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Oliver Hatfield

Director, Fertilizers
Integer Research

Oliver Hatfield heads up the Fertilizer research team at Integer Research in London. He has been an analyst of world N, P and K markets since 1995, preparing market studies, demand forecasts, cost profiles and analysing corporate and product cost competitiveness. He has travelled extensively, visiting fertilizer companies in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Oliver ranks in the top 10% of advisors to the financial community on the fertilizer industry. He is a graduate of economics and development economics from Manchester University in the UK.

Tahlim Sudaryanto

Senior Agricultural Economist
Indonesian Center for Agriculture Socio Economic and Policy Studies (ICASEPS), Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesia

Prof. Tahlim Sudaryanto, Ph.D is Senior Agricultural Economist at the Indonesian Center for Agriculture Socio Economic and Policy Studies (ICASEPS), Ministry of Agriculture, the Republic of Indonesia, and member Board of Trustees, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Philippines. He holds a doctorate degree in economics from North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. His major interest is on food policy. In 2015 he served as a Commissioner at the Second Murdoch Commission on Food Security, Trade and Partnership, Murdoch University, Australia. In 2013-2014 he also served as a member of  International Advisory Committee, Food&Business Global Challenges Program, Netherland Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), Netherland. Prior to his current position, he has held several senior management positions in the Ministry of Agriculture.

Grant Roberts

Chief Agronomist
Yara Asia Ltd.

Dr Grant Roberts recently took up the role of chief agronomist for Yara Asia based in Singapore, 14 months ago.  His primary role is to provide technical and leadership support for the 11 countries that Yara operates within the Asian region.   His previous roles were as the Southern regional technical manager for Elders  in Australia and as the senior agronomist for Viterra, Australia.  Prior to working in the agribusiness  commercial sphere he was involved in agricultural farm consulting in Southern Australia.  The first part of his career was as an agronomic researcher for the national CSIRO and state departments and centered on cotton in Australia.  He was awarded his degrees and PhD in agriculture from the University of Adelaide.

Kewala N.Joshi

Senior General Manager, Commercial
Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative (IFFCO)

Digna Jatiningsih

Senior Vice President of Corporate Planning
PT Pupuk Indonesia

Juan Miguel Sanchez

Sales Technical Applications
KAO Chemicals

Currently, Joan Miquel Sanchez is the Sales Manager in charge of support and development of new businesses in the name of Kao Corporation in different regions of the world such as Asia, North America and Eastern Europe. Specialized in additives that improve the quality of the fertilizers and the technical Ammonium Nitrate.

Mr. Sanchez is graduated as chemist from the University of Barcelona, city where he was born in the 83’s.

Markus Schmid

Head of Global Marketing Soil Management

Ezio Nalin de Paulo

Head of Agronomic Services
K+S Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Head of agronomic services for K+S Asia Pacific. His responsibilities include marketing, promotion and research of fertilizers containing potash, magnesium sulphur and micronutrients in the Southeast Asia region, Australia, New Zealand and Bangladesh. Previously worked as senior agronomist for BHP Billiton Potash in Singapore and as regional agronomist for K+S in Brazil for 5 years. He graduated in agronomic engineering by the University of São Paulo in Brazil and obtained his master in plant nutrition and soil fertility by same university.

Carlos Rodríguez-Villa Förster

General Manager

Economist. He has experience in business development, international sales, public relations, media management, e-commerce and biotechnology.

He has been Project Director for the leading U.S. newspaper (“USA Today”), elaborating socio-economic and investment opportunities reports on emerging economies in Latin America.

He has experience in international expansion, gained during his period as CEO of Zalando Spain (the largest European online shop), where he was responsible for Zalando’s successful business expansion to the Spanish market.

In January 2013 he joined AlgaEnergy, company of which he is Director and General Manager. AlgaEnergy is a world reference in the field of microalgae biotechnology, consolidating over 4 decades of knowledge in this science and collaborating with over 120 top-level companies and research centers across the globe. It has developed its own pioneering technologies and is supported by the European Commission for its strategic importance.

