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Consultancy – Wire & Cable

Integer is a publishing, consulting and events company with an in-depth understanding of the wire & cable sector. We are a leader in terms of industry analysis, using market, economic, company financial, trade and logistics data.

We have carried out numerous consulting assignments related to the wire and cable industry and we have worked extensively with leading global cable producers, their suppliers and customers as well as potential investors within the wire and cable market.

Integer Research’s analysts have extensive experience analysing complex wire and cable markets, company accounts, identifying and forecasting industry market trends, as well as providing consultancy services covering:

  • Product markets
  • Geographical markets
  • Companies
  • Plants
  • Projects
  • Financial transactions
  • Aspects of the value chains
  • Areas of the business (e.g. sales or procurement).

Below outlines the types of consultancy that Integer undertakes:

  • Market studies
  • Marketability (price focused)
  • Project evaluation or financing
  • Transaction support
  • Performance improvement (operation/company focused)
  • Other types

We deliver services to a range of clients within the wire & cable industry, such as:

  • Wire & cable producers
  • Suppliers to the wire & cable industry
  • Other organisations (prospective investors in wire & cable companies, customers of producers looking to identify new suppliers and government bodies)

For more information on how Integer Research can help you, email consultancy@integer-research.com or call us on +44 (0)20 7780 4200.