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Dr Paul Greening

Director - Emissions & Fuels

Dr Greening is responsible for co-ordinating the European automotive industry position on pollutant emissions and fuel quality legislation for ACEA. He is also involved in influencing policy makers regarding their future legislative plans, as they will affect the European motor industry.

Dr Greening has worked on all sides of the table in terms of motor vehicle environmental and fuel quality issues.

Reinhard Kolke

Director, Test and Technical Services

Joachim Demuynck

Technical Manager

Patrick Duprat

ERS Solution Manager

Alexander Wood

Senior Analyst, Consulting Services (Emissions Control, AdBlue/DEF)

Alex is a Senior Analyst in Argus’s Consulting Services team, who specialises in the Automotive DeNOx market (i.e. the industry surrounding the application of Selective Catalytic Reduction systems in diesel engines). He is the Editor of the Global Automotive Grade Urea Forecast Service and the North American SCR & DEF Forecast Service. Alex has presented at several international conferences on the topic of global vehicle emissions legislation, as well as Argus’s outlook for global SCR-equipped vehicle sales and automotive grade urea consumption.

Alex has an M.A. in Economics from the University of Edinburgh.

Fabricio Cardoso

Manager, Consulting Services (Emissions Control, AdBlue/DEF)

Fabricio leads Argus’s analysis on emissions control technologies and on the global AdBlue®/DEF/ARLA 32 markets. He is the Editor of the Monitor and responsible for overseeing Argus’s global portfolio of Forecast Services. He also contributes to AdBlue locator websites and coordinates the development and the execution of consulting projects, due diligence and project feasibility studies.

Fabricio has a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of São Paulo, a Master in Transport and Sustainable Development from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, and an MBA in Agribusiness from the Agricultural School of the University of São Paulo.

Tim Cheyne

Vice President, Business Development

Tim is the Vice President, Business Development at Argus, and is responsible for the company’s work in the emissions sector. This covers stationary and mobile emissions control technologies and related chemicals such as AdBlue®/DEF.

Tim works closely with vehicle OEMs, engine manufacturers, tier suppliers, oil companies, and AdBlue® suppliers to develop market forecasts, strategy, investment assessments and other key business issues. Tim has degrees in chemical engineering and economics. He has previously worked in engineering design and operation of petrochemical plants, and in commodity market analysis and consultancy in the chemical industry

Will Talbot

Analyst, Consulting Services (Emissions Control, AdBlue/DEF)

Will Talbot is an analyst in Argus’s Emissions Control/DEF team. Will has been supporting Integer’s research, consultancy and publications, with a focus on global trends in the automotive industry, as well as on the European AdBlue® and North American DEF markets.

Will has an MEng in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bath.

Zissis Samaras

Professor, Lab of Applied Thermodynamics
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Zissis Samaras is a Full Professor and the Director of the Lab of Applied Thermodynamics, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece. His research work deals primarily with engine and vehicle emissions testing and modeling. He has provided expert advice to a number of organizations and private sector customers, including the European Commission, the European Environment Agency, the World Bank, ACEA, CONCAWE. He coordinated a large European projects, including Particulate Characterisation, ICT impact on emissions, OBD systems.

He is elected Academic Member and Vice Chairman of the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC) on "Energy, Environment and Resources". He is the author of more than 250 scientific publications, among them more than 120 in peer-reviewed journals and seven book chapters, which received more than 2000 citations in peer reviewed articles, reviews and technical notes.

Giustino Manzo

Institutional Relations - Road Vehicles Government Affairs
CNH Industrial

Giustino Manzo has worked as part of CNH Industrial Institutional Relations team with responsibility for road vehicles government affairs since 2018. He has a master’s degree in Automotive Engineering specialising in propulsion systems with a thesis work on clean diesel combustion for passenger car applications. His working career started at General Motors as diesel engine base hardware development and validation engineer, then moved to Adam Opel AG acting as European diesel testing coordinator.

Pablo Mendoza Villafuerte

EMEA & APAC Institutional Relations Road Vehicles Government Affairs
CNH Industrial

PhD in Engineering specialized in engine combustion. Personable, confident and enthusiastic with experience in Engine testing, LDV RDE, ISC LDV/HDV/NRMM testing and data analysis. He has extensive experience on European legislation for light, heavy duty and NRMM.
He has worked for high profile companies in different roles related engine/vehicle development and emissions, the most relevant are: Delphi, Ford Motor Company (Dunton), Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, now working at CNH Industrial as Responsible of On-road Applications in Technical Affairs, Institutional Relations.
He has also contributed to the publication of both articles and reports which have been fundamental to shape the current emissions regulatory framework in Europe.

Dr Manfred Schuckert

Head of Global Regulatory Strategy
Daimler AG

Dr Schuckert is a well recognized expert in the field of automotive propulsion systems. He started his professional career at the University of Stuttgart in 1989 as a process engineer. From 1992 to 1998 he has been the head of the department for Life Cycle Engineering at the University of Stuttgart. In 1998 he joined EvoBus GmbH (100% subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler) as a specialist for automotive propulsion systems in the research and development department.

