9th Integer Emissions Summit & DEF Forum USA 2016 - Integer
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Hosting four streams over three days, the conference provides the most comprehensive insight and analysis of emissions control and the DEF market in North America.

  • Heavy-duty commercial vehicles
  • Off-highway vehicles and machinery
  • Light-duty vehicles and passenger cars
  • DEF Forum

We’re offering a FREE download: ‘Market Overview -Emissions Control in North America’ which provides updates on the following areas:

  • Heavy-duty commercial vehicles
  • Natural gas
  • Off-highway vehicles
  • Marine vessels
  • Light-duty and passenger cars
  • Diesel exhaust fluid

Providing solutions to North America's emissions control challenges

**Please note this conference has already taken place, click here to visit the 2018 conference pages**

North America’s leading emissions control conference returned to Chicago on October 25-27 for the ninth summit of the series.

The 9th Integer Emissions Summit & DEF Forum USA 2016 provided crucial insights into legislation and advanced emissions control technologies for the on-and off-highway and DEF sectors.

The conference welcomed over 350 senior executives from across the North American and global emissions control supply chain to discuss and debate emissions legislation, advanced technology and strategy.

Download the 2016 conference report here >>

Watch a quick video to find out why Integer Emissions Summit & DEF Forum USA is well worth a visit…

The conference hosted dedicated streams examining the regulatory and emissions reduction challenges for:

    • Heavy-duty commercial vehicles
    • Off-highway vehicles and machinery
    • Light-duty vehicles and passenger cars
    • DEF Forum

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Matt Spears - Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Center Director, Heavy-duty Diesel Standards

Matthew Spears has worked for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since 1998.  Over the past 15 years his work at…

Speaking On

Presentation to be confirmed: Heavy-duty NOx: U.S. EPA Update and Next Steps

  • In response to a number of petitions, last December the U.S. EPA signalled that additional heavy-duty NOx reductions could be achieved through a comprehensive overhaul of its existing HD NOx program.
  • EPA identified a number of decades-old program elements that are ripe for revisiting—such as its certification standards & test cycles; its in-use standards; and its regulatory useful life for HD engines.
  • The California Air Resources Board is also moving ahead to tighten HD NOx standards; potentially on a timeline ahead of the federal agency.

Dr Bill Robertson - California Air Resources Board

Vehicle Program Specialist

Bill Robertson is the Air Resources Board’s Vehicle Program Specialist for heavy duty. His experience includes diverse projects quantifying criteria…

Speaking On

Presentation: California Mobile Source Program Update

  • Latest plans for car and truck-related regulations, including stricter NOx and GHG emissions standards, advanced clean transit requirements, warranty requirements, inspection and maintenance requirements etc.
  • Update regarding ARB’s mobile source incentive and advanced technology demonstration projects

Michael Pankonin - AEM (Association of Equipment…

Senior Director, Technical & Safety Standards

Michael Pankonin represents the membership of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) as Senior Director, Technical and Safety Services.  AEM…

Speaking On

Panel Discussion: Challenges for implementing in-use monitoring programs

Muhammad Chandasir - AGCO

Global Emissions Compliance and Reporting Manager

Muhammad Chandasir has fifteen years plus Diesel Engines and Emission Aftertreatment experience. Working for AGCO Corporation for past ten years,…

Speaking On

Harmonizing Off-Road Regulations for BRIC (or Less Regulated) Countries

Deborah L. Gordon - Allison Transmission

Vice President, Mobile Source Emissions Regulatory Activities

Deborah has spent her career at Allison in various product engineering, competitive assessment, business planning and program management positions prior…

Speaking On

Panel discussion: Technical directions to meet federal and Californian emissions standards in the coming years

Dr. David Montgomery - Caterpillar Inc.

Dual-Fuel Subject Matter Expert

Dr. David Montgomery is a Sr. Engineering Specialist in Caterpillar’s Large Power Systems Division. In his current role, David is…

Speaking On

Presentation: Natural Gas in the off-highway sector

Panel discussion: Challenges and opportunities for alternative solutions in the off-highway market 


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