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Edwin Paulraj

Chief Engineer Director, Group Truck Technology
Volvo India Pvt. Ltd.

Saumitra Chaudhuri

Member, Planning Commission
Government of India

Mr Chaudhuri is Member, Planning Commission for the Government of India

Dr. B. Sengupta

Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas Auto Fuel Vision and Policy 2025 Committee

Dr. B. Sengupta is a Member of the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas Auto Fuel Vision Policy 2025 Committee

Dr. R. K. Malhotra

Former Director (R&D)
Indian Oil Corporation

Dr Manfred Schuckert

Head of Global Regulatory Strategy
Daimler AG

Dr. Schuckert is a well recognized expert in the field of automotive propulsion systems. He started his professional career at the University of Stuttgart in 1989 as a process engineer. From 1992 to 1998 he has been the head of the department for Life Cycle Engineering at the University of Stuttgart. In 1998 he joined EvoBus GmbH (100% subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler) as a specialist for automotive propulsion systems in the research and development department.


He was a member of a group which was directly reporting new trends for all bus propulsion systems to the Vice President Engineering. From 2000 onwards he was in parallel responsible for the coordination of all research projects within EvoBus and for the co-ordination of the CUTE project – the largest and most successful project on fuel cell busses so far world-wide and also for the Perth- and Beijing fuel cell bus trials. Within the CUTE-project he also structured and organized the different hydrogen production chains.


From 2005 onwards he was responsible within DaimlerChrysler for the development of the next fuel cell bus generation.Since the end of the last year he is responsible within Daimler AG Corporate Strategy for the regulatory strategy of all commercial vehicles with regard to emissions and safety. Within this position he overtook also the responsibility for the coordination of the UREA-infrastructure within Europe.


Due to his engagement in alternative propulsion systems Dr. Schuckert is also investigating all possibilities for alternative fuels since more than a decade. Dr. Schuckert published more than 100 scientific articles world-wide.

Kiran Vairagkar

Senior General Manager
Mahindra Trucks and Buses Ltd.

Kiran Vairagkar is a Senior General, R&D (Xylo & Bolero Platform) at Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd-Automotive Sector.

His responsibilities include Xylo & Bolero Vehicle platforms covering vehicle system, variant development & enhancing profitability.

He has over 2 ½ decades of experience in Vehicle & Engine development from drawing board to manufacturing.

Genio, Xylo Refresh, Bolero Refresh like vehicle programs & m-Hawk like path breaking engine program delivery is to his credentials.

He has worked in earlier capacity as Head-Engines for Automotive sectors.

He has worked on laid down approach for Engine & Emissions strategy.

Prior to joining M&M he has worked with other OEM’s in India & Indonesia.

Mr. Vairagkar is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate & Post-Diploma in management.

He has published quite a few papers in various forums & conferences.

He is a recipient of Engineering Achievement award from the Institute of Engineers, Nashik Chapter.

He also works with NGO’s & maintains photography as his hobby.

Arun B. Komawar

Senior Deputy Director

Dr. Tapan Sahoo

Senior Vice President of R&D
Maruti Suzuki India

Dr. Tapan Sahoo is leading the Automotive Electrical, xEV and
Electronics technology domain as Vice President at Maruti Suzuki
India’s R &D Centre. He has around 22 years of experience in
product design & development, supplier quality assurance and
technology management. A graduate in Electrical Engineering
from UCE-Burla, Dr. Sahoo continued his academic pursuit along
with his professional work and completed his MBA and Ph.D.
from IIT Delhi.
Dr. Sahoo is the Co-Chair of the Frontier Technology Group of
SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers); the group
engaged in policy formulation for Hybrid and Electric vehicles
in India along with Govt of India. He takes keen interest in SAE
(Society of Automotive Engineers) activities and is the current
Secretary of SAE Northern India Section.

Shweta Jahagirdar

Assistant General Manager
Tata Motors Ltd

Rajeev Dhiman

Head – Engine Design & Testing
The Escorts Group

Rakesh Batra

National Leader Automotive
Ernst & Young India

Sanjeev Arora

Executive Vice President - Product Development, Innovation & Growth
JCB India Ltd.

Gyanendra Kumar Sharma

Director – Business Development
South west Research Institute

C B Remesan

Vice President (R&D)
TAFE Motors and Tractors Ltd

Chandu Burri

Tata Motors Ltd

Sajid Mubashir

Director – Car
Department of Science and Technology

Anil Chhikara

Motor Licensing Officer
Government of Delhi

A. Sriniwas

Vice President-Research and Development
Mahindra & Mahindra

Mr. Srinivas is currently Vice President - Research and Development, Mahindra & Mahindra. In his present capacity he is responsible for Product Development of Vehicle Systems which includes Electrical & Electronics (Automotive and Farm Equipment Sectors), Body Systems, Driveline, Chassis Systems and Vehicle Integration domains.  He obtained his M.S in Automotive Electronics degree from Coventry University and has 26 years of work experience.

