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ACNA 2018 hosts three full days with two streams of the most comprehensive insight and analysis of the wire and cable market focusing on advanced technologies and solutions across the sector.

  • North American cable market outlook
  • Macroeconomic trends and new opportunities
  • End-user perspectives
  • Regulatory compliance and supply chain management
  • Trend in automotive cable demand
  • Renewable energy cables
  • Data communication and connectivity
  • Advanced energy Cable applications
  • Fibre to the home
  • Wireless Network
  • Cabling solutions for electric vehicles

Selection of companies currently attending:

Below are a selection of companies attending ACNA in Atlanta, GA, USA next February. Keep an eye on this space for more updates.

  • AB Elektrokoppar
  • Acome
  • Arkema
  • AT&T
  • Bartell Machinery
  • Borealis Compounds
  • Carris Reels
  • CBC Metals Processing
  • Champlain Cable Corp.
  • Cimteq
  • CME Wire and Cable
  • Condat Corporation
  • Conneaut Industustries, Inc.
  • Connectivity Wireless Solutions
  • Corning Optical Cable
  • Dow
  • Edison Electric Institute
  • Encore
  • Fil-Tec Inc.
  • Freudenberg Performance Materials
  • Gebauer & Griller Kabelwerke
  • Gem Gravure Co., Inc.
  • General Cable
  • Honta Inc.
  • IBA Industrial
  • IEWC
  • IMERYS Graphite & Carbon
  • International Cablemakers Federation
  • J. Hamelin Industries
  • JDR Cable Systems
  • Lantor B.V.
  • Lapp USA
  • Madem-Moorecraft Reels USA
  • Medek & Schörner GmBH
  • MFL Group
  • Micro Products Company
  • Midal Cables
  • Middle East Specialized Cables (MESC)
  • Mixer SpA
  • Nabaltec AG
  • National Electrical Manufacturers Assocation
  • NDC Technologies
  • Nexans
  • Niehoff Endex
  • NKT Cables Group
  • Oden Technologies
  • OFS Fitel
  • Pittsfield Plastics Engineering
  • Padanplast
  • Pitssfield Plastics Engineering
  • Power & telephone Supply Company
  • Prysmian
  • Quick-Pull Inc
  • Reber Systematic
  • Rosendahl Nextrom Technologies
  • Roteq Machinery Inc.
  • Saco AEI Polymers
  • Sark-USA
  • Shawcor
  • SIKORA International Corporation
  • Sivaco Wire Group
  • Soltex Canda
  • Southwire
  • Superior Essex
  • Tele-Fonika Cable Americas
  • Tensor Machinery
  • The Wire Association International
  • Vanderbilt Chemcials
  • Wacker Chemical Corporation
  • Wafios AG
  • Windak Group
  • Wire & Cable Technology International

If you are an attendee you will have access to our online networking platform. This will be active closer to the time of the event. 

Advanced Cable North America 2018 is a must-attend conference for senior decision makers across the wire and cable sectors, including but not limited to the following groups:

Cable producers

Equipment suppliers

Raw Material Suppliers

Energy/utility/electricity suppliers

Cable component/part suppliers

Technology providers

Communication operators


Why attend?

Attend the Advanced Cable North America conference to:

Understand what implications the current and future economic and political environment will have for the North American cable market development – to hear from the leading policy and market experts for an insight into the current status and future prospects

Explore strategies to succeed under uncertainty – to learn and brainstorm with world-class speakers and senior-level attendees

Identify key changes in market demand of advanced energy, automotive and data communication cable applications

Establish one-off platform for market and technology information sharing and exchange

Fast track your approval

Below you’ll find several helpful tips and documents for you to demonstrate that your attendance at the Advanced Cable North America (ACNA) conference is a valuable investment.


Write a letter to management

Download our Dear Management letter to submit to your supervisor demonstrating the value you and your organization would receive from attending ACNA. Dear Management letter >>


Make it cost-effective

We understand in today’s challenging economic environment your business strives to save money wherever possible.

Book your room at our ACNA venue here >> and to take advantage of specially negotiated rates.

More importantly, be sure you register your place as early as possible to receive the lowest ticket price. Our next early booking discount ends December 1st, 2017. Register here >>


Attend as many content and networking sessions as possible

Attendees will have access to daily discussions and sessions ranging in a variety of topics relating the high performance cable market including:

  • North American Cable Market Outlook
  • Macroeconomic Trends and New Opportunities
  • End-user Perspectives
  • Regulatory Compliance and Supply Chain Management
  • Trends in Automotive Cable Demand
  • Renewable Energy Cables
  • Advanced Energy Cable Applications
  • Cabling Solutions for Electric Vehicles
  • Data Communications and Connectivity
  • Fiber to the Home
  • Wireless Network

Plus, over 14 hours of networking throughout the conference. See the full conference program here >>


Share your knowledge with your co-workers

Bring your ACNA materials back to the office to share with your coworkers. For example, the Conference Guide is an extremely valuable resource that includes information on each speaker and an attendee list. See key speakers here >>

We also provide delegates access to recorded versions of the presentations post-event* with an accompanying post-conference report summarizing each of the sessions and demographics.

*some presentations may not be available online by speaker request.

Interested in speaking?

Contact our Senior Public Relations and Programme Manager, Cheryl Tao, about submitting papers and speaking opportunities using the details below.

Cheryl Tao
Senior Public Relations and Programme Manager
T: +44 20 3696 2330 (London)