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The Wire & Cable Market in the Americas

Posted On: 23-11-2016 By: Katherine Eveland

Looking for analysis and data for the insulated Wire & Cable market across the Americas?Regional Americas 2

We monitor this region closely, providing supply, demand, forecasts, consumption and production analysis on the insulated wire and cable for individual factories, companies, countries, continents, or the Americas as a whole. See below for our full range of market analysis.


Supply and demand analysis >>

Production and locations by cable type, factory, company, or country >>

Specialty Cable >>

Supply and Demand

The Data Service: Americas

Integer’s ground-breaking Wire & Cable Data Service is a comprehensive tool for tracking supply and demand for the insulated wire and cable market. The service covers energy cable, data cable, and enamelled wire for each country in the Americas and also provides five year forecasts of consumption, production and trade. 

It is delivered as a flexible annual subscription offering different purchasing options and packages – select all product groups, or alternatively select from a combination of product groups to suit your needs.

Subscription includes:

  • Coverage from 2008 until present year + five year forecasts
  • Full Excel data + pivots
  • Americas market analysis slides
  • Estimates in gross weigh to match back to official trade industry statistics
  • Bi-annual excel and analysis slides updates
  • Monthly subscriber newsletter
  • Access to our analyst team

Discover supply, demand, consumption, production and trade for:

ArgentinaBoliviaBrazilCanadaChileColombiaCosta RicaEcuadorMexico
MexicoPeruUruguayUSAVenezuelaOthers – Americas

The Data Service covers more than just the Americas. If you’re interested in other parts of the world visit our global page to see the full details here >>

Production revenue and locations by:

factory, company, country for US, Canada, Mexico and South America

Save yourself valuable time and money using any of our Databases for the Americas region. Each database includes factory by factory production values in $US for insulated wire and cable producers including, upstream copper, aluminium rod, ACSR, through insulated cable into downstream products.

Each database is published in excel format with pivot tables and details:

  • Revenues by plant and location
  • Revenue by country and product
  • Country/Company production
  • Rank producers by country/region
  • PLUS: new interactive maps using geo-coded data

See the full list of cable types covered >>
See extracts >>

We are currently updating the databases to bring you more current information. Please email if you’d like us to let you know when they are available.

Focus Report: The Market for Specialty Cable

Demand analysis on the Specialty Power Cable Market

Understand the demand drivers and customers for specialty power cable in key vertical markets

This data-led report provides production and demand numbers for vertical markets in the period 2011 – 2015, and forecasts to 2020 for regions across the globe including Europe, Asia, the Americas, Middle East & Africa and covers over 350 major production companies worldwide.

The full focus report is available now for just US$14,950. If you have any questions or would like to see the products in more detail contact or call us on +44 (0)20 7503 1265

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If you have any questions or would like to see the products in more detail contact or call us on +44 (0)20 7503 1265

The Data Service: Americas

RegionEnergy CableData CableEnamelled WireAll Product
The Data Service Americas

$1,150.00Add to cart

$1,150.00Add to cart

$1,150.00Add to cart

$2,750.00Add to cart

12 month subscription12 month subscription12 month subscription12 month subscription

Americas Production Databases:

Country –  2016 updates coming soonPre-order
United States Database

$2,250.00Add to cart

or email your order >>
Canada Database

$1,150.00Add to cart

or email your order >>
Mexico Database

$2,250.00Add to cart

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South America Database

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