Mr.Srinivas always has a strong passion towards contemporary innovative technologies. He has played a crucial role in introducing many “first of its kind” technologies in India through Mahindra Vehicles such as talking car, tyre pressure monitoring system, Rain sensing Wipers, etc. These technologies primarily focus on customer safety and comfort and very well received in the market.

He pioneered hybrid initiatives in India, Mahindra being the first OEM to productionise Scorpio and Bolero Micro-Hybrids through his frugal engineering approach. He is instrumental in bringing out state of the art Electrical & Electronics package for XUV 500 which is a run-away success all over the country.

He occupies various key roles at both national and international forums.  As a Co Chairman, Mr.Srinivas was leading the Hybrid and Electrical Vehicle initiatives of SIAM. He is an Advisor to NATRIP and a member of TIFAC/ CAR board on automotive electronics and infotronics.

He owns/co-owns 15 patents and 9 publications in international/national conferences to his credit. Micro-Hybrid technology developed by Mr.Sriniwas has won several accolades such as Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award 2010, Innovation of the year 2009 by AutoCAR-UTVi, Leadership award in Automotive Electronics, Leadership award in best automotive embedded system design.

He is also recipient of prestigious Mahindra Innovation awards & Mahindra RISE Awards on multiple occasions.

Amit Kumar

Vice President - Power Generation
Cummins India Ltd

Ashish Dugar

Senior Manager, Engine application and testing
MAN Truck & Bus India

Lakhinder Singh

SML Isuzu Ltd

N. V. Marathe

Senior Deputy Director, Engine Development Lab

Mr N V Marathe, a graduate in mechanical engineering, started his professional career with Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), Pune and currently heads the Power Train Engineering division.

With more than 20 years of experience,  Mr. Marathe has led several major engine R&D projects successfully, many of them have been commercialized.

His individual strength and expertise lies in cylinder head & port design, crank-train design, valve-train design, diesel engine emission reduction, etc for engines used in variety of applications.

Mr  Marathe and his team is currently engaged in the development of a state-of-art high specific power Euro-4/5, 3 cylinder CRDI diesel engine for Passenger Car application with spin-off designs for other ratings and applications.

He has authored several technical papers in International and National conferences.  He is an active member of Standing Committee on Emissions for Genset Diesel engines.

Preeti Jain

International Fuel Quality Center
Research Manager, Asia

Rakesh Kumar

National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI)

S V Suderson

GM – Trucks
Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt Ltd

Thomas Körfer

Vice President EU-BD

Thomas Körfer is Group Vice President of the Business Unit “Light-Duty Diesel Powertrain Product Development” at FEV Group in Aachen, Germany. Since 1991 he is working on Diesel engine research and series development projects at FEV. Steadily advancing, in 2014 Thomas Körfer has finally taken over the global responsibility as Group Vice President.
Thomas Körfer has a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH).

Y.P Rao

Cheif Technology Officer
Gulf Oil Corporation Ltd

Dr. Y.P. Rao joined Gulf Oil Group in 2004 and has around
33 years of experience in Oil Industry. As Head of Global
Technology of Gulf Oil International, Dr. Rao is responsible for
Product Development, OEM coordination and Technical Services.
He is responsible for development of around 1000 product
formulations and 600 Global OEM approvals in Gulf Oil Group.
Prior to joining Gulf Oil, Dr. Rao spent over 21 years in the
second largest national oil company in India, Bharat Petroleum
Corporation Ltd (Fortune 500 company) and during the last 3
years was the Head of Technical Department responsible for
Product Development, OEM coordination, Technical Services
and Quality Assurance. He has been serving as a Convener
of National Technical Committee in India (Bureau of Indian
Standards) responsible for formulation of specifications of
Automotive, Aviation and Industrial Fuels for over 15 years. Dr.
Rao earned his Master of Science in Chemistry from Andhra
University, Waltair and his Ph.D. from Indian Institute of
Technology, Delhi in Thermodynamics.

Key speakers

Edwin Paulraj - Volvo India Pvt. Ltd.

