10th Integer Emissions Summit USA 2017 - Integer
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Integer Research is making The 9th Integer Emissions Summit & DEF Forum USA 2016 post-conference report available to download for free. The report covers key discussions that took place on the following sectors:

  • Heavy-duty commercial vehicles
  • Light-duty vehicles and passenger cars
  • Off-highway vehicles
  • DEF Forum

Integer Research is offering a selection of free presentations from The 9th Integer Emissions Summit & DEF Forum USA 2016, including:

  • Emissions Analytics – Improvements achieved and further efforts needed for the implementation of Real-Driving Emissions (RDE) regulation in Europe
  • Lubriozol – The impact of higher performance lubricants to meet GHG requirements
  • Amminex Emissions Technology – Emissions solutions for optimal DeNox in real driving conditions
  • TT Electronik – Monitoring exhaust temperature in diesel and petrol engines
  • Watlow GmbH – A simulation study of electrically heating diesel exhaust
  • Lightning Hybrids – Hybrid technology and implications for emissions reduction in medium and heavy-duty vehicles
  • Donaldson – Compact and high performance aftertreatment solutions for non-road engines

10th Integer Emissions Summit USA 2017

10th Integer Emissions Summit USA 2017 will take place on 7 – 8 November in Pittsburgh.

Returning to North America for the 10th time, Integer will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in hosting leading events for the emissions control industry.

We have made some changes

Based on attendee feedback and factors around market dynamics and locations, a decision has been made to split out Integer Emissions Summit & DEF Forum USA 2017 into two separate, dedicated events: 10th Integer Emissions Summit USA 2017 and 10th Integer DEF Forum USA 2017.

10th Integer Emissions Summit USA 2017 will cover the heavy-duty, light-duty and off-highway markets with a focus on advanced technology, legislation and strategy. The current program, which is still under development, can be seen here >>

The conference will provide a focused and highly topical platform to discuss profitable and fuel efficient emissions reduction strategies for North America, address current and future emissions legislation, and examine optimum technologies for emissions control.

Join us for the chance to listen to over 40 key speakers and network with senior executives from leading OEMs, aftertreatment and emissions control technology suppliers, government representatives, and more.



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Navtej Singh - Navistar Inc.

Chief Engineer, Powertrain - Aftertreatment System Development

Navtej Singh, is Chief Engineer of Powertrain and Emission Systems at Navistar Inc. and is a Co-Chair of the Sustainable…

Speaking On

Dan Kieffer - PACCAR

Director of Emissions Compliance

Dan Kieffer is the Director of Emissions Compliance for PACCAR Inc., responsible for all North American engine and vehicle emission-related…

Speaking On

Fireside chat: Developing ultra-low NOx regulations with improvements in real world emissions without sacrificing GHG reduction

In this one-on-one conversation, two industry figureheads will discuss the challenges of reducing both NOx and GHG, the technology and development trade-offs required, and what opportunities the industry can exploit.

Dr. Rahul Mital - General Motors Corporation

Global Technical Specialist Diesel Aftertreatment

Dr. Mital has a PhD in Mechanical Engineeing from Purdue University. He has been working in the area of emission…

Speaking On

Catalyst technologies and aftertreatment architectures suitable for Euro VI/BS applications

  • Catalyst technologies and aftertreatment architecture options and their pros and cons
  • SCR and SCR on filter performance characterization
  • Particulate filter lessons learned
  • Diagnostics considerations

Tim Johnson - Corning Incorporated

Director, Emerging Regulations & Technologies

Dr. Johnson is responsible for tracking emerging mobile emissions trends. He received two Lloyd L. Withrow Distinguished Speaker Awards from…

Speaking On

Thomas Hodek - Cummins Westport

Program Leader of CWI Natural Gas

Speaking On

Ritchie Huang - Daimler Trucks North America

Manager - Engineering & Safety

Speaking On

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