Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue®Forum Asia Pacific 2018 /     第三回   アジア太平洋Integer  エミッション サミット&AdBlue®フォーラム 2018 - Integer
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The Post-conference Report provides a summary of the key conversations and findings of The 2nd Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue®  Forum. Topics discussed included:

  • Topics in emissions control legislation
  • The latest advances in fuel efficiency
  • The key technological developments for reducing vehicle emissions
  • Low emissions solutions for the heavy-duty industry
  • Developments for low-emission engines for non-road, off-road and marine applications
  • Emissions regulation for the off-highway sector
  • Developments in emission control in the marine sector
  • Technical issues facing the AdBlue® market

The programme for The Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue Forum Asia Pacific 2018 is still under development, and will be published as we get nearer the conference. To get an idea of the structure and content, you can download the 2017 conference programme.

 Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue®Forum Asia Pacific 2018 /     第三回   アジア太平洋Integer  エミッション サミット&AdBlue®フォーラム 2018

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アジア太平洋integerエッミション サミット&AdBlue®フォーラムは201814日、15日の東京開催致します。アジア太平洋排出制限高品位尿素関連業界から160名以上最高経営責任者、行政関係者、OEM(オーイーエム)がこの二日のイベントにご参加され、今日法律規制、技術発展やOEMの戦略などについて討論してきます。

アジア太平洋Integerエッミション サミット&AdBlue®フォーラム2018では以下のセクターがまれる:

  • ヘビーデュティー商用車
  • 乗用車
  • ノンロード可動機械
  • AdBlue® アドブルー/高品位尿素水


インターナショナルネットワークの一部として将来排気ガス規制業界法律制定影響え、革新する先駆者になるよう目指し、ぜひアジア太平洋integer エッミション サミット&AdBlueフォーラム2018にご参加ください!






Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum Asia Pacific 2018

The Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum Asia Pacific will take place in Tokyo, Japan on 14 – 15 March 2018. Over 160 senior executives, legislators and OEMs from across the Asia Pacific emissions control and AdBlue® industries will attend the two-day event to discuss recent                    legislative developments, technological advancement and OEM strategies.

Sectors covered at The Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum Asia Pacific 2018 will include:

  • Heavy-duty Commercial Vehicles
  • Passenger cars
  • Non-road Mobile Machinery
  • AdBlue®

Integer Research has more than a decade’s worth of experience in hosting conferences for the emissions control industry, with past Emissions Summits taking place in North America, Germany, Belgium, China, India, Russia and Brazil.

Join us for The Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum Asia Pacific 2018, and be part of the international network of leading professionals and legislators shaping the future of the emissions control industry.


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Speakers / 主要登壇者

Tomonori Niizato - Honda R&D

Senior Chief Engineer

Speaking On

Zuioh Ashihara - Ministry of Economy, Trade…

Deputy Director, Batteries and Next-Generation Technologies Office, Automobile Division Manufacturing Industries Bureau

Speaking On

Presentation: Current status of next generation vehicles and government initiatives to promote market development

  • Current progress establishing a charging infrastructure
  • Target numbers for 2030 across hybrid, electric, fuel cell, and clean diesel
  • Policy measures and subsidiary scheme
  • Efforts in the private sector and local government

Ameyda Joshi - Corning

Director, Emerging Technologies and Regulations

Speaking On

Presentation: GPF for gasoline direct injection passenger cars

  • Adapting technology from the diesel particulate filter
  • Preserving engine performance
  • How hybridization impacts aftertreatment systems

Kotaro Tanaka - Ibaraki University

Associate professor

Speaking On

Presentation: Modelling the effect of aged SCR/DPF aftertreatment systems

  • SCR/DPF proposal to reduce the cost of aftertreatment system
  • NOx performance of an aged SCR/DPF system
  • Bridging the gap between lab-simulated performance and real-world conditions

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