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Pornpen Photong

Agricultural Research Scientist
Office of Agricultural Regulatory, Department of Agriculture, Thailand

Miss Pornpen Photong leads up the regulation team for the import, export, manufacturing and sale chemical fertilizer in Thailand by giving the license and registration of fertilizer.

Sukamto W Iksan

Senior Vice President Corporate Research
PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero)

2011 – 2013            R & D Manager of PT Pupuk Kujang , initiate biofertilizer in PT Pupuk Kujang

2014 – 2018            General Manager of Engineering and Development of PT Pupuk Kujang, initiate organic biofertilizer

2018 – now Senior Vice President of Corporate Research of PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero)

Terry A. Tindall

Director, Agronomy

Terry A. Tindall Ph.D. is currently the Director of Agronomy for the J.R. Simplot Company and located at the World Headquarters for the Simplot Company in Boise Idaho. Dr. Tindall has served in this position for more than 20 years and as such as led the development of new products, outlined marketing information and has been involved in numerous studies to better understand fertilizer use efficiency across a wide geography where the Simplot Company has influence. Prior to his current position Dr. Tindall was a Professor with the University of Idaho developing soil guidelines for both nutrient management and soil conservation.  He finished his graduate work at Oklahoma State University with a Ph.D. in Soil Science. Dr. Tindall is the author of 100’s of papers and publications as well as a sought after public speaker for both the U.S. and International programs. Dr. Tindall is a member of and participates in many national committees including the TFI, IPNI, 4 R’s, CTIC and the International Fertilizer Association. Dr. Tindall is the recent recipient of the American Society of Agronomy’s prestigious Industry Agronomy of the Year Award.

Ravi Prasad

President, Marketing
Coromandel International Limited

Dr G Ravi Prasad did his Doctorate in Agricultural Chemistry from Indian Agricultural Research Institute (Pusa), New Delhi.  He also did his Management Development,  Programme and Supply Chain Management programme from IIM, Ahmedabad. And Management from AIMA.  Recently he has completed Advanced Management Programme (AMP) from INSEAD, Paris.

Before joining Coromandel International Limited, Dr Ravi Prasad was working as  Vice President (Commercial) in Zuari Industries Ltd, Goa.  Prior to Zuari, he worked with Nagarjuna Fertilisers And Chemicals Ltd as General manager (Operations & Marketing).  Dr Ravi Prasad also worked with EID Parry and Coromandel Indag Ltd.

Dr Ravi Prasad is an invited speaker to Urea/Ammonia Pricing  forecasts, transportation of hazardous chemicals etc on a frequent basis at IBC Asia, Singapore and several other management schools.  He is also a guest speaker on current aspects of agriculture at Management Institutes like IIMB, IIMA & IIMK, World Bank Sponsored Seminar and seminars conducted by FAI, Govt of Andhra Pradesh, Govt of India, CII, Indian Chamber of commerce, FICI etc.

Dr Prasad is a regular faculty at NAARM, MANAGE and various Business Schools in India.

Tal Brod

Managing Director, SE Asia

Mr. Brod was appointed as the MD of Netafim South East Asia in January 2018. Prior to this role he was the Netafim APAC CFO since 2014 and before that he acted as the Netafim ANZ CFO since 2009.

He has a diverse background acting in different roles and industries which include sales and marketing in Telecommunications, accounting in automotive, Financial planning & Analysis in the power industry, Strategic pricing in Telecommunication and finance & management in the Agriculture industry.

Pavel Fedotov

Deputy Head of Fertilizer Technology
The Research Institute for Mineral Fertilizers and Insectofungicides (NIUIF)

Pavel Fedotov graduated from Moscow Mendeleev’s University in 2012, majoring in Technology of inorganic substances; PhD obtained in 2017.

He has been working at JSC “NIUIF” – the “Research Institute for Fertilizers and Insecto-Fungicides Named after Professor Y. Samoilov”, Russia since 2011. Since 2017 he is the Deputy Head of Fertilizer Technology Department.

He is the author of several articles and publications related to fertilizer technology and equipment that are published in different national and international sources.

Jean-Charles Djelalian

Global Director for Fertilizers

Jean-Charles Djelalian is Senior Vice President in charge of the global innovation, marketing and sales of Solvay solutions to enhance the efficiency of Fertilizers. He developed a strong expertise in Ag Specialties and Advanced Formulations along several operational and strategic positions he fulfilled at Solvay Corporate and Global Business Unit level for the last 9 years. Before joining Solvay, Jean-Charles Djelalian was dealing with innovation, entrepreneurship and antitrust policies for the French and European administrations where he started his career. Holding two Engineering degrees from both Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom ParisTech, Jean-Charles Djelalian is a Chief Engineer of the French Corps des Mines.


