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Tim Cheyne

Vice President, Business Development

Tim is the Vice President, Business Development at Argus, and is responsible for the company’s work in the emissions sector. This covers stationary and mobile emissions control technologies and related chemicals such as AdBlue®/DEF.

Tim works closely with vehicle OEMs, engine manufacturers, tier suppliers, oil companies, and AdBlue® suppliers to develop market forecasts, strategy, investment assessments and other key business issues. Tim has degrees in chemical engineering and economics. He has previously worked in engineering design and operation of petrochemical plants, and in commodity market analysis and consultancy in the chemical industry

Nan Chen

Chief Engineer
Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Technical Center

Dr Manfred Schuckert

Head of Global Regulatory Strategy
Daimler AG

Dr Schuckert is a well recognized expert in the field of automotive propulsion systems. He started his professional career at the University of Stuttgart in 1989 as a process engineer. From 1992 to 1998 he has been the head of the department for Life Cycle Engineering at the University of Stuttgart. In 1998 he joined EvoBus GmbH (100% subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler) as a specialist for automotive propulsion systems in the research and development department.

He was a member of a group which was directly reporting new trends for all bus propulsion systems to the Vice President Engineering. From 2000 onwards he was in parallel responsible for the coordination of all research projects within EvoBus and for the co-ordination of the CUTE project – the largest and most successful project on fuel cell busses so far world-wide and also for the Perth- and Beijing fuel cell bus trials. Within the CUTE-project he also structured and organized the different hydrogen production chains.

From 2005 onwards he was responsible within DaimlerChrysler for the development of the next fuel cell bus generation.Since the end of the last year he is responsible within Daimler AG Corporate Strategy for the regulatory strategy of all commercial vehicles with regard to emissions and safety. Within this position he overtook also the responsibility for the coordination of the UREA-infrastructure within Europe.

Due to his engagement in alternative propulsion systems Dr. Schuckert is also investigating all possibilities for alternative fuels since more than a decade. Dr. Schuckert published more than 100 scientific articles world-wide.

Chenteng Tim Chang

Director of R&D
FAW Automotive Wuxi Engine Works


Xiaohua Wang

Senior EAS Research Engineer
Weichai Power

Wang Xiaohua is a senior EAS research engineer in Weichai Power Co. Ltd. The mainly work is centered on the EuⅥ after-treatment system, including passive DPF \ high efficiency SCR \ SCRF tech \ solid ammonia, etc. And about 9 invention patents have been applied for the research.

Rijing (Reggie) Zhan

Distinguished Professor
Shanghai Jiaotong University

Dr. Zhan has over 25 years professional experience in automotive fuels and emissions control areas.  Before he joined Southwest Research Institute in 2002, he worked for Ford Motor Company as a Technical Specialist in emissions control and alternative fuel vehicles.  He previously worked for SINOPEC as a refining process engineer.  He is currently an independent expert consultant and works at Shanghai Jiaotong University as Distinguished Professor.

He has extensive experience in emissions related technical areas, such as aftertreatment technologies (DPF, SCR, TWC, etc.), system integration and OBD.  He is also involved in the impact of fuel and lubricant quality to emissions and aftertreatment performance. He has authored over 100 technical reports and peer reviewed papers, and given numerous presentations to technical conferences worldwide. Dr. Zhan is a technical advisor for a number of government and industry organizations.

Zhibo Ban

R&D Institute
Yuchai Group

Dr. Ban got his PHD degree from Tianjin University in 2011. Joining Yuchai in 2012, he focus on research and development of diesel emission control technology . He lead the China  industry DPF standard, developed DPF control strategy and calibration for 6L60 diesel engine which is the first EU6 engine in China and this engine type has been served Beijing Bus 4 years. Dr. Ban also lead the virtual calibration team to meet CN6 diesel regulation, this technology can be used on non-standard calibration/PEMS measument/OBD calibration,etc.  Dr.Ban also lead a Supertruck team in Yuchai to fulfill the future stage IV fuel consumption regulation.

