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Conference programme
Key themes

Conference programme

Download using the links below:

English version Chinese version

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Key themes

  • Advanced cable market developments and trends in China, South East Asia, and worldwide
  • New opportunities in emerging Asian cable markets – Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan
  • Energy cable market developments – Renewables, HVDC, submarine cable, and superconductors
  • Grid system developments and next generation power transmission
  • R&D and technological upgrading for advanced cables
  • Copper price volatility and minimizing price risk exposure
  • Latest material and technology developments and applications
  • Potential for material substitution – copper versus aluminium and fibre
  • Fibre optic cable, optical fibre and preform market developments in Asia
  • Developments in telecommunications and IT sectors impacting the cable market – FTTH and data centres
  • Cost-effective technologies and processes for advanced cable production
  • Quality control and supervision issues
  • Developments in fire performance cable and flame retardants for the wire and cable industry





英文议程 中文议程




  • 中国、东南亚和全球高端电缆市场发展和趋势
  • 方兴未艾的亚洲电缆市场的新机遇——印度尼西亚、越南、马来西亚、泰国
  • 能源电缆市场发展——可再生能源、HVDC(高压直流输电)、海底电缆和超导体
  • 电网系统发展和下一代电力传输
  • 高端电缆研发和技术升级
  • 铜价波动和价格风险敞口最小化
  • 最新材料和技术发展及应用
  • 材料替代的潜力——铜, 铝和光纤
  • 亚洲光纤电缆、光纤和盘料市场的发展
  • 电信和 IT 领域的发展及对电缆市场的影响——FITH(光纤到户)和数据中心
  • 节约成本及高效率的先进电缆生产技术和工艺
  • 质量控制和监督问题
  • 电线和电缆行业中耐火性电缆和阻燃剂的发展