7th Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum India 2017 - Integer
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A summary of the key discussions from the conference sessions of the 2016 conference. Topics discussed include:

  • Heavy-duty commercial vehicles
  • Light-duty vehicles and passenger cars
  • Non-road mobile machinery
  • AdBlue®

Effective AdBlue solutions for the Indian market”, Nicholas Yang, Founder and CEO, Novax Material & Technilogy

“China experience of SCR AdBlue tank & sensor technology and lessons”, Steven Lee, Director of Marketing & Products Application, KUS Group

“Best practices for production and distribution of AdBlue”, Nandan S Agrawaal, Managing Director, NPL Blue Sky Automotive

7th Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum India 2017

**Please note this conference has already taken place, click here to visit the 2018 conference pages**

The 7th Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum India 2017 returned to New Delhi on October 11 – 12th.  The conference examined progress made towards Bharat VI a year on from the government’s announcement to implement the standards by 2020.

We covered:

  • How to prepare for emission norms that jump Euro V to even lower emission standards, and how will the industry respond to Bharat VI standards?
  • What are the key challenges for OEMs, Oil companies, aftertreatment suppliers, technology developers, and fleet operators when faced with challenging demands?
  • Given local requirements and conditions, what are the optimal aftertreatment solutions for India?
  • Learn from experiences of transitions to Euro VI emission standards
  • Where are the most pressing challenges in India’s fuel quality and for ensuring nationwide supply?
  • Discuss the future growth potential of the AdBlue market in India
  • Hear about the main challenges with the development of the AdBlue network. How will the market expand to enable an effective infrastructure, supply, and distribution?
  • Discover the latest roadmap for non-road mobile machinery advanced emission legislation
  • Learn how emissions control technology will be adapted to fit Indian non-road machinery at a Tier 4 Final level
  • To find out more about the conference programme, click here >>

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Key Speakers

Dr Adolfo Perujo - Joint Research Centre -…

Project Leader DG-JRC

Dr Perujo is a senior scientist in the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre. He graduated from the University of Sevilla…

Speaking On

Presentation: Updates to Stage V legislation

  • Introduction of in-service monitoring
  • Monitoring vehicles outside of 56-560kW
  • Accounting for various challenges in measurement

Jyotirmoy Barman - VE Commercial Vehicles

Senior Manager

Jyotirmoy Barman presently holds the position of Chief Engineer in BSVI development Project for Light Duty Engine Application. Overall, he…

Speaking On

Presentation: SCR aftertreatment systems for BS VI low emission standards

  • Experience implementing SCR systems for the transition to Euro VI
  • Responding to unique challenges in India with low-speed, high-load, and space requirements
  • Prospects for the development of SCR systems in India
  • Optimum architecture of SCR systems

Abhay Damle - Ministry of Road Transport…

Joint Secretary (Transport)

Born on 15th August, 1966, Mr Damle belongs to the City of Bhopal. He obtained his Degree in Mechanical Engineering…

Speaking On

Keynote Presentation: The new Indian emissions norm, Bharat VI (BS VI)

  • Understanding the emissions context in India
  • Requirements from Euro VI emission norms with NOx, PM, and PN limits
  • Testing cycles, lab-based or real-world driving?

Kalyankumar Hatti - Ashok Leyland

Head of Strategy, ICV

Kalyan Hatti is responsible for value analysis and engineering for trucks and buses. Key areas of his expertise include engineering…

Speaking On

Presentation: Digital business as differentiation

Rashmi Hemant Urdhwareshe - Automotive Research Association of…


Mrs. Rashmi Urdhwareshe took over as Director ARAI on 1st July 2014. Before taking over this top position, she has…

Speaking On

Panel: Establishing fuel economy standards and greater technological and operational efficiency in India

As India makes progress in championing advanced emission norms attention must also be placed on achieving improvements in fuel efficiency, such efforts will be a vital part of meeting India’s air quality and climate change priorities. Initial remarks will be made by Clean Air Asia, reporting on their experience working in China and South East Asia. The panel will then discuss what lessons the industry can learn in developing the best efficiency solutions for India.  What technological and operational strategies should be adopted? Should standards be enforced legally?

T. R. Kesavan - TAFE Ltd

Chief Operating Officer

T. R. Kesavan is an Engineering and Management professional with  close to 40 years of national and international experience in…

Speaking On

Panel: How can the industry prepare for the latest round of emissions control legislation by 2021

With the government set to notify the industry of Tier 4-Final standards in 2017, the Industry must prepare to meet a new round of emissions control legislation that ‘leapfrogs’ Tier 4 Interim. Our expert panellists come together to discuss a range of pressing topics. What lessons can the industry learn from the application of emission norms in North America and Europe? How can the industry successfully manage the transition for all engine categories at the lowest cost to the consumer?

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