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Environmental Sponsor


Wema is the world’s leading supplier for level measurements and suction and return systems for fuel and AdBlue. More than 90% of all European trucks fitted with SCR systems are equipped with Wema AdBlue Sensors.

We are supporting our customer’s worldwide achieving legislation requirements in accordance with EuroV, EuroVI, EPA10, EPA13, NPLT, Stage IIIB, Stage IV, Tier4 New emission requirements in the agriculture and construction (non-road) segment will be implemented, and has been a key priority for Wema in 2012 and in the years to come.

The Wema Quality Sensor measures the concentration of aqueous urea solution delivered into the exhaust gas stream, offering an intelligent system by a single supplier.

Wema has in the past years invested heavily in technical knowledge to increase its capacity to support existing and new customers. The Center for Research & Development and Product Management is located at the headquarters.

Wema’s headquarter is located in Bergen, Norway.  We welcome our customers to our regional offices in:

  • North Europe, Bergen, Norway

  • Central and South Europe, Zug, Switzerland

  • North America , Greensboro ,USA

  • Brazil- Managed by Wema Americas

  • North East Asian, Shanghai, P.R. China

  • South East Asia Pacific, Chennai, India
Platinum Sponsor

Measurement Specialities

Measurement Specialties (NASDAQ:MEAS) designs and manufactures sensors for applications in medical, environmental, military/aerospace, automotive, industrial and engine/vehicle industries.

Our automotive industry standard Powertrain Sensors are used worldwide for pressure, air humidity, temperature, position, fluid level and fluid properties applications in on highway and off road vehicles.

Key applications include, among others, engine oil ageing and contamination, fuel identification, exhaust high temperature, engine air intake, fuel in oil dilution, spool valve position, and urea quality for SCR systems.

Relying on patented tuning fork technology, the MEAS multi parameter Urea Quality Sensor measures urea concentration, temperature and identifies quality of Adblue/DEF (Diesel Emission Fluid) used in on and off-highway vehicles’ SCR systems.

With optimized in-line mounting design, the UQS uses high performance algorithms to provide real-time multi-parametric analysis of DEF for optimisation of NOx reduction emission control systems. The UQS is the key tool to meet vehicle emissions specifications as JP 09, EPA 10, Tier IV and EURO VI and to achieve OBD compliance of SCR systems.

Measurement Specialties
45738 Northport Loop West
CA 94538
United States

Contact: Mark Uhrich
Position: North America Business Manager – Engine and Vehicle Sensors
Phone: +1 510-498-1570
Silver Sponsors

Haldor Topsøe


Through half a century’s dedication to heterogenous catalysis, Haldor Topsøe has developed and strengthened its position as a leading market player in catalysts, catalytic reactions and technologies for process design.

Topsøe offers a complete range of catalytic products for the automotive industry. This includes:

  • urea SCR catalysts with vanadium as active material on a unique lightweight coated fibre reinforced ceramic substrate,

  • urea SCR catalysts based on zeolites

  • ammonia slip catalysts

  • diesel oxidation catalysts

  • and finally to complete the portfolio catalytic coatings for diesel particulate filters.

The catalytic products are backed by our know-how within system engineering and our abilities to carry out application engineering and validation.

Whether as stand alone products or combined in the complete exhaust after-treatment systems, Topsøe’s products comply with the most stringent legislation on automotive diesel exhaust emissions.

Please visit our website and explore our newly developed automotive products.


HJS Emission Technology GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized company founded in 1976 and based in Menden in central Germany. HJS has many years of experience and expertise in the field of exhaust-gas aftertreatment. Some 500 employees are engaged in the development, production and marketing of modular systems for reducing pollutant emissions.

These innovative environmental protection technologies can be used either as original equipment or for retrofitting in passenger cars, commercial vehicles as well as in a wide range of non-road mobile machinery and stationary applications. In addition to systems for spark-ignition engines, HJS today focuses on solutions for diesel engines – especially for reducing the emissions of soot particles (particulate matter, PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx).

