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  • For Just $795 you can download all the presentations from the VAFSA 2018 two day summit
  • These must read presentations present a great resource for industry-leading insight on the Asian value added fertilizer sector


Silver Sponsors


Agripower Australia Limited is based in Australia and mines, processes and exports a range of high quality Silicon Fertilisers under the tradename AgrisilicaTM.

AgrisilicaTM fertiliser contains amorphous silica, which has a high content of plant available silicon, a natural and safe source of the beneficial nutrient, silicon. Agripower's fertilisers are certified as inputs into organic agriculture by ACO (Australia), Ecocert (EU), and OMRI (USA).

In over 400 trials in 40 different crops across 17 different countries, AgrisilicaTM has consistently demonstrated increased crop yield and crop quality. Silicon nutrition increases crop production by increasing photosynthesis and increasing the plant’s ability to cope when subjected to abiotic stresses, such as salinity, drought, heavy metal toxicity, nutrient imbalances and biotic stresses such as pests and diseases

Agripower owns and operates its mining and processing operations, located in north Queensland, Australia; conveniently located close to the export port of Townsville. All of Agripower’s products are accredited by FIFA (Fertiliser Industry Federation of Australia) and are accredited Products of Australia by the Australian Made Campaign.


Solvay your best partner for Value-Added Fertilizers

  • Increase farmer’s yield up to 15% with Solvay AgRho® N Protect series, a unique range of urease and nitrification inhibitors improving performance and sustainability over other Nitrogen stabilizers

  • Protect farmer’s investment in fertilizers with AgRho® N Protect. It increases Nitrogen availability for the crop by preventing volatilization and leaching. It means less pollution and less global warming for the benefit of the environment and climate.

  • Enjoy AgRho® N Protect easy handling with high productivity, low viscosity, longer shelf storage and no offensive odor.

  • Leverage AgRho® N Protect safe and green formulations substantially better for the health and the environment than the benchmark.

  • Trust Solvay a global leader in specialty chemical and advanced materials and benefit from 153 years of rich expertise gathered by 30,900 talented employees spread across 53 countries. Solvay is listed on Euronext and generated net sales of €12.4bn in 2015.



Veolia group is the global leader in optimized resource management. With over 163 000 employees worldwide, the Group designs and provides water, waste and energy management solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of communities and industries.

Through its three complementary business activities, Veolia helps to develop access to resources, preserve available resources, and to replenish them.


Sirius Minerals Plc

Sirius Minerals Plc is the fertilizer development company focused on the construction of its North Yorkshire polyhalite project in the UK. The project involves the construction of a new state-of-the-art mine and associated processing and port infrastructure to produce bulk volumes of POLY4 – the trademark name of the Company’s flagship polyhalite product. POLY4 is a naturally-occurring, low-chloride, multi-nutrient fertilizer that contains four of the six essential macro nutrients required for plant growth.

The POLY4 cornerstones are: efficiency, effectiveness, flexibility and sustainability. Using POLY4 as the source of potassium, sulphur, magnesium and calcium is more efficient and effective for farmers, delivering flexible and more sustainable fertilizer practices. Sirius Minerals agronomic studies covering both high-value and broad-acre crops have confirmed the value of POLY4 as a premium multi-nutrient fertilizer. POLY4 promotes nutrient release and supports multi-nutrient uptake while improving crop yield and quality. POLY4 also helps improve the strength and structure of soils. Find out more on www.poly4.com.
Associate Sponsor


Anuvia Plant Nutrients is a company committed to creating innovative products for farmers, turf managers and homeowners while providing an invaluable service for municipalities and industry.

In today’s ever-growing world, finding sustainable ways to make the things we need is of the utmost importance. At Anuvia™ Plant Nutrients, we work to do just that by using organic materials to manufacture slow-release plant nutrients in a patented, innovative way that addresses the three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental and economic.

In all that we do, it is our goal to address the three pillars of sustainability to help people, plants and planet thrive. Our way is unique. Our way is new. We are Anuvia.
Exhibition Sponsors


AlgaEnergy is a biotechnology-based company specialized in the science of microalgae. The company consolidates over 4 decades of state of the art knowledge related to microalgae, generated by the main specialized universities, and has invested millionaire resources in applied R&D, positioning itself as the main international reference in this field. AlgaEnergy’s mission is to develop and commercialize innovative high quality products derived from microalgae, targeting specific needs in different industries.
In the agricultural sector, after 10 years of research and development, AlgaEnergy recently launched its brand AgriAlgae®, a range of high quality biostimulants combining different microalgae species grown at AlgaEnergy’s cutting edge facilities, whose effectiveness in terms of increasing yields and improving qualities is demonstrated by numerous independent field trials.


Verdesian Life Sciences

Established in 2012, Verdesian Life Sciences offers farmers and growers the biological, nutritional, seed treatment and inoculant technologies that maximize performance on high-value row crops and specialty crops, as well as turf and ornamental plants. With a diverse product portfolio of over 300 patent properties, our solutions are designed to enhance crop uptake, reduce nutrient losses to the environment, and improve yields for all growers. We are committed to the research and development of nutrient use efficiency technologies that make farming more efficient, more sustainable, and more profitable.


Industry Partner

Micronutrient Manufacturers Association (MMA)

The Micronutrient Manufacturers Association (MMA) was formed to improve business conditions for micronutrient manufacturers and formulators of products that provide essential micronutrients needed for plant growth, through research, education and advocacy on behalf of the industry.


  • Promote and educate on the use of micronutrients

  • Sponsor research on the use of micronutrients

  • Communicate issues to the industry

  • Facilitate industry communication

Media Partner

Fertilizer International

Fertilizer International is the leading bi-monthly journal for the global fertilizer industry. In print and online it provides analysis of worldwide developments, as well as assessing the wider economic and political factors that impact on agricultural and fertilizer markets. Fertilizer International covers the entire industry, including technological innovations, with a special section dedicated to the phosphates and potash industries.

Editor: Simon Inglethorpe – simon.inglethorpe@bcinsight.com
Website: www.bcinsight.com/fertilizer_international.asp

World Fertilizer Magazine

World Fertilizer is a B2B magazine covering the global fertilizer industry, from mining to manufacture. Stay informed at www.worldfertilizer.com