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Anli Wei

Senior Expert
China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association

Chenteng Tim Chang

Director of R&D
FAW Automotive Wuxi Engine Works


Tan Feng

Exhaust Aftertreatment Director
Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Technical Centre

Feng Tan, PhD, Exhaust Aftertreatment director of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Technical Center. Engaged in the diesel exhaust aftertreatment system with a strong theoretical knowledge and experience. Tapped to head the development of Donfeng China VI diesel exhaust aftertreatment system.

Rijing (Reggie) Zhan

Distinguished Professor
Shanghai Jiaotong University

Dr. Zhan has over 25 years professional experience in automotive fuels and emissions control areas.  Before he joined Southwest Research Institute in 2002, he worked for Ford Motor Company as a Technical Specialist in emissions control and alternative fuel vehicles.  He previously worked for SINOPEC as a refining process engineer.  He is currently an independent expert consultant and works at Shanghai Jiaotong University as Distinguished Professor.

He has extensive experience in emissions related technical areas, such as aftertreatment technologies (DPF, SCR, TWC, etc.), system integration and OBD.  He is also involved in the impact of fuel and lubricant quality to emissions and aftertreatment performance. He has authored over 100 technical reports and peer reviewed papers, and given numerous presentations to technical conferences worldwide. Dr. Zhan is a technical advisor for a number of government and industry organizations.

Zhenguo Li

Director, Vice Chief Engineer
China Automotive Technology Research Centre (CATARC)

Xianzhong Lu

Jinan Automobile Testing Centre

Ameya Joshi

Director, Emerging Technologies and Regulations
Corning Inc.

Dr Ameya Joshi is Director, Emerging Technologies and Regulations at Corning Incorporated, USA. He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware, and completed his postdoctoral research in Chemical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. His technical background is in reaction engineering as applied to combustion and emissions after-treatment. His current role is to follow advances in engine technologies and regulations pertinent to vehicular emissions. Previously he has been a Regional Technology Manager responsible for introducing innovative products to customers in Japan and Korea, prior to which he was Research Manager, Modelling & Simulation, in the Reaction Engineering group where he was responsible for developing a suite of modelling tools to predict the in-use performance of cellular ceramic products.

Haihao Feng

Senior Engineer
Weichai Power

Zhibo Ban

R&D Institute
Yuchai Group

Dr. Ban got his PHD degree from Tianjin University in 2011. Joining Yuchai in 2012, he focus on research and development of diesel emission control technology . He lead the China  industry DPF standard, developed DPF control strategy and calibration for 6L60 diesel engine which is the first EU6 engine in China and this engine type has been served Beijing Bus 4 years. Dr. Ban also lead the virtual calibration team to meet CN6 diesel regulation, this technology can be used on non-standard calibration/PEMS measument/OBD calibration,etc.  Dr.Ban also lead a Supertruck team in Yuchai to fulfill the future stage IV fuel consumption regulation.

Thomas Meurers

General Manager
VDA China

Dr. Thomas Meurers was born in Düsseldorf, capital city of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. He received his electrical engineering degree at the Ruhr University Bochum majoring in control engineering in 1998. After several internships in Germany, Lithuania and the United Kingdom, he conducted research in the field of active sound and vibration control at the Universities of Birmingham and Southampton. In 2002, he was awarded a PhD for his research from the University of Southampton. Until 2003 he continued as a Research Fellow completing his project.

Moving back to Frankfurt / Main in Germany, he joined Continental Teves to develop new assistant functions for electronic brake systems. He continued his career at Continental in 2007 by moving to Veszprem / Hungary to take lead of the electronic brake systems SW group until 2009. This assignment was followed by a move to Shanghai / China to take the position of the electronic brake systems R&D director in Continental. Returning to Lindau / Germany in 2012, he joined the newly founded business unit ADAS at Continental to take the lead for the “Validation & development services” section.

Since the beginning of 2016, Dr. Meurers returned to China to manage the “VDA China” in Beijing.

Yonghong Wang

Senior Engineer
PetroChina Lanzhou Research Institute

Tianzhu Jin

Vice Senior Manager
SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle Technical Centre

Cheng Wang

Project Manager

Mr. Wang Cheng is a project manager of China Automotive Technology and Research Center.

He graduated from Peking University with a master degree. He has worked in the field of automotive energy-saving and emission reduction policies for years.

Focus on: Fuel economy standard research, Vehicle exhaust emission standard research Electric vehicle policy research and natural gas vehicle market and policy research.