Xianzhong Lu

Jinan Automobile Testing Centre

Sander Jacobs

Director Global Sales
GE Transportation

Sander Jacobs is Director Global Sales at GE Transportation - Marine & Stationary Power Generation, a Wabtec company, which markets technologically advanced, fuel efficient diesel engines that meet the EPA T4 and IMO III emissions standards without urea based after treatment. Prior to assuming this role in March 2015, Sander held several international commercial leadership positions during his 25+ year career at GE, DSM Momentive and Cargill. Most recent activities included leading the market launch of a low emissions engine for the marine industry and leading the global commercialization of a battery energy storage solution. Sander holds a MSc. degree in Chemical Engineering from the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands.

Jianming Yao

Senior Project Manager
SAIC Motor Co. Ltd. Commercial Vehicle Technical Centre

姚建明 教授级高工,1983年毕业于湖南大学内燃机专业,2005获上海交大车辆工程工程硕士学位。毕业后一直在上海内燃机研所工作,并随研究所一起并入上汽集团。现就职于上汽集团商用车技术中心,任高性能柴油机开发项目副总工程师兼柴油机开发科高级经理。从事轻型车用柴油机研发及匹配应用30余年,为国内多家柴油机企业开发过多款市场热销柴油机,有丰富的柴油机研发经验。

Yonghong Wang

Senior Engineer
PetroChina Lanzhou Research Institute

Fabricio Cardoso

Manager, Consulting Services (Emissions Control, AdBlue/DEF)

Fabricio leads Argus’s analysis on emissions control technologies and on the global AdBlue®/DEF/ARLA 32 markets. He is the Editor of the Monitor and responsible for overseeing Argus’s global portfolio of Forecast Services. He also contributes to AdBlue locator websites and coordinates the development and the execution of consulting projects, due diligence and project feasibility studies.

Fabricio has a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of São Paulo, a Master in Transport and Sustainable Development from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, and an MBA in Agribusiness from the Agricultural School of the University of São Paulo.

Dr Lun Hua

Suzhou Automotive Research Institute, Tsinghua University


Hualun graduated from institute of physics of Jilin university in 2010, and got a doctor of science degree. Then he continued to research on the aftertreatment technology of diesel engine in Tsinghua University as a postdoctoral for 3 years. He worked in Exhaust Purification Technology Research Institute of Suzhou Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University as the director until now.

Jackey Ni

General Manager, Sales
KUS international Ltd.

Mr. Jackey Ni has more than 20 years of professional experience in the automotive industry. From 2003 to 2016, Jacky joined in and was responsible for the R&D department of the KUS Group. He has extensive experience in product & processing development, manufacturing and emissions related technologies in the automotive industry. Jackey led the team and made a lot of efforts and research on the solutions of automotive after-treatment systems. KUS products have been widely accepted and applied in the market worldwide.

Since 2016, Jackey has served as the global sales general manager of the KUS Group. He works closely with on-road, off-road OEMs and engine manufacturers in Europe, the United States and Asia in product developing and technology innovation. With the implementation of the China 6 and Euro 6 regulations, KUS Group is committed to upgrading its products and solutions to meet increasingly stringent emission standards.

Morgan Zhao

HD Technology Manager

Mo (Morgan) Zhao is the Engine Oil Technology Manger in Lubrizol China focusing on diesel engine oil formulation development and co-engineering projects with OEMs. Before joining Lubrizol he got multiple years’ technical development experience working for DSM and 3M.

Mo graduated from Tsinghua University in 2001 and received his master degree in Apply Chemistry in 2004. Later in 2013 he got another master degree from Fudan University major in Economics.

Judith Wang

Technical Service Manager
Umicore Auto catalyst China

Mrs. Wang Jian graduated as Molecular and Material Science Engineer at the Kyushu University of Japan in 2003. Prior to that, Mrs. Wang got bachelor degree as Chemical engineer from Dalian University of Technology in China in 1998. Since 2003, she has worked as a researcher in Art, Science and Technology Center for Cooperative Research in Kyushu University, focusing on development of electrochemical NOx sensor. From 2006, she joined technical center of Mitsubishi Motors in Japan, working in after-treatment emission system development. Since 2013 (Former Haldor Topsoe), Wang Jian has been working in HDD catalyst department of Umicore Auto catalyst China.