With its extensive portfolio of patents for DPF® (diesel particulate filter) and SCRT® (Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology) systems, and cooperation with Germany’s TÜV certification agency as well, HJS sets benchmarks internationally.

HJS Press contact:

HJS Emission Technology GmbH & Co. KG
Andreas Selent, Head of Marketing Services
Dieselweg 12, 58706 Menden/Sauerland, Germany

Phone: +49 2373 987-183


Valvoline™ is a global producer and distributor of premium-branded automotive, commercial and industrial lubricants, chemicals and car-care products. With over 140 years of success, the Valvoline brand is recognized as a leader in product and service quality that go beyond industry specifications and norms, with millions of loyal customers around the world. Today, Valvoline can be found in more than 100 countries and across various segments and industries.


Key customers include OEMs and commercial fleets, Mining operations, retail auto parts stores and mass merchandisers who sell to consumers; installers, such as car dealers, repair shops and quick lubes.

Valvoline is part of Ashland Inc., a global specialty chemical company listed on the NYSE.

See for more information
Marine Emissions Sponsor


Cormetech develops, manufactures and evaluates engineered catalysts for the reduction of harmful emissions from engines, turbines, boilers, and other combustion sources.  We are the industry’s leading technology solution provider, developing and applying highly reliable and cost effective Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) performance with unparalleled customer service.  Every day, all over the world, Cormetech delivers cleaner air through innovation.

  • Reliability Leader in Selective Catalytic Reduction Solutions

  • Manufacturing and Quality Excellence

  • Industry’s Premier Catalyst Testing Laboratory

  • Best in Class Customer Service

  • Driven by Innovation and Technology

  • Life Cycle Management for Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Application Expertise and Consultative Problem Solving

  • Highly Skilled and Engineering Focused Field Service Team

  • Extensive SCR Experience Base with Wide Range of Fuels and Applications

As the Marine Emissions Sponsor for the Integer Diesel Emissions Conference & AdBlue Forum 2013, Cormetech can develop and supply custom designed SCR catalyst solutions for the marine market in order to meet your IMO Tier III, US EPA Tier IV, and local European emission requirements.
Lunch Sponsor


Cristal is a recognized leader in Ultrafine TiO2-based products which are at the core of environmental catalyst technologies such as Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) for NOx abatement. Cristal produces its CristalACTiVTMUltrafine TiO2 for many catalyst applications at its plant in Thann, France which was expanded in 2008 to support the growing global demand.

Cristal is a leading titanium dioxide (TiO2) producer with the widest global footprint of any other TiO2 manufacturer. Headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Cristal operates eight TiO2 manufacturing plants in six countries and on five continents and is well-positioned to serve existing and growing markets in all major world regions.

Relying on its global reach and a strong technology base, Cristal leads and adapts to innovations in the marketplace, ensuring that environmental solutions utilizing TiO2 catalysts will contribute to a cleaner world.
Associate Sponsor


Enovation Controls offers a line of natural gas, propane gasoline and diesel engine control and fuel management systems that help our customers meet stringent modern emission requirements while maximizing engine power and efficiency. Our EControls® branded products are built with years of industry leading expertise for trucks, buses, forklifts, power generation, marine and agricultural segments.

EControls® has developed sophisticated model based controls and interface software that simplify engine calibration, reduce development time and provide the ultimate flexibility.  Our engine controllers have been tested around the world, in a multitude of applications and are proven to be robust and durable.  Our patented continuous flow, digitally controlled fuel control valves have become the benchmark standard in reliability and functionality, providing reduced emissions and improved fuel economy.  Our systems are designed to meet Euro III through Euro VI as well as the industrial Large Spark Ignited (LSI) and NESHAPS regulations.

Beyond providing engine control systems our team has the ability to offer knowledge in base engine design and development based on years of converting base gasoline or diesel engines to natural gas.


AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies

SUPERIOR SOLUTIONS FOR AFTERTREATMENT SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT AVL BOOSTTM, AVL CRUISETM and AVL FIRETM form the most comprehensive simulation tool set supporting the development of exhaust gas aftertreatment systems. Scalability, consistency and accuracy make the difference.