He participated in the " China low speed vehicle fuel consumption limits and measurement method national standard" project since 2008. He was a member of EV branch of SAE (Society of Automotive Engineer)-China, mainly engaged in the Sino-US electric automobile policy research. Since joined CATARC, he is a team leader responsible for the MIIT, NDRC and Fortune Global 500 enterprises subjects.  He developed and supervised "China Natural Gas Vehicle Market monthly report" which will offer accurate and timely key production data and policy information monthly to meet the demand of natural gas vehicle industry.

Shijin Shuai

Professor of Automotive Engineering
Tsinghua University

Shijin Shuai worked at the Nanchang Institute of Mining as a Machinery Engineer from 1989 until 1995. In 1998, he moved to the Automotive Engineering Department of Tsinghua University where in 200 he became Associate Professor.

His research areas include engine flow, spray and combustion simulation and visualization, alternative fuel engines and engine emissions after-treatment.

Yong Chen

Director of New Energy Automotive Research Centre
Hebei University of Technology

Xuqiang Zhang

China Engine Engineering Manager
John Deere

Richard Xi

Nonroad Engineering Director
Cummins (China)

Steven Lee

Deputy General Manager-Marketing & Products Application

Steven Lee has a diploma in material forming and control. Currently, he has been employed by KUS group for 8 years. During his career, he has been continuously engaged in engineering and application of SCR sensors and tanks. From 2010 to 2013, he was the project leader of SCR dosing system components. Presently, Steven Lee works as the leader of marketing and application. Steven regularly travels globally to support customers with commercial, technics and application.

Morgan Zhao

HD Technology Manager

Mo (Morgan) Zhao is the Engine Oil Technology Manger in Lubrizol China focusing on diesel engine oil formulation development and co-engineering projects with OEMs. Before joining Lubrizol he got multiple years’ technical development experience working for DSM and 3M.

Mo graduated from Tsinghua University in 2001 and received his master degree in Apply Chemistry in 2004. Later in 2013 he got another master degree from Fudan University major in Economics.

Vincent Lenoir

Senior Product Manager, Global ICT Sensors (Industrial & Commercial Transportation)
TE Connectivity

Vincent Lenoir graduated from the French University - Ecole Centrale - with a degree in engineering. Mr. Lenoir’s professional career has been entirely focused in the Engine and Vehicle market. He worked for 11 years as a project manager at Valeo before joining Measurement Specialties in 2011. Today, Mr. Lenoir has global product management responsibilities for fluid property sensors. This notable position utilizes his extensive leadership skills in engineering and program management for the development, validation and commercialization of a large portfolio of fluid property sensors. The fluid property sensor portfolio is substantially developed and commercialized to support the urea quality, engine oil and lubricant condition and fuel quality monitoring needs of Engine and Vehicle OEMs. Mr. Lenoir is based in the Toulouse, France which is the European headquarters for Measurement Specialties and he travels frequently to meet directly with Engine and Vehicle OEMs to insure sensor development programs are optimized to meet the needs of each OEM.

Jason Wu

China/India Commercial Vehicle Marketing Manager
Sensata Technologies

Over 12 years working experience on marketing for Heavy-duty vehicles.

Oversea working in Europe for passenger vehicle exhaust treatment for EuVI.

BI-Norwegian Business School MBA

Jian Qin

General Manager
Kelas Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

Jian Qin was responsible for producing the first Enterprise Standard for AdBlue and also the Standard for AdBlue Filling Equipment in China.

Jian Qin was also involved in creating the Shanghai Regional Standard for AdBlue, the AdBlue Application Technical Specification of SAE-China and the NOx Reducing Agent Standard for the Environmental Protection Department.

He is currently working on the Enterprise Standard for Low Temperature Vehicle Urea Solution.

Toni Kinnunen

Senior Applications Manager
Proventia Oy

Dr. Toni Kinnunen serves as Senior Application Manager at Proventia. His key responsibility is to act as a senior expert on the field of emission aftertreatment. In addition, he is charge of selected key accounts and business development activities.

Dr. Kinnunen has close to 15 years of experience on development of emission control technologies and tailoring customer applications on various roles and responsibilities in R&D and sales. Prior joining Proventia Dr Kinnunen held various positions at Ecocat and Dinex. He has long experience in direct collaboration with several Asian OEM and Tier1 companies on the field of emission reduction technology development.

