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Silver Sponsors

Emissions Analytics

Founded in 2011 by Nick Molden, Emissions Analytics has rapidly established itself as a global authority on real-world vehicle emissions.

PEMS Testing and Benchmarking Database:

Whether for R&D, regulatory preparation or benchmarking, our customers turn to us for unrivalled expertise in the application of  Portable Emissions Measuring Systems (PEMS). We measure fuel economy, gaseous emissions and particulates – both mass & number.

Emissions Analytics has independently tested over 1,600 passenger vehicles in Europe and USA using PEMS. Each year we test approximately 500 vehicles. Our proprietary EQUA Index test cycle compares the real-world performance of vehicles. The resulting database is the world’s largest commercially available RDE database, the EQUA Index.

Real-World Cabin Air Quality:

Emissions Analytics, and its partner National Air Quality Testing Services (NAQTS), have developed measurement technology and techniques to analyse real cabin air quality by PIMS (Pollution In-Cabin Measurement System). By taking measurements from two PIMS units, one placed inside the vehicle, the other outside it, we measure the relationship between the ambient environment and the interior. How effective is the ventilation and air conditioning system and associated filters in protecting passengers from external pollution?



KUS Group is the leading designer and manufacturer of fuel level sensors, AdBlue level sensors, AdBlue quality sensors, and AdBlue tank assembly solutions. We bring together 30+ years of engineering and design experience with a vertically integrated manufacturing facility. KUS Group is the cost and quality leader in liquid level sensing technologies and solutions for the commercial vehicles, agriculture machinery, construction machinery, power generation, and marine industry.

website: www.kusauto.com
E-mail: auto@kusauto.com , sales@kus-usa.com
Tel: (USA) +1-954-463-1075;(China) +86 769- 8353 3295 ext.177



Watlow has been a part of the Diesel industry for over 35 years. Our thermal expertise is leveraged by industry-leading OEMs to increase fuel economy and reduce CO₂ emissions, reduce the size and cost of the aftertreatment system and improve emissions performance under a full range of operating conditions. Our thermal management solutions are focused on small to mid-sized engines and high horse power engines where ample electrical power is available to create and direct heat where it is needed most; within the aftertreatment system. These solutions enable the diesel engine OEM to optimize the engine's performance for fuel efficiency, and provide a path to avoid or eliminate EGR and use a less complex turbocharger. Diesel engines of all sizes driving gensets, rail, marine, construction, agriculture and medium and heavy duty vehicles have leveraged our technology.

Lanyard Sponsor


In collaboration with customers and partners, YARA grows knowledge to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet, to fulfill its vision of a collaborative society, a world without hunger and a planet respected.

Our environmental and industrial solutions improve air quality and reduce emissions, and are key ingredients in the production of a wide range of products. Our crop nutrition solutions and precision farming offerings allow farmers to increase yields and improve product quality while reducing environmental impact. We foster an open culture of diversity and inclusion that promotes the safety and integrity of our employees, contractors, business partners, and society at large.

Founded in 1905 to solve emerging famine in Europe, YARA has a worldwide presence with more than 17,000 employees and operations in over 60 countries. In 2017, YARA reported revenues of USD 11.4 billion.
Exhibition Sponsors


The Kemetyl Group is one of the largest companies in its field
Specialising in chemicals for car care, AdBlue and leisure use, we operate in over 10 countries, producing 88,000,000 litres of fluids from our own production facilities, contract fillers and storage facilities around the world. We started out on our journey to build our business in the early 1900's so in communication we proudly say: "Kemetyl Group, Global Car Care business since 1918".

Oak International (India)

ADBLUE spouts / DEF Spouts

Our company is specialized in Manufacturing and Exporting of World's fastest Dispensing Self Vented Plastic Spouts for Plastic jugs/ Bottles of Adblue/ DEF
And available in both design, Standard spouts and Self Vented Spouts.
In many sizes depending upon the Mouth of Jugs/ Bottles like 38mm , 45mm, 63mm Mouth size.
Length of the spout is 16 inches. Sufficient for Dispensing inside the Tank properly.