He was a member of a group which was directly reporting new trends for all bus propulsion systems to the Vice President Engineering. From 2000 onwards he was in parallel responsible for the coordination of all research projects within EvoBus and for the co-ordination of the CUTE project – the largest and most successful project on fuel cell busses so far world-wide and also for the Perth- and Beijing fuel cell bus trials. Within the CUTE-project he also structured and organized the different hydrogen production chains.

From 2005 onwards he was responsible within DaimlerChrysler for the development of the next fuel cell bus generation.Since the end of the last year he is responsible within Daimler AG Corporate Strategy for the regulatory strategy of all commercial vehicles with regard to emissions and safety. Within this position he overtook also the responsibility for the coordination of the UREA-infrastructure within Europe.

Due to his engagement in alternative propulsion systems Dr. Schuckert is also investigating all possibilities for alternative fuels since more than a decade. Dr. Schuckert published more than 100 scientific articles world-wide.

Steve Cope

Enforcement Policy Advisor

Steve Cope is the enforcement policy advisor for the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Steve specialises in all aspects of roadworthiness inspections/spot checks conducted at road side check sites involving heavy vehicles. He is also the policy lead for emission control system enforcement, which includes defeat devices.

Steve has been with DVSA for almost twenty years and has previously worked as a vehicle examiner at road side check sites and other aspects of periodic testing.

Nick Molden

Founder & CEO
Emissions Analytics

Nick founded Emissions Analytics in 2011 in order to understand real-world fuel economy and emissions from vehicles.  The concept was to find a way to characterise vehicles in a relatively short test, and be able to conduct a large number of comparable tests.

The solution was to use Portable Emissions Measurement Systems to source real on-road raw data efficiently across many vehicles.  This database is now a platform for analysing and modelling this data, from which are created the EQUA Air Quality Index in Europe and Real MPG in the USA, as well as extensive testing of heavy and light duty commercial vehicles.

Nick is a specialist in data analytics, particularly in the automotive market, through his prior work at Oxford Indices Ltd, a data specialist, United Business plc and Haymarket Media Group.

He is a graduate of the University of Oxford, with an MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Hans Säll


Peter Scherm

General Manager

Dr Peter Scherm is General Manager of Euromot, the European association of internal combustion engine manufacturers, located in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. He received his M.S. and his Ph.D. in Organic and Physical Chemistry from the University of Regensburg, Germany. He has held previous positions in academia as well as the catalyst manufacturing industry.

Dimitrios Savvidis

Policy Officer, DG Climate Action
European Commission

Dimitris is a PhD holder in Road Transport Emissions in the Real World. He graduated in Automotive Engineering (BSc) and obtained a Master's (MSc) in Mechanical Engineering and a second Master (MSc) in Transport Engine Emissions from the University of Leeds in England.  Since December 2013 he's been working for the European Commission (DG for Climate Action) as a Policy Officer responsible for Heavy Duty Vehicles CO2 emissions and VECTO simulation tool. From 2010 to 2012 he's been at the European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry), dealing with the Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) Directive 97/68/EC on engine emissions.

In 2007 he was offered a permanent post at the Directorate General (DG) for Transport and Communications in Greece. He spent 2001-2003 as a Homologation Engineer at Iveco-Ford Ltd in UK responsible for European and National Type Approvals. In 2012 he joined the University of Antwerp as a Senior Lecturer and he was mainly occupied to carry out high quality research, develop research programs, and produce publications in the field of IC Engines, automotive driveline and alternative fuels. He has lectured widely to academic and industrial audiences throughout Europe and published more than 50 scientific papers in various journals/conferences/symposiums/workshops.  He is the author of a book entitled "Moderns Braking Systems and Safety" and a number of articles/interviews have been also published on newspapers and presented on TV. More info can be found at www.dsavvidis.gr

Maurizio Maggiore

Senior Expert (Innovative Automotive Systems)
European Commission

Currently a Senior Expert at the European Commission, Directorate General for Research and Innovation, Maurizio is mainly responsible for the technical content of calls dealing with automotive projects on electrified powertrains in the framework of the European Green Vehicles Initiative (EGVI). He also participates in several working groups on decarbonisation, alternative fuels and pollution regulations. He has also worked on ICE powertrains, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, Aftertreatment and Light structures projects in the road and maritime sector.

Born in Como, Italy, he earned a Degree in aerospace engineering at Milan Polytechnic University in 1985, after which he joined Agusta, the Italian helicopter manufacturer. He worked there for 14 years, initially in the Advanced Design Dept, and later in the Research Coordination office. There he mostly managed EU-funded cooperative research projects in different areas such as aerodynamics, interior and exterior noise, concurrent engineering, training, gearbox design.

A strong supporter of the need to increase the awareness of science and technology in the general public, he has been involved in the publishing business since 1979, mostly as a free-lance journalist and photographer, finally taking the post of Mechanical Technology Editor of a technology magazine for two years before joining the Commission in 2002.

René Jensen

Færdselsstyrelsen- Danish Road Safety Agency

René has worked for the Danish Road Safety Agency since 2016, where he today plays a key role as coordinator and lead technical expert for the department for automotive engineering. Among the many significant issues in the department, is the development of a scheme for a more effective cross-national control of AdBlue manipulation in lorries. The Danish methodology is based on a smarter selection of vehicles by introduction of remote sensing, intelligent control of the vehicles under inspection and an improved regulatory framework, which among other things makes the burden of proof easier to carry for the authorities. René has a degree in automotive technology and before coming to the Agency, he has had several opportunities to work professionally with his great passion for everything that has to do with vehicles. Both as a lecturer in automotive engineering, (where he still functions as external examiner), as maintenance supervisor in aviation, as manager in the vehicle repair industry and as a professional in the exciting world of sports car racing and development of vehicles for the sport.