Toni Kinnunen

Senior Applications Manager
Proventia Oy

Dr. Toni Kinnunen serves as Senior Application Manager at Proventia. His key responsibility is to act as a senior expert on the field of emission aftertreatment. In addition, he is charge of selected key accounts and business development activities.

Dr. Kinnunen has close to 15 years of experience on development of emission control technologies and tailoring customer applications on various roles and responsibilities in R&D and sales. Prior joining Proventia Dr Kinnunen held various positions at Ecocat and Dinex. He has long experience in direct collaboration with several Asian OEM and Tier1 companies on the field of emission reduction technology development.

Toni received a doctoral degree in Physical Chemistry from the University of Joensuu, Finland in 2002. Dr. Kinnunen has been an author for about 40 refereed scientific articles and has given tens of conference presentations in the field of emission purification and catalysis during the latest years.

Jian Qin

General Manager
Kelas Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

Jian Qin was responsible for producing the first Enterprise Standard for AdBlue and also the Standard for AdBlue Filling Equipment in China.

Jian Qin was also involved in creating the Shanghai Regional Standard for AdBlue, the AdBlue Application Technical Specification of SAE-China and the NOx Reducing Agent Standard for the Environmental Protection Department.

He is currently working on the Enterprise Standard for Low Temperature Vehicle Urea Solution.

Ethan Lau

General Manager
Guangzhou EverBlue Chemical Co.

Mr. Ethan Lau, General Manager of Guangzhou EverBlue Chemical Co., Ltd., has been
engaged in the AdBlue field for around 10 years and has extensive experience in the
production, quality control, domestic sales and international trade of AdBlue. With the help of the AdBlue intelligent production integrated machine, combined with the maintenance and after-sales service of the SCR system, the company overcomes the problem that AdBlue has high cross-regional sales cost and is difficult to do after-sales services.

Manufacturing AdBlue locally through the machines can ensure the product quality and can largely reduce production costs, packaging costs and transportation costs. It has broken the dilemma of AdBlue industry and rapidly expanded the Bluebasic® in China.

Henry Yoon

Team Leader, Chemical Sales Team 2
LOTTE Fine Chemical

Henry Yoon has spent his career at LOTTE Fine Chemical. Prior to his current role, he has worked in chemical process engineering, aromatic product marketing and commodity chemical sales. He is now responsible for sales of ammonia, amine and AdBlue® for LOTTE Fine Chemical.

He has a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from Yeung-Nam University in Korea.

The program includes full detail and confirmed speakers for all of the dedicated streams from our 2018 conference. Key topics included:

