12th Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum Europe 2016 - Integer
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The conference includes in-depth discussion on:

  • Heavy-duty commercial vehicles
  • Non-road mobile machinery
  • Light-duty vehicles and passenger cars
  • AdBlue®

The latest legislation and technology developments across the region in the following key areas:

  • Heavy-duty commercial vehicles
  • Non-road mobile machinery
  • Light-duty vehicles and passenger cars
  • AdBlue®
  • Why attend?
  • Who attends (including demographics)?
  • Key topics and overview.

The annual meeting place for Europe's emissions control industry

**Please note this conference has already taken place, click here to visit the 2018 conference pages**

We are delighted to report that our 12th Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum Europe 2016 which took place last week on 21-23 June in Brussels, was a well-attended successful event. We welcomed senior executives and industry stakeholders from Europe and beyond to discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities surrounding Europe’s emissions control industry.

The conference discussed how recent revelations from key players in the emissions control industry have made a lasting impact on the industry and will shape the direction of legislation, testing and technology solutions in the future.

The admission by Volkswagen that millions of their vehicles were fitted with defeat devices to cheat emissions tests has implications for the wider industry, including heavy-duty vehicles and non-road mobile machinery.

Despite the negative attention that Volkswagen’s disclosure has created, stakeholders in the emissions control industry continue to take legislation-driven steps to develop and promote fuel-efficient emissions control engine and aftertreatment technology. Challenges and opportunities also lie in the need to address real-world emissions issues.

We also featured the ACEA Light-duty Vehicle AdBlue® Workshop

Click here to view the agenda for the ACEA Workshop >>

After the success of 2015’s event, we were delighted to once again partner with ACEA to hold the ACEA Light-duty Vehicle AdBlue® Workshop, as part of the ‘12th Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue Forum Europe 2016’. Due to popular demand, this year the Workshop was extended to a full day’s discussion. It also once again featured a demonstration of AdBlue® dispensing equipment for passenger cars, offering attendees the chance to experience the latest technology developments.

The 12th Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum Europe 2016 took place on the 21-23 June in Brussels. Hosting dedicated streams for heavy-duty commercial vehicles, non-road mobile machinery, light-duty vehicles and passenger cars and the AdBlue® Forum, the event examined the industry’s progress and future challenges in developing regulation compliant, fuel-efficient emissions reduction strategies.

The conference addressed these leading questions, and much more:

  • What effects will imminent HDV fuel efficiency and CO2 measurement policies have your business?
  • How will Stage V influence existing NRMM technology concepts?
  • How can the European passenger car industry react to the upcoming RDE, WLTP and PN limit regulations at Euro 6?
  • How will the expanding AdBlue® market change in response to increased demand and new market players?
  • What impact has the VW scandal had on the entire industry and its future direction?

Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum Europe

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Dr Paul Greening - ACEA

Director - Emissions & Fuels

Dr Greening is responsible for co-ordinating the European automotive industry position on pollutant emissions and fuel quality legislation for ACEA.…

Speaking On

Presentation: Industry perspective – supporting the next stage of HD regulations

  • Taking a broad approach to future powertrain technologies
  • Maintaining Euro standards as a global benchmark
  • Aligning with EU CO2 regulations

Cecile Favre - AECC

EU Technical Affairs Manager

Cécile Favre is the EU Technical Affairs Manager of the Association for Emissions Control by Catalyst (AECC). She joined AECC…

Speaking On

Presentation: Evolution of advanced emissions control system to meet NOx and particulates regulations

  • Tighter standards and developing NOx/PN devices

Antti Marttinen - AGCO

Manager, Product Management – Global Engine Installations

Antti has been working for AGCO since November 2008 and started his current role in the beginning of May 2012…

Speaking On

Keynote Presentation: OEM perspective on meeting Stage V

  • Impact of new legislation on manufacturers
  • Technical modifications and developments necessary to meet new limits
  • Developing compliant technology that also meets customer needs

Dr Tue Johannessen - Amminex A/S

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Johannessen holds a Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). As one of the…

Speaking On

Presentation: Solid ammonia SCR: A valuable tool for combining ultra-low NOx and low CO2
– Latest market status for ASDS: Emissions upgrade for Low Emissions Zones
– Certification and in-use examples from the most challenging vehicle segments
– OEM perspective: Diesel engine efficiency vs. limitations for SCR dosing systems
– Outlook for ultra-low NOx via direct ammonia SCR

Zissis Samaras - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Professor, Lab of Applied Thermodynamics

Zissis Samaras is a Full Professor and the Director of the Lab of Applied Thermodynamics, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece. His…

Speaking On

Presentation: DOWNTOTEN – exploring the possibilities for 10nm particle emissions

  • Evaluating the possibilities and constraints of current measurement instruments
  • Developing measurement and evaluation methods for sub-23nm

Francesco Massa - CNH Industrial

Technical Affairs Specialist

Mr Massa is currently Technical Affairs specialist in CNH Industrial - EMEA and APAC Institutional Relations, responsible for Transport Policy &…

Speaking On

Presentation: Natural Gas options for sustainable freight transport

–       Emissions reduction and fuel efficiency improvements

–       Total Cost of Ownership battle: the advantages of natural gas

–       Actual and future demand for natural gas vehicles

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