The Danish Road Safety agency is, among other things, responsible for the regulation of Road Worthiness and technical requirements for vehicles.

Thomas Körfer

Vice President EU-BD

Thomas Körfer is Group Vice President of the Business Unit “Light-Duty Diesel Powertrain Product Development” at FEV Group in Aachen, Germany. Since 1991 he is working on Diesel engine research and series development projects at FEV. Steadily advancing, in 2014 Thomas Körfer has finally taken over the global responsibility as Group Vice President.
Thomas Körfer has a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH).

Dr Bernd Maurer

Technology Development
HJS Emission Technology

Dr Maurer has worked in Technology Development at HJS Emission Technology since 2014 and is responsible for the development of new technologies and project management of funded projects. He joined HJS in 2008 and was previously Head of Thermal Management.

Before joining HJS, he worked in SCR and exhaust systems, for HJS Fahrzeugtechnik and PUREM. He has a doctorate from the University of Karlsruhe.

Felipe Rodriquez

Senior Researcher

Felipe Rodríguez is a senior researcher at the International Council on Clean Transportation. His areas of expertise are vehicle simulation, combustion engines, exhaust after treatment systems and vehicular emissions. His current research focuses mostly on the heavy-duty vehicle sector in Europe.

Before joining the ICCT, he was a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and worked in the automotive industry. Felipe holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT (USA), a M.Sc. in Automotive Engineering form the RWTH Aachen University (Germany).

Yoann Bernard

Emissions Researcher

Alan Tolley

Group Director, Engines

Training & Studies University of Oxford 1975 – 1978 (Physics – MA)
Fellow: Institution of Mechanical Engineers

1979 – 1985 Perkins Engine Co Ltd (+Atlantis Dried Engines, Cape Town)
1986 – 1998 Ford Motor Company, Ford New Holland, European Engine Alliance
1998 – present J.C Bamford Excavators Ltd

Current occupation
Group Director, Engines
Responsible for Engine Product Development for J.C Bamford Ltd

Dr Adolfo Perujo

Project Leader DG-JRC
Joint Research Centre - European Commission

Dr Perujo is a senior scientist in the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre. He graduated from the University of Sevilla (Spain) and obtained the MSc. from the University of Manitoba (Canada). He completed his PhD. (Applied Physics) at the University of Guelph (Canada). He has experience in areas from theoretical physics to experimental physic-chemistry of processes, and vehicle’s tail-pipe pollutant emission measurements and control.

At present Dr Perujo continues leading the JRC’s group developing in-service test procedures for heavy-duty engines/vehicles and Non-Road Mobile Machinery by using Portable Emission Systems. He has been a key player in the development of the new NRMM regulation (Stage V) in the EU and its transposition to UN Regulation (UNR 96). He is also the chairman of the UN ECE informal group on Environmental and Propulsion Performance Requirements for L-category vehicles (EPPR).

Dr Perujo is member of several international committees, professional societies and scientific editorial teams.

Ricardo Suarez Bertoa

Scientific Support Officer
Joint Research Centre - European Commission

Ricardo Suarez-Bertoa is currently a scientific support officer at the Joint Research Center (JRC), European Commission, Ispra, Italy, and works on vehicles emissions at the Sustainable Transport Unit.

He received a Ph.D. degree in chemical science from the University of Milano Bicocca, Italy, in 2009. Ricardo spent one year as visiting scientist at Rowland-Blake group at the University of California, Irvine, taking part on CARB and NASA atmospheric projects. Then, he spent two years as reseacher at Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Systèmes Atmosphériques at U-PEC in Paris, working on the atmospheric fate of organic nitrates.

His main research interests concern the study of emissions of regualted and unregulated  pollutants, as well as the use of alternative fuels and their environmental impacts.

Martin Ma

Manager-Marketing & Products Application

Martin Ma has been employed by KUS group for 7 years. During his career, he has been continuously engaged in engineering and application of SCR sensors and tanks. Presently, Martin works as manager of marketing and application; he regularly travels globally to support customers with commercial, technical and application.

Mr N A Joshi

NPL Bluesky Automotive

Mr N A Joshi is an engineering graduate with an MBA. For last 4 years, he has been associated with Nandan Group of companies as CEO. Prior to joining NPL group of companies, he worked with Kirloskar Group for 37 years and superannuated as Senior Vice President. During his tenure at Kirloskar Group, he worked as Business Unit Head for the company’s various market verticals like Global Power Generation, supplies of engines to various Construction Equipment OEMs in the country and the Air Compressor Division.

At NPL and NPL BlueSky he has been pivotal in the growth, helping in developing its presence in the retail market for its brand Velvex and solidifying the company’s position as the market leader for AdBlue in India. With his experience and leadership, the company is progressing towards sustainable growth.