Zixian Chen

Agro R&I Manager, Asia Pacific
Solvay Novecare Agro

Nicolas White

Marketing Director, Fertilizers
Tessenderlo Chemie

Jeff Ivan

Managing Director, International Sales
Yargus Manufacturing

Jeff Ivan is the Managing Director International Sales with USA Based Yargus Manufacturing.  Jeff Ivan has spent 30 years in the Agricultural field, most recently with Yargus working on International Fertilizer projects in developing agricultural regions.  Prior to Yargus, Jeff worked with Tiger-Sul Products on the development of International Sulphur and micronutrient business development and marketing establishing new Sulphur fertilizer manufacturing facilities.   Jeff started his career in the retail fertilizer sector in Canada.  Jeff originates from a family farm in Saskatchewan, Canada.   Jeff has been involved in several committees such as the Canadian Fertilizer Institute’s Agronomy and Environment Committee, The Sulphur Institute’s Sulphur Advocacy Group, acting as lead for the development of sulphur fertilizers in India and is active with the IFA African Forum for the development of fertilizer in Africa.


Ross Gilmour

Senior Agronomist
Koch Industries

Terry Stone

Vice President, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Sustainability Programs

Terry joins Agrinos with over 30 years of experience in plant biotechnology, regulatory affairs and sustainable agriculture.  As Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Sustainability Programs, Terry directs regulatory affairs initiatives for Agrinos, working closely with regulatory agencies, industry initiatives and other stakeholders on a global level.

Terry also leads the development of Agrinos’ sustainability programs, partnering with customers and other organizations to demonstrate and quantify the value of Agrinos products as an important part of public and private sustainability programs.

Prior to joining Agrinos, Terry held leadership roles with Syngenta, The Scotts Company and Monsanto working in research and development, global regulatory affairs, sustainability and industry relations. He has earned Master’s degrees in International Business and Entomology.

Arnaud Cayrafourcq

Managing Partner
Prospero & Partners

Arnaud Cayrafourcq is Managing Partner at Prospero & Partners, a highly specialised consultancy that provides technology stewardship, public affairs and organisational development to both innovative disruptors and established multinationals in the sustainable agriculture space. Arnaud convenes agricultural players to form trade associations, stewarding the technologies they represent through complex regulatory and legislative processes, and ensuring their voice is heard with impactful advocacy and communications. He is an economist by training and an advocate for the benefits of the innovative agricultural technologies that are currently transforming agribusiness in the European Union and further afield. The current focus of Arnaud’s work is the promise of biostimulation and biocontrol, two sectors that are opening new perspectives on the value of a systems-based model of sustainable agriculture. Together with his partners, he convenes and consults to EBIC, the European Biostimulants Industry Council, an association of more that 50 members companies. In this capacity, he helps key industry players clarify the place and role of biostimulants in the European market for their products, and shape the current revision of the fertilizing products regulation, which will determine the future for these innovative and vital agricultural technologies.

Ram Lisaey

Chief Agronomist
Netafim Asia Pacific

Ram Lisaey- holds a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Studies from the Hebrew University. A farmer’s son, born and raised in a kibbutz in the south arid parts of Israel he has a background farming in the extreme conditions of the Arava desert. Prior to taking a position with Netafim he spent a year in Brazil managing nurseries for Del Monte and six years as Agronomist for one of Israel’s leading food companies. In his first six years at Netafim he was part of the operation division taking part of the establishment of a global procurement unit. Three years ago, he took the position of Asia-Pacific chief agronomist supporting Netafim local teams and clients in its fastest growing division.

