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NEW: The China SCR & AdBlue® Forecast Service

  • Who are the largest AdBlue® producers in China? Where do they operate?
    • What are the main areas for growth in the Chinese AdBlue® sector?
      • How will AdBlue® consumption grow over time? And what factors govern its trajectory?

    COMING SOON: The North American SCR & DEF Forecast Service

    • Overview and forecasts - SCR and DEF markets
      • Legislation, demand, supply and pricing
        • Structural features of the DEF market

      NEW: The Chinese Urea Industry – 2016 Edition

      • Explore the development of, and outlook for, the urea industry in China
      • Understand the costs of production and export based on our Chinese urea cost curve
      • Discover which producers are most likely to approach export markets and why
      • Track likely future supply developments with forecasts to 2020

      COMING SOON: Emissions Control in Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) Markets

      • NRMM emissions legislation summary
      • AUS 32 demand forecast to 2025
      • SCR equipment forecast to 2025
      • OEM emissions control strategies

      NEW: Expert Briefing – The VW diesel emissions crisis

      • Implications of the recall remedy for VW and US customers
        • Regulations and test cycles for emissions and fuel economy
          • How will VW's engine and emissions technology suppliers be affected?

        NEW: The Automotive Grade Urea (AGU) Market Forecast

        • Brand new report on Automotive Grade Urea (AGU)
          • AGU supply and demand
            • AGU trade and pricing

          The European SCR and AdBlue® Forecast Service

          • Updated AdBlue® forecasts and pricing
            • Vehicle forecasts
              • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) forecasts and developments

            UPDATED: The ARLA 32 Forecast Service

            • Updated heavy-duty vehicle sales and ARLA 32 forecast
              • Updated methodology and assumptions
                • Probability of Euro VI (Proconve P-8) implementation and its impact on ARLA 32 consumption

              The DEF Demand Outlook

              • Integer estimates of current and future DEF consumption
                • The main drivers for DEF demand in North America
                  • Main manufacturers' strategies and technologies used to meet these requirements

                Power Generators and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) demand in North America

                • An introduction to emissions standards legislation in the power generator market
                  • The affects of the power generator market on DEF consumption
                    • What is driving the market for DEF in relation to power generators

                  The DEF Market Dynamics Report

                  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) production and consumption in North America
                  • DEF supply & pricing
                  • Vehicle and DEF demand forecasts
                  • OEM plans for SCR in the region.

                  The Monitor: AdBlue, DEF & ARLA 32 markets

                  • AdBlue, DEF and Arla 32 market news and regulatory developments
                  • Regional retail pump networks
                  • Monthly AUS 32 consumption estimates and underlying costs
                  • SCR-equipped vehicle sales estimates

                  European Diesel Emissions Control & AdBlue Market Study

                  • Extensive 3 Volume exploration of the impact of Euro VI/6 legislation
                  • 1. Euro VI medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles
                  • 2. Euro 6 diesel passenger cars and light duty vehicles
                  • 3. The European AdBlue® market

                  Brazil Diesel Emissions & ARLA 32 Market Study: 2013 Edition

                  • Current and future diesel emissions legislation and standards in Brazil
                  • Heavy-duty truck market analysis - production, sales, engine usage, pricing and aftertreatment
                  • ARLA 32 market pricing, supply and demand overview
                  • ARLA 32 price, supply and demand forecasts

                  China Diesel Emissions & AdBlue Market Study

                  • Vehicle emissions and fuel quality legislation in China
                  • Size of Chinese diesel market and lubricant market and it’s major players
                  • AdBlue demand forecast for China
                  • AdBlue supply and distribution review, and AdBlue costs and prices.