Herbert Woopen

EU Representative
OPUS Inspection

A German lawyer by training, Dr Woopen became familiar with Opus Remote Sensing technology when the VW scandal broke in 2015. He is now assisting in getting polluting vehicle exhaust down into regulatory limits across the EU. He has primarily worked on implementing remote sensing into European regulation, serving in working groups of the European Commission and CITA-CORTE. He has been instrumental in introducing remote sensing into the current EU recommendations for the detection of defeat devices and for its role in the Type Approval Regulation entering in force in 2020.

Before joining Opus Group, he worked on collective redress and arbitration after having served for 23 years in the financial services industry, until 2013 as head of the Brussels office of an insurance behemoth, and previously in various operational assignments of a leading German bank. He holds two PhDs in law enforcement, in Germany and in France.

Alberto Madella

Customer Care Manager

Alberto Madella graduated in Mechanical Engineer at the Bologna Technical University. He worked as site project manager in construction of offshore platforms and built up a company for producing of fume extractor on Industrial application. Madella joined Piusi in 2000 as Responsible for Aftersales service and Business Development.

Onder Bulut

Senior Simulation Engineer

Onder Bulut is a Senior Simulation Engineer at Ricardo Automotive UK. He is specialized in vehicle simulation, focused on total vehicle CO2 emissions and fuel consumption of light and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Before he joined Ricardo, Onder worked at Ford Otosan, a joint venture of Ford Motor Company and had responsibility on Ford global vehicle programs as the vehicle performance and fuel economy attributes leader for 6 years, through which he gained hands on experience in all phases of the product development process from concept to validation, including CO2 target setting, vehicle level simulation and testing.

Onder graduated from Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul in 2009 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Manlio Mattei

Group R&D - Power Train Group Manager
Same Deutz-Fahr

Since 2016 Manlio Mattei has served as the R&D Powertrain Group Manager at Same Deutz-Fahr Italia S.p.A.. He has 26 years of experience in several positions at Deutz-Fahr. From 2012 to 2015 he worked in R&D Engine Systems & FARMotion Operations Platform Group Manager. Prior to this, from 2000 to 2012, his role was R&D Engine Systems Manager at Same Deutz-Fahr.

Before his career, Mattei spent a year of research at Cornell University (USA) and 3 years in automatic machines design. In addition, Mattei served as the President of Euromot (European Association of Engine Manufacturers) from 2004-2008. He also contributes to several publications and presents at international congress.

Volker Schlickum

Air Quality Management- Emission reduction
Senat Berlin

Since 1991 Volker Schlickum has worked for the Ministry of Urban Development, currently as Technical Engineer in the Department on General Aspects of Air Quality. His key qualifications are knowledge of industrial processing (e.g. flue gas scrubbers and soil cleaning plants), evaluation of inventories of air emissions and of the build-up and operation of an air quality monitoring network. Most recently he has been deeply involved in the retrofit programs in Berlin for city busses, Low Emission Zones and steering the implementation of diesel particle filters for low emission construction machines.

He got his degree in engineering, processing and environmental technology from the Technical College (TFH) in Berlin.

Stefan Saliger

Global Contract Holder – Fuels Performance Additives & AdBlue

As Global Contract Holder AdBlue within the Royal Dutch Shell Group Stefan Saliger is responsible for the AdBlue Supply strategy for Shell Downstream Retail for heavy duty, medium duty and light duty vehicles as well as passenger cars. The Shell Global Retail network consists of 45,000 retail sites world-wide, 30 million customers a day, 500,000 front-line colleagues across 70 countries.

Dr Magnus Lindgren

Vehicles, Machinery & Fuels
Swedish Transport Administration

Dr Magnus Lindgren is a senior advisor at the Swedish Transport Administration and Deputy Head of Electric Road Program. The electric road program covers several sub-topics such as business models, funding, ownership, social economic effects, laws, standards, environmental effects and different electric road technologies. Magnus Lindgren is also the project manager for the pre-commercial procurement of the two demo sites on electric road systems in Sandviken and Arlanda, Sweden.

In parallel with the electrification of road transport, Magnus is the chair of the International Energy Agency’s technology collaboration programme on Advance Motor Fuels. Prior to joining the Swedish Transport Administration, he was a researcher at the Swedish University of agricultural Sciences.

Per Öhlund

MSc Mechanical Engineering, Road and Rail Department
Swedish Transport Agency

Per Öhlund started his career as a development engineer in the automotive industry and in 2004 he switched side and started to work for Swedish Transport Authorities with emissions legislation. He is one of the Swedish delegates in Technical Committee Motor Vehicles (TCMV) and Motor Vehicle Emissions Group (MVEG) committee and working group under the responsibility of the EU commission.

From 2009 he has been attending GRPE as the Swedish delegate, an informal working group under the World Forum for Harmonisation of Vehicle Regulations (WP 29) in UNECE.

As a technical expert he follows the development of vehicle and engine technology connected to reduction of emissions, as well as emission legislation in EU and UNECE mainly for light-duty vehicles.

He participates in working groups lead by the EU commission and UNECE both for criteria emissions as for CO2 and fuel consumption, for example real driving emissions (RDE), development of test procedure (WLTP), measures to reduce greenhouse gases (CO2 Expert WG) and development of regulations and policies for electrified vehicles (EVE IWG).

