemakers
              • In-depth profiles on leading cable companies operating in Brazil.

              Wire and Cable Regional Study: North America

              • Comprehensive analysis of USA's cable industry performance
              • Maps in detail the main drives of demand in USA
              • Plant and product mix for the leading 200 cablemakers in the USA
              • In-depth profiles on leading cable companies operating in the USA.

              Wire and Cable Regional Study: India

              • Full profiles of the top Indian producers
              • Company analysis, overview and structure, raw materials usage, production and capacity by product, and company financials
              • Production shares for the top 50 Indian cable producers
              • Plant and product mix for the leading 200 Indian cablemakers.

              Wire and Cable Focus Report: Eastern Europe

              • Explores how the region will develop over the next eight years
              • Examines the main drivers of demand for each country in the region
              • Production shares and detailed product splits of the top 130 cablemakers in the region
              • Analysis of emerging cable clusters and the cross-border electronic hub centred on Hungary.