Toni received a doctoral degree in Physical Chemistry from the University of Joensuu, Finland in 2002. Dr. Kinnunen has been an author for about 40 refereed scientific articles and has given tens of conference presentations in the field of emission purification and catalysis during the latest years.

Fangfei Chen

Lead Support Engineer
AVL China

Hao Hu

China HDD Application Manager
Johnson Matthey Asia

Hao HU is HDD application manager in Johnson Matthey Shanghai Chemicals  focusing on China HDD application support. Before joining JM he got experience in GE and TOTAL.

Hao HU graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2004 and University College London in 2008 and received Master degree in Chemical Engineering.


Boyong Wang

Director - Strategic Partnerships, China Representative
Smart Freight Centre

Boyong Wang is the Strategic Relations Director of Smart Freight Centre. Boyong previously worked as Senior Project Manager for Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC) in China working on low carbon city development, and managed EU FP7 projects on carbon awareness within the transport sector.

Graduated from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in Bologna and Washington DC, Boyong returned to China in 2003 and has since developed into an experienced project manager working for EU China cooperation projects and international development institutions. He managed EU China Village Governance Project, EU China Information Society Project and EU Asia Business Roaming Project from 2003 until 2013 for 10 years before he joined the SDC. Boyong has extensive experience in collaborating with government agencies and building up cooperation amongst cross sector stakeholders. Boyong is very enthusiastic about the freight sector and determined to make valuable contributions and change.

Fabricio Cardoso

Research Manager
Integer Research

Fabricio Cardoso is Research Manager in Integer’s emissions team and responsible for Integer’s portfolio of regular publications covering the global SCR, AdBlue and AGU markets. He is Integer’s expert on the Brazilian ARLA 32 market, the Editor of the Brazil SCR & ARLA 32 Forecast Service, and the Editor of the Monitor, a monthly publication covering supply chain developments in the European AdBlue, North American DEF and Brazilian ARLA 32 markets.

Alexander Wood

Integer Research

Alex Wood is an analyst in Integer’s Environment & Emissions team and the Editor of both The China SCR & AdBlue Forecast Service and The India SCR & AdBlue Forecast Service. Alex has a few years' experience in the diesel emissions sector and he is a key contributor to several of our other reports, including The Global Automotive Grade Urea (AGU) Forecast Service, The European SCR & AdBlue Forecast Service, The North American SCR & AdBlue Forecast Service and The Monitor.

Dr Manfred Schuckert

Head of Global Regulatory Strategy
Daimler AG

Dr. Schuckert is a well recognized expert in the field of automotive propulsion systems. He started his professional career at the University of Stuttgart in 1989 as a process engineer. From 1992 to 1998 he has been the head of the department for Life Cycle Engineering at the University of Stuttgart. In 1998 he joined EvoBus GmbH (100% subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler) as a specialist for automotive propulsion systems in the research and development department.


He was a member of a group which was directly reporting new trends for all bus propulsion systems to the Vice President Engineering. From 2000 onwards he was in parallel responsible for the coordination of all research projects within EvoBus and for the co-ordination of the CUTE project – the largest and most successful project on fuel cell busses so far world-wide and also for the Perth- and Beijing fuel cell bus trials. Within the CUTE-project he also structured and organized the different hydrogen production chains.


From 2005 onwards he was responsible within DaimlerChrysler for the development of the next fuel cell bus generation.Since the end of the last year he is responsible within Daimler AG Corporate Strategy for the regulatory strategy of all commercial vehicles with regard to emissions and safety. Within this position he overtook also the responsibility for the coordination of the UREA-infrastructure within Europe.


Due to his engagement in alternative propulsion systems Dr. Schuckert is also investigating all possibilities for alternative fuels since more than a decade. Dr. Schuckert published more than 100 scientific articles world-wide.

The programme for the Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum China 2018 is still under development, but you can view the programme for the 2017 conference, to get an idea of the topics that will be discussed and quality of speakers that will be presenting. Topics covered at the 2017 conference include:

  • Heavy-duty Commercial Vehicles
  • Non-road Mobile Machinery
  • The AdBlue® market in China


Chenteng Tim Chang - FAW Automotive Wuxi Engine…

Director of R&D


Speaking On

Tan Feng - Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Technical…

Exhaust Aftertreatment Director

Feng Tan, PhD, Exhaust Aftertreatment director of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle…

Speaking On

Rijing (Reggie) Zhan - Shanghai Jiaotong University

Distinguished Professor

Dr. Zhan has over 25 years professional experience in automotive…

Speaking On

Zhenguo Li - China Automotive Technology Research…

Director, Vice Chief Engineer

Speaking On

Ameya Joshi - Corning Inc.