Dr Norbert E. Ligterink

Research Scientist

Norbert Ligterink has PhD’s in theoretical nuclear physics (1996) and mathematical system theory (2007). He has worked in international academic research for many years. Since 2007 he works at TNO and translates the results of emission tests to the Dutch national vehicle emission factors, used in legal air-quality assessments and emission inventories. He also participates in the vehicle emission testing. For assessing the average emissions he complements emission data with vehicle fleet and vehicle usage information. He regularly updates the information on the average Dutch vehicle fuel efficiency from fueling data, for national and international assessments of the limited CO2 emission reduction with reducing type-approval values. His expert knowledge is also input in international discussions, as expert consultant on behalf on the Dutch government.

Anna Krajinska

Emission Engineer
Transport and Environment

Anna is an emissions engineer working for Transport and Environment, a Brussels based NGO whose mission is to make transport cleaner and safer. Anna has a background from within the automotive industry, previously working on designing aftertreatment systems for a UK based OEM. Currently, she is working on leading the vehicle testing and Euro 7 work at T&E.

Martin Rexeis

Senior Scientist
University of Technology Graz

Since 2002 Dr Rexeis has worked at the Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics in Graz. His fields of activity comprise the topics measurement and simulation of emissions and energy consumption from motor vehicles. Amongst other projects he is involved in the elaboration of the “Handbook Emission factors of Road Transport” - where he is the pilot of the activities related to heavy duty vehicles - and several consultant activities for the European Commission, for example the “Development of a certification procedure for CO2-emissions from Heavy Duty vehicles”. Since 2010 he has been deputy head of the research area “emissions”.

He obtained his doctor’s degree with a thesis dealing with “Real World Emissions of Heavy-Duty Vehicles”.

Karsten Mathies


Karsten Mathies has been Homologation Engineer at TÜV Hessen Automotive in Pfungstadt since 2006, a technical service for European whole vehicle type approval in Germany. Mr. Mathies is technical expert for vehicle emissions covering legislation, type approval, dyno testing and PEMS-measurements. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University in Aachen, Germany in the special field of applied thermodynamics.

Before joining TÜV SÜD, he worked as a test engineer at a Tier 1 exhaust system supplier in Germany, which set the ground for further work in the area of emissions and exhaust aftertreatment systems. He then held various positions in engine system design at vehicle OEM`s and engineering companies. Outside of Germany Mr. Mathies worked in the US from 1997 to 2003 in Dearborn, MI.  For TÜV Hessen Mr. Mathies was member of several European Expert Groups for PEMS Pilot Programs.

Andreas C.R.Mayer

VERT Association

Dr Mayer is an expert on supercharging and engine emission control. He graduated from Technical University Karlsruhe before joining BBC-Switzerland for gas turbine flow research, engine supercharging and pressure wave machines. He founded TTM 1990 for independent emission research and engineering and has lead research and emission control projects in Switzerland, EU, USA, Canada, Latin America, China, Iran, Israel and India. In 1994 he introduced the solid nanoparticle number counting criterion PN to properly address health effects and control filtration quality and promoted the development of respective metrology and instrumentation including field testing and PTI. He initiated the ETH-Nanoparticle Conference in 1997 and introduced the VERT DPF-certification worldwide since 1998.  He has published over 80 papers on supercharging, structural ceramics and emissions and is the author and co-author of four books on particle elimination. He received the Redtenbacher award in 1962, SAE-Fellowship in 2005 and Dr.med.h.c. in 2010.

Dominique Berg

AdBlue® Expert
VW Group Services

Ms Berg works as an expert for fluids in the Fuel Competence Center of Autovision GmbH. Prior to this, Ms Berg was the project leader / project coordinator Sicon Consulting JEM GmbH, responsible for powertrain development at Volkswagen AG Wolfsburg. Since 2011 she has been supervising to build up the SCR infrastructure for diesel passenger car in Germany and Europe.

Jan Melin

Global Fuel Economy Manager
Volvo Trucks

Jan has the position as Global Fuel Economy Manager within Volvo Group Trucks Technology, coordinating and supporting items related to Driving performance, CO2 and Fuel economy. He has been working with these issues in different positions for about 20 years at Volvo Trucks Corporation.

Jan has a PhD in Civil Engineering and a MSc in Mechanical engineering, both from Chalmers University of Technology

Petri Söderena

Senior Scientist, Engine and Vehicle Emissions
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

Mr. Söderena holds a master’s degree in internal combustion engines. He joined VTT’s engine and vehicles emissions team in late 2016 as a senior scientist. Before joining VTT he worked at AGCO Power responsible for off-road diesel engines performance and emissions research and development tasks as a research engineer, research and advanced engineering team leader and project coordinator. Currently at VTT, he is responsible for project management in engine and vehicle research.

Jeff Diestelmeier

Chief System Designer
Watlow GmbH

Jeff Diestelmeier is currently Chief System Designer for Watlow GmbH, a position he has held for the past year. In this role, Mr. Diestelmeier is responsible for global business strategy and product development for Watlow’s Diesel Emissions business. His primary area of focus is developing breakthrough thermal technologies for improved engine and aftertreatment system performance. During his nine year tenure with Watlow, Mr. Diestelmeier previously held the positions of Business Segment Manager and Value Stream Leader.