  • Consistent development support due to identical physical and chemical models available in 0D, 1D and 3D tools

  • Ease of use through pre-defined kinetic models for all types of aftertreatment systems

  • 100 % accessibility to all relevant capabilities through unique AVL User Coding Interface

  • Use of pre-calibrated 1D Models for vehicle drive cycle emission prediction

Diesel Emission Control

Diesel Emission Control is a specialist designer and manufacturer of DPF, SCR and SCRF monitoring and control systems. The DE-Tronic modular ECU, with its advanced control strategies and user friendly PC interface, has fast gained acceptance within the industry being used in a variety of the most complex of applications in the Heavy Duty, Industrial, Agricultural, Inland Vessel and Rail sectors.

DEC Diesel and urea dosing systems are being supplied internationally e.g. city buses in Russia, Hong Kong and the U.K., school buses and gensets in the U.S.A., tractors in Eastern Europe, pick-up trucks and buses in China, barges and tankers operating on the Rhine.


Gates Corporation

盖茨,总部位于美国丹佛,是一个在行业内领先的胶带传动系统、胶管高科技制造商,其产品广泛应用于汽车,工业,水利,农业等行业。在全球汽车工业中,盖茨一直以高品质的产品、服务 、工程解决能力和为客户创造价值闻名。



The Gates Corporation, headquartered in Denver (USA), is a leading manufacturer of hi-tech rubber belts transmission system and fluid power system for automotive, industrial, hydraulic and agricultural application. In the global automotive industry, the name Gates is synonymous with high-quality products and services that solve problems and add value.  Gates is supplier to virtually all car manufacturers worldwide.

Gates China, established in 1995, has one plant in Shanghai(tensioners and other metals), two plants in Suzhou(belts) , one plant in Changzhou(fluid power system) and one plant in Yantai(water pump). Gates’ business covers automotive application and wide industrial field. Gates China offers you an integrated line of power transmission system and flow power system.

Thanks to its close co-operation with many automotive and industry manufacturers, Gates leads the way in design and manufacturing methods. Each Gates product excels by its long life and reliable performance.


he product portfolio from LEE includes check valves, relief valves, shuttle valves, safety screens, restrictors, the “LEE PLUG” and various other hydraulic components. Installation is extremely simple thanks to our patented “expansion principle”. Our components are used successfully in fields as varied as the offshore industry, motor sports, the automotive industry and industrial and mobile hydraulics.

Parker Hannifin Corporation

Parker Hannifin Corporation is the global leader in motion and control technologies. The Parflex Division manufactures heated hoses for fluid conveyance on SCR systems. The hoses are made in a variety of sizes and materials to meet multiple system specifications. The Fluid Controls Division offers a variety of systems specifically made for emissions. (coolant control, hydrocarbon dosing, etc.).



Watlow has been a part of the Diesel industry for over 35 years. Our thermal expertise is leveraged by industry-leading OEMs to increase fuel economy and reduce CO₂ emissions, reduce the size and cost of the aftertreatment system and improve emissions performance under a full range of operating conditions. Our thermal management solutions are focused on small to mid-sized engines and high horse power engines where ample electrical power is available to create and direct heat where it is needed most; within the aftertreatment system. These solutions enable the diesel engine OEM to optimize the engine's performance for fuel efficiency, and provide a path to avoid or eliminate EGR and use a less complex turbocharger. Diesel engines of all sizes driving gensets, rail, marine, construction, agriculture and medium and heavy duty vehicles have leveraged our technology.
Endorsing Associations


The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), founded in 1991, represents the interests of the sixteen European car, truck and bus manufacturers at EU level.

Its membership consists of the major international automobile companies, working together in an active association to ensure effective communication and negotiation with legislative, commercial, technical, consumer, environmental and other interests. The members of ACEA are competitors in the automobile market place and support free and fair competition as a trade policy and a legal concept.


The International Association for Catalytic Control of Ship Emissions to Air, IACCSEA, has been formed with a primary focus of demonstrating the technological and economic viability of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology capable of reducing NOx emissions from marine engines.