Contact: Mr. Kalpesh Dodia.
Tel: + 91 9820138901
Email : kalpesh_dodia@yahoo.com


Since 1953, PIUSI is the worldwide leader in the fluid handling with its products for transferring, measuring and managing lubricants, gasoline, diesel, AdBlue (DEF), oil and grease. Products include pumps, flow meters, nozzles, dispensers, hose reels, liquid level gauges, software and kits used in the automotive industry, agriculture, mining, construction, transportation and garages.


Shaw Development

Shaw Development, LLC is a privately held company specializing in the design engineering, validation, and manufacturing of industrial fluid management solutions. Shaw Systems and Components range from high flow closed loop refueling systems, centralized fluid service connections, SCR/DEF systems, and DEF/AdBlue filtration solutions, fluid reservoirs, caps, fill necks and adapters, strainers, filters and breathers.  Our extensive experience in HD off road , on road and military vehicles, stationary and portable power solutions, and fluid transfer and cleaning solutions has positioned Shaw Development as a trusted partner to OEM vehicle, engine, and component manufacturers worldwide.


Storage Partners

Blending Solutions for Liquid Fertilizers
(AUS, UAN, UCN, UKN etc…)
solid 2 liquid

About Storage Partners

Storage Partners was founded in 2005 and has since then build up its global network. We are privately owned Dutch/Polish company with the expertise in producing compact Aquatic Urea Solutions.

About our AgroLine Blending Units

- AgroLine Inline Blending System  - a very innovative solution for producing liquid fertilisers from solids very efficiently, at high speed and with low power/heat consumption. Easy to integrate in your existing production structure
- AgroLine Inline Blending Unit operates under very low blending temperature (app 35C). This results in significant money and time savings
- AgroLine can produce 1 or 2 component solid fertilisers into a liquid solution inline!
- AgroLine inline monitoring fertiliser concentration constantly to secure your requested specification. No manual calculation and supervising required!
- We offer high capacity of blending: at least 9m3/h
- We offer a wide range of single and double hoppers to minimise space required.
- Small footprint of whole machine allows for standardised low cost shipment.
- AgroLine is easy to operate and install - Plug & Play solution. Operational within 1 day!
- Our AgroLine is made of highest quality durable materials and world class brands only
- We received successful recommendations from all over the World where units are operating under different environmental conditions




Kuriyama Corporation has long history of engaging in various parts/products, in particular rubber and plastic parts for off-road & Truck application.

SUN-A Corporation, founded in 1969, specializes in Urea Quality Sensor production and became 100% Kuriyama group company in 2015.

Two companies are working close for the SCR tank assembly unit. Kuriyama offers blow mold tank, heating hose unit while SUN-A provides Urea Quality Sensor unit together with heating unit. In such a combination, all the necessary process inspections are unified in one place to eliminate plural cost incrementation.
Urea Quality Sensor by SUN-A has an unique operating principle, thermal method, which gives highly robust nature against disturbing circumstances, such as bubble formation.

Please come and drop at our exhibition booth.

For further information please visit:

Media Partners


DieselNet, the only information service exclusively devoted
to diesel engines and emissions, is an internet forum for
the exchange of technical and business information on
diesel engines, fuels, emissions and many of the important
technologies required by the clean and efficient diesel engines
of the future.



F+L Asia is your B2B multimedia partner in Asia-Pacific. Our mission is to provide critical and timely information to meet the needs of the fuels and lubricants industry in Asia. Every year, through our conferences, we gather industry stakeholders in Asia to discuss regional and global issues and trends in our industry.

By providing a forum for identifying emerging issues, promoting consensus, sharing of best practices, building networks and connecting businesses, F+L Asia has played a unique role in the fuels and lubricants industry over the years.

We bring you closer to Asia.


Petrol Plaza

Petrol Plaza - The leading international online publication for the fuel retailing, fuel logistics and car wash industries

With a growing community, PetrolPlaza continues to be the No.1 online information source for decision makers in the petrol retailing, fuel logistics and car wash markets. After going online in 1998, PetrolPlaza has built an excellent reputation amongst industry professionals across the world. PetrolPlaza offers daily updated market news and a newsletter service free of charge. Here you find information on the latest technologies, trends and products, we well as case studies and video reports and can access extensive equipment supplier and fuel retailer listings. Over 17,000 subscribers receive our free of charge weekly newsletters.