2nd Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum Asia Pacific 2017 - Integer
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The Market Overview: Emissions Control in Asia Pacific is a free 12-page pdf based on research conducted by Integer Research in preparation for the 2nd Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum Asia Pacific 2017.  The report covers the current state of emissions control legislation and technology in each of the following key markets:

  • Heavy-duty commercial vehicles
  • Marine Vessels
  • Non-road mobile machinery
  • AdBlue®

Integer Research is offering a selection of free presentations from the 1st Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum Asia Pacific 2016, including:

  • Next generation diesel aftertreatment for heavy-duty commercial vehicles”, FPT Industrial
  • DPF regeneration with downstream vanadium SCR/DPF”, Haldor Topsoe

The post-conference report provides a summary of the key discussions and findings from the 1st Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue Forum Asia Pacific 2016. Topics discussed include:

  • Heavy-duty commercial vehicles
  • Marine vessels
  • Non-road mobile machinery
  • AdBlue® Forum

Experts to meet in Seoul for second annual emissions summit

Building on the success of 2016’s inaugural event, we are delighted to be returning to Seoul in 2017, to host the 2nd Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum Asia Pacific 2017.

Over 150 senior executives will meet to discuss and debate new technologies and legislative developments in South Korea and the wider Asia Pacific market. Topics of discussion will include:

  • The challenges that lie ahead for heavy-duty commercial vehicle manufacturers in Asia Pacific
  • The key issues affecting the AdBlue® market in Korea
  • Developments in Asia Pacific’s leadership of the marine emissions technology market
  • The future of off-highway emissions regulations and how it will impact the Asia Pacific market
  • Emissions control regulations and technology innovations that shape the on- and non-road industries

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Dr Sang-il Kwon - Transportation Pollution Research Center,…

Technical Engineer

Dr Kwon is a technical engineer and has been working for the National Institute of Environmental Research in Korean Ministry of…

Speaking On

Assessment of real driving emissions (RDE) for heavy-duty vehicles in South Korea

– Analysis of real driving emissions from heavy-duty vehicles
– RDE regulation limits and real world driving test cycle strategy
– Implementation and experience so far in heavy-duty vehicles

Seong Nam Kim - Winterthur Gas & Diesel…

General Manager, Marketing & Application

Speaking On

Seoyoung Lee - Doosan Infracore

Manager, Homologation and Regulation Team

Speaking On

Presentation: Overview of emissions control legislation in non-road vehicles in Asia Pacific

  • An update on the existing regulatory framework and the impact for manufactures
  • Planning for the potential impact of Stage V emissions control on the global NRMM market

Dr Phillipp Reupold - Siemens AG

Systems Engineer, Mobile Mining

Speaking On

Presentation: The future for electrification in off-road vehicles

  • Existing technology on the market
  • Possibilities for developing electrification of non-road mobile machinery
  • Case study: Hybrid vehicles/electric drive system for underground mining vehicles

Youngwoo Kwon - Hyundai Heavy Industries

SCR Project Manager, Marine Machinery Design & Engineering Department

Speaking On

Presentation: Marin emission regulation and solution of Hyundai Heavy Industries.

  • IMO NOx Tier III solution for marine 2 & 4 stroke engine
  • NOx reduction solution performance test and field experience
  • LNG fuel supply vessel for SOx emission

Juhee Lee - Doosan Engine Co Ltd

Senior Researcher, SCR Development Team

Speaking On

Presentation: IMO Tier III Solutions of Doosan Engine

  • Compliance with Tier III emissions standards
  • The development of low-NOx technology
  • Future advances in emissions control technology and possibilities for future development

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