Prior to Watlow, Mr. Diestelmeier worked for the Aircraft Engine Systems division of Woodward Governor Company for 18 years, having roles of increasing responsibility including Plant Chemist, Materials Engineer, Operations Manager, Director of Quality, and Director of Purchasing. Mr. Diestelmeier has a BS in Chemistry from Quincy University, with additional studies in Physics and Mathematics.

Sigurd Jorgensen

Global Product Manager, Transport and Industry

Sigurd Jørgensen is the Global Product Manager in Yara’s Environmental Solutions unit. Yara is the world’s largest producer of AdBlue.

Previously Sigurd worked in various sales and marketing roles for Shell in Oslo and London – from where he was one of four Directors who started Carix Group Ltd in a Management Buyout backed by 3i in 2000. Following the divestment of Carix to consumer and industrial chemicals group, Kemetyl in 2005, Sigurd served in Group Director, Vice President and Managing Director roles there from 2006 to 2013.

Born in Norway, Sigurd has a BA with 1st Class Honours in Marketing from Strathclyde Business School in Glasgow, Scotland.


Dr Paul Greening - ACEA

Director - Emissions & Fuels

Dr Greening is responsible for co-ordinating the European automotive industry…

Speaking On

Presentation: Industry perspective – supporting the next stage of HD regulations

  • Taking a broad approach to future powertrain technologies
  • Maintaining Euro standards as a global benchmark
  • Aligning with EU CO2 regulations

Reinhard Kolke - ADAC e.V

Director, Test and Technical Services

Speaking On

Presentation: A new consumer programme for greener cars

  • Introduction to Green NCAP

Joachim Demuynck - AECC

Technical Manager

Speaking On

Presentation: Low NOx emissions with modern diesel cars
– LNT + dual-SCR implemented on a demonstrator car with a 48V mild-hybrid system
– Emissions tests conducted over wide range of driving conditions
– Consistent low NOx emissions achieved

Patrick Duprat - Alstom

ERS Solution Manager

Speaking On

Alexander Wood - Argus

Senior Analyst, Consulting Services (Emissions Control, AdBlue/DEF)

Alex is a Senior Analyst in Argus’s Consulting Services team,…

Speaking On

Presentation: The European AdBlue® market – analysis and outlook

  • Developments in the European market
  • Long term forecasts for growth

Fabricio Cardoso - Argus

Manager, Consulting Services (Emissions Control, AdBlue/DEF)

Fabricio leads Argus’s analysis on emissions control technologies and on…

Speaking On

Presentation: Key trends to keep your eye on

  • Global views on future emissions from North America, India, and China.
  • Are there continuing air quality issues that justify further action?

Tim Cheyne - Argus

Vice President, Business Development

Tim is the Vice President, Business Development at Argus, and…

Speaking On

Will Talbot - Argus

Analyst, Consulting Services (Emissions Control, AdBlue/DEF)

Will Talbot is an analyst in Argus’s Emissions Control/DEF team.…

Speaking On

Presentation: Investment update in AdBlue® infrastructure for passenger cars

  • AdBlue® retail network map
  • Understanding the investment in AdBlue infrastructure

Zissis Samaras - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Professor, Lab of Applied Thermodynamics

Zissis Samaras is a Full Professor and the Director of…

Speaking On

Presentation: DOWNTOTEN – exploring the possibilities for 10nm particle emissions

  • Evaluating the possibilities and constraints of current measurement instruments
  • Developing measurement and evaluation methods for sub-23nm

Giustino Manzo - CNH Industrial

Institutional Relations - Road Vehicles Government Affairs

Giustino Manzo has worked as part of CNH Industrial Institutional…

Speaking On

Presentation: SCR for cars and light commercial vehicles

  • Light vehicles and CO2 emissions in Europe: the contribution of Diesel
  • The quality of air in Europe: the growing attention to NOx

Pablo Mendoza Villafuerte - CNH Industrial

EMEA & APAC Institutional Relations Road Vehicles Government Affairs

PhD in Engineering specialized in engine combustion. Personable, confident and…

Speaking On

Panel: What are the key criteria governing future emission standards?

Panellists from across industry and government will come together and discuss the key areas of focus for future emission legislation.

Dr Manfred Schuckert - Daimler AG

Head of Global Regulatory Strategy

Dr Schuckert is a well recognized expert in the field…

Speaking On

Presentation: The question of Euro VII and the trade-off of between NOx and CO2

Steve Cope - DVSA

Enforcement Policy Advisor

Steve Cope is the enforcement policy advisor for the Driver…

Speaking On

Presentation: National inspection for AdBlue® emulators

  • Nationwide checks for AdBlue® defeat devices
  • Experience of the DVSA
  • Action against drivers found with devices

Nick Molden - Emissions Analytics

Founder & CEO

Nick founded Emissions Analytics in 2011 in order to understand…

Speaking On

Presentation: Maximising comfort and minimising pollutant exposure in the vehicle cabin
using the ventilation system

  • “PIMS” – Pollution in-cabin measurement system for measuring: PN (15nm), CO2, CO, NO2, VOCs
  • Tests to understand build-up and influencing factors on in-cabin air quality

Hans Säll - eRoadArlanda


Speaking On

Panel: Electrifying the road – what are the viable options for electric road system?
Our panel of experts ask the question if an electric road system a sustainable option for decarbonising the freight network. What are the options for heavy-duty vehicles and cars? What investments would be required to make such a program work?