Chief Engineer Director, Group Truck Technology

Speaking On

Saumitra Chaudhuri - Government of India

Member, Planning Commission

Mr Chaudhuri is Member, Planning Commission for the Government of India

Speaking On

Dr. B. Sengupta - Ministry of Petroleum &…


Dr. B. Sengupta is a Member of the Ministry of Petroleum…

Speaking On

Air quality improvement by adopting BSVI emissions norms

Dr. R. K. Malhotra - Indian Oil Corporation

Former Director (R&D)

Speaking On

Dr Manfred Schuckert - Daimler AG

Head of Global Regulatory Strategy

Dr. Schuckert is a well recognized expert in the field…

Speaking On

Presentation: The challenges of worldwide CO2 regulations

  • Feedback on Daimler’s worldwide activities
  • Development of Daimler’s fuel consumption reduction technologies
  • Upcoming CO2 regulation in the European Union

Kiran Vairagkar - Mahindra Trucks and Buses…

Senior General Manager

Kiran Vairagkar is a Senior General, R&D (Xylo & Bolero…

Speaking On

Arun B. Komawar - ARAI

Senior Deputy Director

Speaking On

Dr. Tapan Sahoo - Maruti Suzuki India

Senior Vice President of R&D

Dr. Tapan Sahoo is leading the Automotive Electrical, xEV and…

Speaking On

Presentation: The low emission challenge of India’s passenger car sector

  • Providing a solution for BS VI compliant vehicles
  • Aftertreatment systems available for passenger cars
  • Fuel economy and maintaining efficient performance

Shweta Jahagirdar - Tata Motors Ltd

Assistant General Manager

Speaking On

Rajeev Dhiman - The Escorts Group

Head – Engine Design & Testing

Speaking On

Rakesh Batra - Ernst & Young India

National Leader Automotive

Speaking On

Sanjeev Arora - JCB India Ltd.

Executive Vice President - Product Development, Innovation & Growth

Speaking On

Gyanendra Kumar Sharma - South west Research Institute

Director – Business Development

Speaking On

C B Remesan - TAFE Motors and Tractors…

Vice President (R&D)

Speaking On

Panel Discussion: Is India ready to take the next stage of emissions standards on for the NRMM industry?

The non-road mobile machinery industry has been keeping a close eye on the preparation work their on-road partners are doing for the forthcoming BS VI compliance. What are the biggest difficulties and obstacles to introduce more stringent emissions legislation for the NRMM sector? What will be the costs and benefits to adopt Stage VI? Led by leading NRMM experts, this panel discussion will discuss all the potential scenarios that may occur and explore the most suitable methods for the Indian market.

Anil Chhikara - Government of Delhi

Motor Licensing Officer

Speaking On

A. Sriniwas - Mahindra & Mahindra

Vice President-Research and Development

Mr. Srinivas is currently Vice President - Research and Development,…

Speaking On

Increasing opportunities for the hybrid car market in India

  • An insight into the emerging hybrid car market in India
  • Real world challenges in realizing hybrid potentials in India
  • Technological and economical potentials to develop hybrid cars in India

Amit Kumar - Cummins India Ltd

Vice President - Power Generation

Speaking On

Ashish Dugar - MAN Truck & Bus…

Senior Manager, Engine application and testing

Speaking On

N. V. Marathe - ARAI

Senior Deputy Director, Engine Development Lab

Mr N V Marathe, a graduate in mechanical engineering, started…

Speaking On

Presentation: Innovations in aftertreatment technologies

  • Cost effectiveness of aftertreatment systems and assessing for reduction in cost
  • Efficiency and cost for catalysts in SCR systems

Preeti Jain - Research Manager, Asia

International Fuel Quality Center

Speaking On

S V Suderson - Daimler India Commercial Vehicles…

GM – Trucks

Speaking On

Challenges and opportunities for vehicle manufacturers in the context of stricter emissions control in India

  • Current status of emissions legislation compliance and efforts needed for meeting BS VI requirements
  • Economic and technological challenges that will arise from when leapfrogging from BS IV to BS VI
  • The need for further collaboration between academy, suppliers, policy makers and industry stakeholders

Thomas Körfer - FEV GmbH

Vice President EU-BD

Thomas Körfer is Group Vice President of the Business Unit…

Speaking On

Y.P Rao - Gulf Oil Corporation Ltd

Cheif Technology Officer

Dr. Y.P. Rao joined Gulf Oil Group in 2004 and…

Speaking On

Panel: Industry perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of Bharat VI

With Bharat VI (equivalent to Euro VI) being introduced ahead of schedule by 2020, India will be the first country to jump from Euro IV to Euro VI equivalent standards which presents all industry stakeholders with a range of new challenges and opportunities. Our panel of experts will discuss the doubts that remain with the 2020 roadmap, the technical requirements of advancing to lower emission norms, and how India can adapt to this transition.