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Integer Emissions Summit & ARLA 32 Forum Brazil 2019

The Brazilian emissions control industry will face significant regulatory changes over the next few years, starting with heavy-duty vehicles. Stricter light-duty vehicle istandards will also be gradually implemented, with a final stage in 2026.

Additionally, the Brazilian automotive-grade urea and ARLA 32 (AdBlue®) markets will undergo significant structural changes over the next few months. On 22 March 2018, Petrobras indicated that Camaçari and Laranjeiras would go offline by the end of June, however one week later the company announced this would be postponed by 120 days until the end of October.

Integer Emissions Summit & ARLA 32 Forum Brazil 2019 provided an ideal networking platform for senior executives to discuss the latest developments and challenges affecting the emissions control industries across the Brazilian market.

Discussion was led by industry experts from across the supply chain, providing a detailed analysis on the latest market situation.

Just some of the key topics of discussion included:

  • P-8/Euro VI emission standards in Brazil
    – How can the industry prepare?
    – What are the optimal aftertreatment solutions
    – What lessons can be learnt from European implementation?
    – What are the challenges for in-service monitoring and real world driving?
  • Inovar Auto 2030 and fuel efficiency
    – Perspectives on future fuel efficiency standards
    – Technology pathways available
  • Global trends in the automotive industry
  • Biodiesel and alternative fuels
  • ARLA 32 forum
    – Discussing the key issues in the market
    – Market forecast
    – Understand market surveillance activity and licencing issues



Eduardo Oliveira - Cummins

Product Certification & Compliance – Latin America

Eduardo Oliveira is Mechanical Engineer with a MBA in Business Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV). He has been working…

Speaking On

Presentation: Fuel economy in Brazil

  • Best approach for tackling HDV fuel efficiency – engine standards or vehicle efficiency
  • Potential technology scenarios

Flávio Cintra - MWM

Engineering Supervisor for Combustion, Performance and Emission

Speaking On

OEM strategy for P-8 compliance

  • Improving diesel engine and aftertreatment efficiency
  • Key features of emission technology at Euro VI level

Marcelo dos Santos Monteiro - INMETRO

Head of Inmetro Market Surveillance

Marcelo dos Santos Monteiro is the head of the Market Surveillance Division at INMETRO. He has worked at INMETRO as…

Speaking On

Presentation: ARLA 32 licencing and regulatory updates

-Ensuring the limitation of unlicensed ARLA 32 producers

-Improvements over the past few years

-Plans for continual improvements

Jackson da Silva Albuquerque - Agência Nacional do Petróleo,…

Co-ordinator of Product Quality Regulation

Graduated in Industrial Chemistry from the Federal University of Pernambuco, Master in Chemical Engineering from the Federal University of Pernambuco…

Speaking On

B10-B15 and P-8 emission standards:

– Reference fuel specifications for testing

– Examining recent research on biodieselblends and NOx emissions

Ricardo Rodrigues da Cunha Pinto - Petrobras

Senior Specialist Product Development

Ricardo Pinto is DSc in Chemical Engineering from Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ) and joined Petrobras in 1985. After…

Speaking On

Advanced Fuels for Diesel Engines

  • Hydrotreated vegetable oils and wastes and their role in meeting RenovaBio Program and the Paris Agreement targets and also reducing regulated pollutants
  • Petrobras HBio coprocessing experience as a pathway to harmonize high content biofuel blends and advanced vehicle post-treatment technologies
  • Biojet and Renewable Diesel coproduction may solve two challenges in one process unit

Gustavo Teixeira - FPT Industrial

Diesel Product Engineering

Gustavo Teixeira is a Mechanical Engineer (2002) and Master's Degree by PUC-MG, with emphasys in biofuels and emissions. He started…

Speaking On

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