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  • Presentation from Integer Research
  • Post conference report from Integer Emissions Summit & ARLA 32 Forum Brazil 2016
  • Presentation from INMETRO

Integer ARLA 32 Forum Brazil 2017

Brazil’s ARLA 32 market dynamics are changing as more and more international players enter the region. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen Yara, Greenchem, Old World Industries, SABIC and Uralchem set up operations in Brazil, to alter the existing competitive landscape and the structure of supply and distribution.

Also affecting the ARLA 32 market is the rise of the unofficial market. Increased volumes of uncertified ARLA 32 as well an increase in the use of defeat devices is prompting questions around legislation enforcement throughout the supply chain.

The Integer ARLA 32 Forum Brazil 2017 will bring together key market players to discuss the ARLA 32 market and where it’s heading. This one-day conference will combine vital market insights from leading ARLA 32 market representatives, with an unmissable networking opportunity.

Key topics to be addressed:

  • Developments in Brazil’s ARLA 32 market
  • Experience of ARLA 32 in the heavy-duty sector
  • Brazilian economic outlook
  • End user experience of ARLA 32
  • Combating the ARLA 32 informal market
  • ARLA 32 quality control and regulatory updates
  • ARLA 32 certification updates

The program is still under development, but you can see the latest version here >>


Achille Liambos - Greenchem do Brasil

Managing Director

Perfil – Achille Liambos Diretor Geral da GreenChem Solutions do Brasil Ltda. Achille Liambos ingressou na GreenChem do Brasil em…

Speaking On

Fabricio Cardoso - Argus

Manager, Consulting Services (Emissions Control, AdBlue/DEF)

Fabricio leads Argus’s analysis on emissions control technologies and on the global AdBlue®/DEF/ARLA 32 markets. He is the Editor of…

Speaking On

Presentation: Key trends to keep your eye on

  • Global views on future emissions from North America, India, and China.
  • Are there continuing air quality issues that justify further action?

Andreas Lips - Raizen

Manager - Shell truck drivers’ club

Andreas Lips is the Marketing and Business Development Manager for Highways & Diesel at Raizen in Brazil. Before moving to…

Speaking On

End user experience of ARLA 32

  • End user experience with P-7 trucks and ARLA 32
  • Best practices
  • Level of informalities
  • Product availability

Andre C Figueiredo - Inmetro

Manager of the Market Surveillance Direction

Andre C Figueiredo is the Manager of the Market Surveillance Direction at Inmetro and will be speaking about the current…

Speaking On

ARLA 32 quality control and regulatory updates

  • Inmetro’s current activities for ARLA 32 quality control
  • Improvements over the past few years
  • Plans for continual improvement

Denise de Pasqual - Tendências Consultoria Econômica

Commercial Director and Founder

Denise de Pasqual graduated as an Economist at the University of Sao Paulo, postgraduated in Financial Sector Economy at the…

Speaking On

Brazilian economic outlook

  • Current status of Brazilian economic market
  • Projected recovery for automotive industry

Paulo Demarchi - Brazilian Federal Highway Police

Environmental Control Instructor

Paulo Henrique Demarchi is Environmental Control Instructor for the Brazilian Federal Highway Police, and a member of the team dedicated…

Speaking On

Combating the ARLA 32 informal market

  • Actions to mitigate the use of defeat devices
  • To which extend has the market been damaged, and what could be done to recover?
  • Environmental consequences and outlook

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