The Integer View 14 December 2016 - US lifts anti-dumping duties; Brazil Fertilizer Demand Growth; Potash Mine Joint Venture; Free downloads - Integer
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The Integer View 14 December 2016 – US lifts anti-dumping duties; Brazil Fertilizer Demand Growth; Potash Mine Joint Venture; Free downloads

Posted On: 14-12-2016 By: Grahame Turnbull

US lifts anti-dumping duties on Russian urea and AN imports

By Julia Belyaeva – Nitrogen Analyst

Anti-Dumping-Lift.wsThe US Department of Commerce (DOC) has revoked several anti-dumping duties on Russian urea and AN imports. The timing of the move is interesting, given that the US is ramping up several new world-scale nitrogen projects, much of which is seeking to squeeze out imports.

The duty on Russian AN imports had been introduced in April 2011, but a review initiated by the DOC concluded that the import duty should be lifted effective 20 August 2016. The change primarily benefits Russian producer UralChem, as Acron and EuroChem were already receiving concessions subject to annual probes.

In a separate filing, the DOC removed import duty on urea imports from PhosAgro effective 21 November. This measure had been in place on product from Russia and the Former Soviet Union since July 1987. Coincidentally, PhosAgro is preparing to launch its new 500,000 per year urea plant in Cherepovets, Russia in 2017.

For the relevant Russian exporters, the move might allow them to diversify their export sales, but the oncoming capacity expansions in the US are likely to limit the opportunity.

For an explanation of the full impact of this measure, our Nitrogen 10-Year Outlook Service assesses the impact of continued capacity additions and changes to trade measures on the global nitrogen supply demand balance over the next ten years.

Read more on Integer’s Nitrogen Cost and Profit Margin Service, Nitrogen 10-Year Outlook Service and Fertilizer Country Profiles.

Brazil’s fertilizer demand growth defies economic slowdown

By Julia Belyaeva – Nitrogen Analyst

Fertilizer-Demand-Growth.wsWhile political uncertainty and weak consumer and business confidence continue to bring headwinds to the Brazilian economy, there are signs that fertilizer demand is recovering. The Brazilian market is a key influence on demand for all three macro nutrients. For nitrogen, the country is a net importer of urea and nearly 70% of Brazil’s consumption was met by imports in 2015.

According to latest trade data, Brazil imported 2.9 million tonnes of urea between January and October 2016, up by 35% year-on-year compared to the 2.2 million tonnes imported in the same period in the previous year. Brazil’s AN imports increased by a similar magnitude reaching 928,307 tonnes between January and October this year, up by nearly 11% year on year.

These are encouraging signs for the wider fertilizer industry. With the main influence on N, P and K prices being over-supply, any demand boost is welcome.

Read more on Integer’s Nitrogen Cost and Profit Margin Service, Nitrogen 10-Year Outlook Service, Global NPK Database and Fertilizer Country Profiles.

Gensource and Essel Group Middle East plan to develop Saskatchewan potash mine together

By Rebecca Hayward – Lead Potash Analyst

Potash-Mine-Together.wsJunior miners must be the hardest working members of the fertilizer industry. Despite the weakness of potash and phosphate prices you’ll find mining executives hard at work pushing forward plans to make sure their mine is the next to join the somewhat sober potash party.

Saskatoon-based Gensource recently announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to form a joint-venture with Dubai’s Essel Group Middle East (EGME) to progress the company’s 250,000 tpy capacity solution mine in Saskatchewan.

Under the terms of the agreement, the joint-venture will be set up as a private corporation in which Gensource will provide the technical solution mining expertise necessary for project execution. EGME will provide funding for the completion of the ongoing feasibility study which is expected to be finalised in March or April 2017, as well as, and crucially, the capital funding required for construction of the project. EGME will take a 70% stake in the new venture in return.

Gensource cautioned that the second tranche of financing is dependent on a positive result of the feasibility study. We now wait to see if the technical and economic viability of the project is confirmed next year and therefore whether we can expect to see a greenfield potash mine make progress in Saskatchewan.

Read more on Integer’s Potash Market Service, SOP Outlook Report or our Fertilizer Country Profiles, covering Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

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