Director, Emerging Technologies and Regulations

Dr Ameya Joshi is Director, Emerging Technologies and Regulations at…

Speaking On

Presentation: Overview of legislative and technology scene within the industry for criteria pollutants

  • What is the most relevant current legislation?
  • What are the new innovative SCR and DPF aftertreatment technologies?
  • Which developments in SCR catalysts and substrates will improve NOx control?

Haihao Feng - Weichai Power

Senior Engineer

Speaking On

Zhibo Ban - Yuchai Group

R&D Institute

Dr. Ban got his PHD degree from Tianjin University in…

Speaking On

Thomas Meurers - VDA China

General Manager

Dr. Thomas Meurers was born in Düsseldorf, capital city of…

Speaking On

Tianzhu Jin - SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle…

Vice Senior Manager

Speaking On

Cheng Wang - CATARC

Project Manager

Mr. Wang Cheng is a project manager of China Automotive Technology and Research Center.…

Speaking On

Shijin Shuai - Tsinghua University

Professor of Automotive Engineering

Shijin Shuai worked at the Nanchang Institute of Mining as…

Speaking On

Yong Chen - Hebei University of Technology

Director of New Energy Automotive Research Centre

Speaking On

Xuqiang Zhang - John Deere

China Engine Engineering Manager

Speaking On

Technological upgrades for meeting the stricter emissions standards in the NRMM market

  • Key features of electrical engine control on NRMM
  • Effective solutions for improving engine system adaptability
  • Challenges and knowledge gaps to be addressed


Richard Xi - Cummins (China)

Nonroad Engineering Director

Speaking On

Steven Lee - KUS USA

Deputy General Manager-Marketing & Products Application

Steven Lee has a diploma in material forming and control.…

Speaking On

Presentation: AdBlue® reservoir/tank design and AdBlue® quality management on light duty vehicle for BS VI

–          Experience of SCR AdBlue® reservoir/tank technology and design

–          Integrated solutions for AdBlue® supply module with reservoir/tank

–          OBD developments regarding level and quality/concentration

Morgan Zhao - Lubrizol

HD Technology Manager

Mo (Morgan) Zhao is the Engine Oil Technology Manger in…

Speaking On

Vincent Lenoir - TE Connectivity

Senior Product Manager, Global ICT Sensors (Industrial & Commercial Transportation)

Vincent Lenoir graduated from the French University - Ecole Centrale…

Speaking On

Jason Wu - Sensata Technologies

China/India Commercial Vehicle Marketing Manager

Over 12 years working experience on marketing for Heavy-duty vehicles.…

Speaking On

Jian Qin - Kelas Environmental Protection Technology…

General Manager

Jian Qin was responsible for producing the first Enterprise Standard…

Speaking On

Toni Kinnunen - Proventia Oy

Senior Applications Manager

Dr. Toni Kinnunen serves as Senior Application Manager at Proventia.…

Speaking On

Optimized Emission Aftertreatment System for NRMM

  • Key Challenges in SCR
  • Critical points in EAT system for optimal NOx reduction
  • State of the art emission components
  • Differentiation in testing and engineering
  • Inline concept as competitive solution for emission reduction
  • Robust and intelligent at the same time

Fangfei Chen - AVL China

Lead Support Engineer

Speaking On

Hao Hu - Johnson Matthey Asia

China HDD Application Manager

Hao HU is HDD application manager in Johnson Matthey Shanghai…

Speaking On

Boyong Wang - Smart Freight Centre

Director - Strategic Partnerships, China Representative

Boyong Wang is the Strategic Relations Director of Smart Freight…

Speaking On

Fabricio Cardoso - Integer Research

Research Manager

Fabricio Cardoso is Research Manager in Integer’s emissions team and…

Speaking On

Alexander Wood - Integer Research


Alex Wood is an analyst in Integer’s Environment & Emissions…

Speaking On

Presentation: Global legislative and market updates for non-road engines, with a focus on China, India, and Brazil

  • Regulatory updates from China, India, and Brazil
  • Understanding market trends

Dr Manfred Schuckert - Daimler AG

Head of Global Regulatory Strategy

Dr. Schuckert is a well recognized expert in the field…

Speaking On

Presentation: Technology scenario for the reduction of CO2 emissions

  • Challenges and opportunities in the truck industry
  • New technology and approaches to finding lower CO2 emissions