David Greenshields

Business Development Manager - AP, Africa and Europe
Novozymes Bio Ag

Kent Lambden

Vice President, Global Business Development & Strategy

Lambden has spent the past 24 years in the global fertilizer and plant nutrition sectors working with both commodities and specialty products. Prior to joining Actagro, he led Global Business Development Activities for Overland Park, Kansas based Compass Minerals where he was responsible for global new business development activities surrounding the acquisitions and subsequent adoption of product portfolios from specialty fertilizer companies Wolf Trax based in Winnipeg, Canada as well as Sao Paulo, Brazil based Produquimica.  During his period of time at Compass Minerals, the company expanded its commercial market presence from 8 to 35 countries on 5 continents.

Prior to joining Compass Minerals, Lambden led and executed the development of a global value added specialty fertilizer product portfolio to compliment Decatur, Illinois based Archer Daniels Midland’s global fertilizer platform, predominately in Brazil as well as activities in various markets on 4 continents.

During the course of his career, Lambden has held escalating roles of responsibility developing projects, products and geographies globally with projects completed in Brazil, India, UAE, Oman, Turkey, USA and products commercialized in over 30 countries.

Lambden holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Saskatchewan.

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Oliver Hatfield - Integer Research

Director, Fertilizers

Oliver Hatfield heads up the Fertilizer research team at Integer…

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Tahlim Sudaryanto - Indonesian Center for Agriculture…

Senior Agricultural Economist

Prof. Tahlim Sudaryanto, Ph.D is Senior Agricultural Economist at the…

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Presentation: Understanding and analysing fertilizer regulations in Indonesia  

Grant Roberts - Yara Asia Ltd.

Chief Agronomist

Dr Grant Roberts recently took up the role of chief…

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Kewala N.Joshi - Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative…

Senior General Manager, Commercial

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Presentation: An overview of India’s value-added fertilizer market demand and prospects

Digna Jatiningsih - PT Pupuk Indonesia

Senior Vice President of Corporate Planning

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Juan Miguel Sanchez - KAO Chemicals

Sales Technical Applications

Currently, Joan Miquel Sanchez is the Sales Manager in charge…

Speaking On

Presentation: Effective coating agents for improving NPK quality and efficiency

Markus Schmid - BASF SE

Head of Global Marketing Soil Management

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Ezio Nalin de Paulo - K+S Asia Pacific Pte.…

Head of Agronomic Services

Head of agronomic services for K+S Asia Pacific. His responsibilities…

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Carlos Rodríguez-Villa Förster - AlgaEnergy

General Manager

Economist. He has experience in business development, international sales, public…

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Zixian Chen - Solvay Novecare Agro

Agro R&I Manager, Asia Pacific

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Nicolas White - Tessenderlo Chemie

Marketing Director, Fertilizers

Speaking On

Foliar Sulphate of Potash (SOP) for yield and quality improvement in field crops

Jeff Ivan - Yargus Manufacturing

Managing Director, International Sales

Jeff Ivan is the Managing Director International Sales with USA…

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Ross Gilmour - Koch Industries

Senior Agronomist

Speaking On

Terry Stone - Agrinos

Vice President, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Sustainability Programs

Terry joins Agrinos with over 30 years of experience in…

Speaking On

Presentation: Trends in the global biostimulants industry and a focus on the Asian market

Arnaud Cayrafourcq - Prospero & Partners

Managing Partner

Arnaud Cayrafourcq is Managing Partner at Prospero & Partners, a…

Speaking On

Presentation: The legal framework of Europe’s biostimulants regulation and lessons learnt for the Asian market 

Ram Lisaey - Netafim Asia Pacific

Chief Agronomist

Ram Lisaey- holds a Master of Science degree in Agricultural…

Speaking On

Presentation: Efficient irrigation system to obtain maximum yield and quality 

David Greenshields - Novozymes Bio Ag

Business Development Manager - AP, Africa and Europe

Speaking On

Kent Lambden - Actagro

Vice President, Global Business Development & Strategy

Lambden has spent the past 24 years in the global…

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