Peter Scherm - EUROMOT

General Manager

Dr Peter Scherm is General Manager of Euromot, the European…

Speaking On

Chairperson – Non-road Mobile Machinery track on Day 1

Dimitrios Savvidis - European Commission

Policy Officer, DG Climate Action

Dimitris is a PhD holder in Road Transport Emissions in…

Speaking On

Presentation: Update on VECTO

  • Developments for medium lorries
  • Developments for buses/coaches
  • Hybrids and VECTO – timeline
  • How VECTO is applied at the end of the production line


Maurizio Maggiore - European Commission

Senior Expert (Innovative Automotive Systems)

Currently a Senior Expert at the European Commission, Directorate General…

Speaking On

Presentation: SCR retrofitting for Euro 5 and Euro 6

  • The results of the Horizon Prize for the cleanest engine retrofit on a Euro 5 car
  • Results of the application of a similar system to a Euro 6 car
  • The case for retrofitting Otto-engined cars in view of recent results from EU research projects pointing to higher than previously measured nanoparticles emissions
  • The Horizon Prize for the cleanest engine of the future

René Jensen - Færdselsstyrelsen- Danish Road Safety…

René has worked for the Danish Road Safety Agency since…

Speaking On

Presentation: Enforcement practises for AdBlue emulators

  • Experience of the Danish Road Safety Agency
  • Potential control methods to detect NOx manipulation

Thomas Körfer - FEV GmbH

Vice President EU-BD

Thomas Körfer is Group Vice President of the Business Unit…

Speaking On

Presentation: Mastering the complexity of future diesel powertrains by efficient and capable virtual development tools and processes

  • Hybridized diesel powertrains
  • Access to full RDE: virtual layout, definition, calibration and validation
  • Accelerated development process for reduced time to market
  • Robust compliance w/ upcoming legal requirements

Dr Bernd Maurer - HJS Emission Technology

Technology Development

Dr Maurer has worked in Technology Development at HJS Emission…

Speaking On

Presentation: Modular HD – Exhaust Gas Treatment System with autarcic thermal Management for high urban NOx Conversion

  • Experience of retrofitting project
  • Aftertreatment systems available
  • Benefits of retrofitted vehicles for the AdBlue® industry

Felipe Rodriquez - ICCT

Senior Researcher

Felipe Rodríguez is a senior researcher at the International Council…

Speaking On

Presentation: Low-speed / low-load emissions from HDV

  • Developments in US regulation
  • Harmonizing emission standards

Yoann Bernard - ICCT

Emissions Researcher

Speaking On

Presentation: Remote sensing for market surveillance

Alan Tolley - JCB

Group Director, Engines

Training & Studies University of Oxford 1975 – 1978 (Physics…

Speaking On

Presentation: Routes to zero emissions from combustion engines for HD/OH machines

  • Engine and aftertreatment developments

Dr Adolfo Perujo - Joint Research Centre -…

Project Leader DG-JRC

Dr Perujo is a senior scientist in the European Commission’s…

Speaking On

Presentation: Updates to Stage V legislation

  • Introduction of in-service monitoring
  • Monitoring vehicles outside of 56-560kW
  • Accounting for various challenges in measurement

Ricardo Suarez Bertoa - Joint Research Centre -…

Scientific Support Officer

Ricardo Suarez-Bertoa is currently a scientific support officer at the…

Speaking On

Presentation: Current non-regulated emissions

  • Considering unregulated or low priority pollutants
  • Does sufficient scientific evidence exist to regulate?
  • Is the technology available commercially to create repeatable test cycles?

Martin Ma - KUS

Manager-Marketing & Products Application

Martin Ma has been employed by KUS group for 7…

Speaking On

Presentation: Developments in aftertreatment sensor technology

  • Challenges from application
  • Lessons learnt from global experiences and the adoption to the European market
  • Maintenance and potential solutions

Mr N A Joshi - NPL Bluesky Automotive


Mr N A Joshi is an engineering graduate with an…

Speaking On

Presentation: The AdBlue® market in India

  • Overview of the Indian AdBlue® market
  • AdBlue® demand in the region
  • Prospects of the market following the implementation of the Bharat VI

Herbert Woopen - OPUS Inspection

EU Representative

A German lawyer by training, Dr Woopen became familiar with…

Speaking On

Presentation: The potential of remote sensing for efficient vehicle exhaust surveillance?

  • The track record of remote sensing is becoming bigger.
  • Europol, Spanish Guardia Civil and other institutions confirm the huge potential for Europe.
  • Recent studies show how remote sensing will improve efficiency of future European regulation

Alberto Madella - PIUSI

Customer Care Manager

Alberto Madella graduated in Mechanical Engineer at the Bologna Technical…

Speaking On

Panel discussion: The future of AdBlue® in Europe

Onder Bulut - Ricardo

Senior Simulation Engineer

Onder Bulut is a Senior Simulation Engineer at Ricardo Automotive…

Speaking On

Presentation: Future Technology Evaluation for CO2 Reduction Targets

  • Performance benchmarking of current state of the art HD engine
  • Modelling and simulation of alternative engine, powertrain and vehicle features to assess potential efficiency gains
  • Use of VECTO to evaluate which future technology features may be required to achieve the 2025 and 2030 CO2 reduction goals