Matthew Carabott

Head Agronomist Asia
EuroChem Agro Asia

Matthew is EuroChem Asia’s Head Agronomist covering the Asia Pacific region, based in Singapore. Matthew’s responsibilities include general technical support for our customers, research and development, product and market development by identifying new segments for EuroChem’s products. He also manages the regulatory and registration requirements for the region.

Prior to joining EuroChem Matthew worked as an internal advisor in fruit and vegetable production for Woolworths, Australia’s largest supermarket chain. Before moving into an advisory role he managed a research and development organic hydroponic farm, designing nutrient solutions and precision growing systems.

Born in 1983 Matthew completed his Bachelor of Biological Science at LaTrobe University with a Major in Botany and Honors in Biochemsity. The focus of his Honours project was the identification of antifungal proteins in soy beans for use in Genetically Modified broad acre crops.


Adam Nawrocki

ADOB Sp.z.o.o.Sp.k.

Grant Roberts

Chief Agronomist
Yara Asia Ltd.

Dr Grant Roberts recently took up the role of chief agronomist for Yara Asia based in Singapore, 14 months ago.  His primary role is to provide technical and leadership support for the 11 countries that Yara operates within the Asian region.   His previous roles were as the Southern regional technical manager for Elders  in Australia and as the senior agronomist for Viterra, Australia.  Prior to working in the agribusiness  commercial sphere he was involved in agricultural farm consulting in Southern Australia.  The first part of his career was as an agronomic researcher for the national CSIRO and state departments and centered on cotton in Australia.  He was awarded his degrees and PhD in agriculture from the University of Adelaide.

Hugh MacGillivray

Chief Commercial Officer
Anuvia Plant Nutrients

Mr. MacGillivray is the Chief Commercial Officer for Anuvia Plant Nutrients.  Hugh has over 30 years sales, marketing and business development experience in the agricultural industry with multi nationals and startups living in Canada, Germany and the US.  Prior to joining Anuvia Plant Nutrients he was Head of Marketing and Business Development for Arysta LifeScience North America and Head of Arysta LifeScience Canada.   Mr. MacGillivray has held key roles with Cargill Hybrids Seeds, Rooster.com, Hoechst/AgrEvo/Aventis and has served as a board member for CropLife Canada.

Alexey Shcherbakov

Regional Agronomist South East Asia
Sirius Minerals

Alexey has twelve years’ experience in fertilizer and plant nutrition. He previously worked as Agronomy Director in Southeast Asia at Belarusian potash company and Uralkali. Alexey plays an active role in international agricultural organisations such as IFA, IPNI,IPI as well as in government agencies and non-governmental organisations. With extensive experience in managing and running agronomic marketing programmes, Alexey established and executed Sirius Minerals' POLY4 agronomic programmes in Southeast Asia after he joined the company in 2017.

Carlos Martinez-Zabaleta

Senior Sales Manager
Veolia Environment

Career developed at Veolia-HPD as

  • Project Engineer (1990-1993)

  • Project Director (1994-2003) assuming the responsibility for the Contracts full completion in terms of economics, quality and schedule and actively participating in the procurement management activities, fabrication and installation subcontracting as well as leading and coordinating the activities of the Project Teams established depending on the different requirements of the project.

  • Senior Sales Manager (2003-today) for Asia and for spots projects in Europe assuming the responsibility for the search and identification of new opportunities and markets as well as for the elaboration, submission, discussion and negotiation of the proposals from the technical and commercial perspectives.

Bruce Cairns

Sales and Marketing Manager

Bruce Cairns  has worked in the field of crop nutrition for over 30 years  and is currently the Agronomist / Sales Manager for Agripower Australia located in Sydney. Bruce has served in this role for 6 years and as such, has been a leader in promoting the practical use of silicon in agriculture. Bruce has been involved in managing the extensive trial program (> 400 trials in 40 crop types) undertaken worldwide by Agripower Australia proving that Silicon Fertilisers do play an important role in improving productivity (yield and quality) of crops.

More recently Bruce has been involved in the commercialisation of Agripower’s range of Silicon Fertilisers in Australia and throughout the world.

Oliver Hatfield

Director, Fertilizers
Integer Research

Oliver Hatfield heads up the Fertilizer research team at Integer Research in London. He has been an analyst of world N, P and K markets since 1995, preparing market studies, demand forecasts, cost profiles and analysing corporate and product cost competitiveness. He has travelled extensively, visiting fertilizer companies in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Oliver ranks in the top 10% of advisors to the financial community on the fertilizer industry. He is a graduate of economics and development economics from Manchester University in the UK.