  • Heavy-duty Vehicles
  • Light-duty vehicles
  • NRMM
  • AdBlue®


Tim Cheyne - Argus

Vice President, Business Development

Tim is the Vice President, Business Development at Argus, and…

Speaking On

Dr Manfred Schuckert - Daimler AG

Head of Global Regulatory Strategy

Dr Schuckert is a well recognized expert in the field…

Speaking On

Presentation: The question of Euro VII and the trade-off of between NOx and CO2

Chenteng Tim Chang - FAW Automotive Wuxi Engine…

Director of R&D


Speaking On

Xiaohua Wang - Weichai Power

Senior EAS Research Engineer

Wang Xiaohua is a senior EAS research engineer in Weichai…

Speaking On

Rijing (Reggie) Zhan - Shanghai Jiaotong University

Distinguished Professor

Dr. Zhan has over 25 years professional experience in automotive…

Speaking On

Zhibo Ban - Yuchai Group

R&D Institute

Dr. Ban got his PHD degree from Tianjin University in…

Speaking On

Sander Jacobs - GE Transportation

Director Global Sales

Sander Jacobs is Director Global Sales at GE Transportation -…

Speaking On

Jianming Yao - SAIC Motor Co. Ltd.…

Senior Project Manager

姚建明 教授级高工,1983年毕业于湖南大学内燃机专业,2005获上海交大车辆工程工程硕士学位。毕业后一直在上海内燃机研所工作,并随研究所一起并入上汽集团。现就职于上汽集团商用车技术中心,任高性能柴油机开发项目副总工程师兼柴油机开发科高级经理。从事轻型车用柴油机研发及匹配应用30余年,为国内多家柴油机企业开发过多款市场热销柴油机,有丰富的柴油机研发经验。

Speaking On

Presentation: Economic emissions control technology routes for diesel light-duty vehicles

  • Major differences between heavy duty and light duty vehicles in terms of engine performance and emissions cycles
  • Advantages and challenges of using DPFs for emissions reduction on light-duty vehicles and passenger cars
  • Alternative ways to achieve higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions

Fabricio Cardoso - Argus

Manager, Consulting Services (Emissions Control, AdBlue/DEF)

Fabricio leads Argus’s analysis on emissions control technologies and on…

Speaking On

Presentation: Key trends to keep your eye on

  • Global views on future emissions from North America, India, and China.
  • Are there continuing air quality issues that justify further action?

Dr Lun Hua - Suzhou Automotive Research Institute,…


个人简介 华伦,2010年毕业于吉林大学物理学院,并获得理学博士学位,并于同年7月在清华大学汽车系进行博士后研究工作,研究方向是柴油机尿素SCR系统喷雾与沉积物的研究。2013年7月,进入清华大学苏州汽车研究院工作,并成立了排气净化技术研究所,担任所长一职。 Hualun graduated from institute of physics of Jilin…

Speaking On

Panel Discussion: How shall industry stakeholders collaborate for the forthcoming light-duty vehicle emissions legislation in the next five years?

In the light of stricter emissions legislation for all diesel vehicles, light-duty vehicles are facing even more stringent limits at the stage of China V.

  • What are the biggest challenges and concern for the implementation of China V, from OEMs and engine manufacturers perspectives?
  • What does the industry expect for the nationwide enforcement?
  • How can OEMs and engine manufacturers upgrade engines and vehicles to effectively meet the stricter legislation?

This panel discussion will be joined by leading OEMs and industry experts to discuss the above questions and find out the potential pathway.

Jackey Ni - KUS international Ltd.

General Manager, Sales

Mr. Jackey Ni has more than 20 years of professional…

Speaking On

Morgan Zhao - Lubrizol

HD Technology Manager

Mo (Morgan) Zhao is the Engine Oil Technology Manger in…

Speaking On

Judith Wang - Umicore Auto catalyst China

Technical Service Manager

Mrs. Wang Jian graduated as Molecular and Material Science Engineer…

Speaking On

Toni Kinnunen - Proventia Oy

Senior Applications Manager

Dr. Toni Kinnunen serves as Senior Application Manager at Proventia.…

Speaking On

Optimized Emission Aftertreatment System for NRMM

  • Key Challenges in SCR
  • Critical points in EAT system for optimal NOx reduction
  • State of the art emission components
  • Differentiation in testing and engineering
  • Inline concept as competitive solution for emission reduction
  • Robust and intelligent at the same time

Jian Qin - Kelas Environmental Protection Technology…

General Manager

Jian Qin was responsible for producing the first Enterprise Standard…

Speaking On

Ethan Lau - Guangzhou EverBlue Chemical Co.

General Manager

Mr. Ethan Lau, General Manager of Guangzhou EverBlue Chemical Co.,…

Speaking On

Henry Yoon - LOTTE Fine Chemical

Team Leader, Chemical Sales Team 2

Henry Yoon has spent his career at LOTTE Fine Chemical.…

Speaking On

Developments in AdBlue® production for the Asia Pacific market

– Meeting demand across all sectors
– Increasing production facilities
– Future outlook for the market