Manlio Mattei - Same Deutz-Fahr

Group R&D - Power Train Group Manager

Since 2016 Manlio Mattei has served as the R&D Powertrain…

Speaking On

Presentation: Powertrain modelling and simulation for fuel efficiency

  • Virtual testing on a tractor model
  • Simulation on test bed

Volker Schlickum - Senat Berlin

Air Quality Management- Emission reduction

Since 1991 Volker Schlickum has worked for the Ministry of…

Speaking On

Presentation: Retrofitting German public transport

  • The case for SCR retrofitting in in-use public transport
  • Successful case studies

Stefan Saliger - Shell

Global Contract Holder – Fuels Performance Additives & AdBlue

As Global Contract Holder AdBlue within the Royal Dutch Shell…

Speaking On

Panel discussion: The future of AdBlue® in Europe

Our panel of experts discuss the future of the AdBlue® market in Europe, including the impact of diesel demonization and the decline in diesel sales, as well as SCR use in heavy duty vehicles. How will the industry help address these challenges and take effective actions? How will the industry contribute more to improve end-user awareness of using AdBlue® on SCR-equipped vehicles?

Dr Magnus Lindgren - Swedish Transport Administration

Vehicles, Machinery & Fuels

Dr Magnus Lindgren is a senior advisor at the Swedish…

Speaking On

Presentation: Electrifying the road

  • Electric road systems in Sweden for heavy-duty trucks

Current activity demoing vehicles

Per Öhlund - Swedish Transport Agency

MSc Mechanical Engineering, Road and Rail Department

Per Öhlund started his career as a development engineer in…

Speaking On

Presentation: National government perspective

  • Aligning with work at a local or national level
  • Needs of member states

Dr Norbert E. Ligterink - TNO

Research Scientist

Norbert Ligterink has PhD’s in theoretical nuclear physics (1996) and…

Speaking On

Presentation: Will the new legislation make it possible to establish incompliance?

  • ISC conformity testing and market surveillance
  • Independent CO2 testing and checks on the manufacturer’s declared WLTP values
  • Other developments on affecting the possibility to establish the emission performance of vehicles

Anna Krajinska - Transport and Environment

Emission Engineer

Anna is an emissions engineer working for Transport and Environment,…

Speaking On

Presentation: Environmental perspective – establishing a final Euro limit

  • Key principles behind a Euro standard

Martin Rexeis - University of Technology Graz

Senior Scientist

Since 2002 Dr Rexeis has worked at the Institute for…

Speaking On

Presentation: Tank-to-Wheels Analysis of Future Automotive Fuels and HD-Powertrains in the European context

  • Comparison of fuel of consumption and tank-to-wheel CO2 emissions of current and future HDV propulsion concepts
  • Looking across conventional internal combustion engine and electrified propulsion systems

Karsten Mathies - TÜV SÜD

Karsten Mathies has been Homologation Engineer at TÜV Hessen Automotive…

Speaking On

Presentation: Retrofit of HDV and LDV vehicles

  • Different aspects to be respected

Andreas C.R.Mayer - VERT Association

Dr Mayer is an expert on supercharging and engine emission…

Speaking On

Presentation: New periodic inspection – the answer to Dieselgate

  • The emission reduction potential of new EAS = Emission aftertreatment systems
  • The failure rate of new EAS – SCR as well as DPF
  • A European proposal for periodic technical inspection
  • A new instrument standard for PTI at idle to diagnose DPF
  • Outlook to PTI for deNOx systems

Dominique Berg - VW Group Services

AdBlue® Expert

Ms Berg works as an expert for fluids in the…

Speaking On

Presentation: Use of SCR in passenger cars

  • Strategies for effective NOx reduction
  • SCR technology and AdBlue®
  • AdBlue® Infrastructure

Jan Melin - Volvo Trucks

Global Fuel Economy Manager

Jan has the position as Global Fuel Economy Manager within…

Speaking On

Presentation: Challenge of CO2 limit values for HD and the implications

  • Challenges for a vehicle manufacturer
  • Technology choices to reduce CO2 emissions

Petri Söderena - VTT Technical Research Centre…

Senior Scientist, Engine and Vehicle Emissions

Mr. Söderena holds a master’s degree in internal combustion engines.…

Speaking On

Presentation: On-road emissions monitoring using PEMS and NOx sensors

  • Euro 6 diesel LDV and Euro VI diesel city buses in real driving conditions

Jeff Diestelmeier - Watlow GmbH

Chief System Designer

Jeff Diestelmeier is currently Chief System Designer for Watlow GmbH,…

Speaking On

Presentation: Exhaust heating system performance for boosting SCR low temperature efficiency

  • Real world driving conditions and tightening legislations require improved performance of aftertreatment systems at lower temperatures
  • Results from testing of electrical heat for heating exhaust from transient cycles to boost low temperature efficiency

Sigurd Jorgensen - Yara

Global Product Manager, Transport and Industry

Sigurd Jørgensen is the Global Product Manager in Yara’s Environmental…

Speaking On

Presentation: Diesel, SCR and AdBlue® – the most sustainable bridge to zero emissions mobility

  • The importance of the diesel drivetrain in the reduction of CO2
  • Why is SCR taking over as the after-treatment technology across all segments?
  • How AdBlue® has become a critical pre-requisite for truly clean diesel