Carlos Rodríguez-Villa Förster

General Manager

Economist. He has experience in business development, international sales, public relations, media management, e-commerce and biotechnology.

He has been Project Director for the leading U.S. newspaper (“USA Today”), elaborating socio-economic and investment opportunities reports on emerging economies in Latin America.

He has experience in international expansion, gained during his period as CEO of Zalando Spain (the largest European online shop), where he was responsible for Zalando’s successful business expansion to the Spanish market.

In January 2013 he joined AlgaEnergy, company of which he is Director and General Manager. AlgaEnergy is a world reference in the field of microalgae biotechnology, consolidating over 4 decades of knowledge in this science and collaborating with over 120 top-level companies and research centers across the globe. It has developed its own pioneering technologies and is supported by the European Commission for its strategic importance.

Teferi Belayneh

R&D Manager
Omnia Fertilizers

Coming to Australia after studying in Egypt and completing his doctorate in plant physiology at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, Teferi brings a wealth of knowledge of the inner workings of plants.  Now heading up Omnia’s R&D effort in Australia and New Zealand, he has a rare ability to make the complicated understandable, and excels in his ability to identify the critical factors in crop performance. Dr Belayneh spends much of his life travelling the world as he also leads Omnia’s international exports.

Thadoe Hein

Group CEO
Myanma Awba Group Co.

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Pornpen Photong - Office of Agricultural Regulatory,…

Agricultural Research Scientist

Miss Pornpen Photong leads up the regulation team for the…

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Sukamto W Iksan - PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero)

Senior Vice President Corporate Research

2011 – 2013            R & D Manager of PT…

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Terry A. Tindall - Simplot

Director, Agronomy

Terry A. Tindall Ph.D. is currently the Director of Agronomy…

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Ravi Prasad - Coromandel International Limited

President, Marketing

Dr G Ravi Prasad did his Doctorate in Agricultural Chemistry…

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Tal Brod - Netafim

Managing Director, SE Asia

Mr. Brod was appointed as the MD of Netafim South…

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Pavel Fedotov - The Research Institute for…

Deputy Head of Fertilizer Technology

Pavel Fedotov graduated from Moscow Mendeleev’s University in 2012, majoring…

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Jean-Charles Djelalian - Solvay

Global Director for Fertilizers

Jean-Charles Djelalian is Senior Vice President in charge of the…

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Matthew Carabott - EuroChem Agro Asia

Head Agronomist Asia

Matthew is EuroChem Asia’s Head Agronomist covering the Asia Pacific…

Speaking On

Presentation: Challenges for agriculture in Asia and its adaptation to the biostimulant revolution

Grant Roberts - Yara Asia Ltd.

Chief Agronomist

Dr Grant Roberts recently took up the role of chief…

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Presentation: Efficient uptake of nutrients through effective use of water-soluble NPK compounds


Hugh MacGillivray - Anuvia Plant Nutrients

Chief Commercial Officer

Mr. MacGillivray is the Chief Commercial Officer for Anuvia Plant…

Speaking On

Alexey Shcherbakov - Sirius Minerals

Regional Agronomist South East Asia

Alexey has twelve years’ experience in fertilizer and plant nutrition.…

Speaking On

Presentation: Improved agronomic practice for a sustainable future

  • Supporting nutrient use efficiency in tropical climates
  • Achieving productivity through sustainable agricultural practices
  • Addressing multi-nutrient applications through alternative fertilizer plans

Carlos Martinez-Zabaleta - Veolia Environment

Senior Sales Manager

Career developed at Veolia-HPD as Project Engineer (1990-1993) Project Director…

Speaking On

Bruce Cairns - Agripower

Sales and Marketing Manager

Bruce Cairns  has worked in the field of crop nutrition…

Speaking On

Presentation: The benefits of silicon fertilizer for enhanced crop productivity

Oliver Hatfield - Integer Research

Director, Fertilizers

Oliver Hatfield heads up the Fertilizer research team at Integer…

Speaking On

Carlos Rodríguez-Villa Förster - AlgaEnergy

General Manager

Economist. He has experience in business development, international sales, public…

Speaking On

Presentation: Microalgae and its potential as effective plant biostimulants

Teferi Belayneh - Omnia Fertilizers

R&D Manager

Coming to Australia after studying in Egypt and completing his…

Speaking On

Session 7: Balanced NPK formulation design for quick absorption and high productivity

Presentation title: The use of bio-stimulants on fertilizer efficiency and crop yield