6th Integer Emissions Summit & ARLA 32 Forum Brazil 2016 - Integer
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Thank you to our sponsors and delegates for attending 6th Integer Emissions Summit & ARLA 32 Forum Brazil 2016

The conference explored questions such as:

  • What are the risks, challenges and opportunities for Brazil’s on-road, non-road and ARLA 32 markets?
  • What are the latest cost-effective emissions reduction technologies to meet PROCONVE P7?
  • How is the industry taking sustainable and effective solutions to combat counterfeit ARLA 32?
  • What will be the impact of next stage PROCONVE MAR-1 regulation?

Integer Emissions Summit & ARLA 32 Forum Brazil 2016 is Brazil’s leading forum for understanding the unique challenges and opportunities in South America and developing profitable business relationships.

Missed the conference?

The event has now taken place, if you weren’t able to attend you can purchase the papers. Simply email your request to conferences@integer-research.com or call us to buy the papers from Integer Emissions Summit & ARLA 32 Forum Brazil 2016.

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Key topics

Read an overview of the key subjects for discussion as the conference examines Brazil’s unique emissions reduction opportunities and challenges.

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The conference will host dedicated streams examining emissions reduction regulation and advanced aftertreatment technologies for:

  • Heavy-duty commercial vehicles
  • Non-road mobile machinery
  • ARLA 32
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Cristian Malevic - MWM International Indústria Automotiva…

Chief Engineer

Cristian graduated in mechanic engineering at Escola de Engenharia Maua, with specialization in internal combustion engine in the same institution.…

Speaking On

Technological advancements for better emissions reduction performance of heavy-duty vehicles
– OEM perspectives on the implementation of PROCONVE P7 and efforts made so far
– Advanced engine and exhaust system design to achieve lower emissions
– Illicit activities of counterfeit ARLA 32 products and the impact on performance of aftertreatment systems
– Effective measures that can be taken to prevent OBD deactivation and ARLA 32 adulteration

Elcio Luiz Farah - AFEEVAS

Executive Director

Elcio Luiz Farah is a Mechanical Engineer. He graduated with emphasis in the automotive and production areas, at the “Faculdade…

Speaking On

Chairperson introduction: Elcio Luiz Farah, Executive Director, Afeevas 

  • View from members towards changing regulation and market
  • Legislation and technology working towards reduced emissions
  • Compliance within the ARLA market

Cristiane Andrade - ANP

Deputy General Manager

Graduated in Chemical Engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1999) and in Law from the University Estácio…

Speaking On

Brazil’s fuel quality progress and supply status of alternative fuels
– Achievements in automotive fuel quality development
– Effective methods for nationwide supply of low sulphur diesel
– Prospects for future supply and demand trends for alternative fuel in Brazil

Gabriel Murgel Branco - EnvironMentality

Director and Co-founder

Founder and Director of this Consultancy Office, which is specialized in pollution control programs and strategies, committed to the implementation…

Speaking On

Paulo Antonio - Mercedes-Benz do Brasil Ltda

Manager of Regulation, Certification and Homologation

Paulo Antonio graduated in mechanic engineering at FEI – Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial since 1999 with MBA in Business management…

Speaking On

Pedro H. Brown - INMETRO Instituto Nacional de…

Technology Researcher

Pedro Henrique de Sá Brown has a bachelor’s degree on Mechanical Engineering (2011) by the Federal University of Espírito Santo…

Speaking On

Best practice in ARLA 32 quality control and certification
– Observation of the non-compliant market in Brazil
– Importance of certification and conformity assessment and progress so far
– Future challenges of on-going inspection and corresponding measures

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Tickets can be booked online, by email or by phone. Take advantage of the early booking discount – plus, save up to 65% with the group booking discount.

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The 6th Integer Emissions Summit & ARLA 32 Forum Brazil 2016 will be held at the Hotel Pullman Sao Paulo Vila Olimpia. 

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Integer have partnered with oneworld to offer attendees attractive flight discounts for attendees and a travel companion.

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