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Our Advanced Cable North America 2018 post-conference report provides an in-depth look at the discussions and demographics of attendees at the conference.

For any assistance contact our team at conferences@integer-research.com


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As a leading supplier of high performance polymers to the wire and cable industry, Arkema’s Technical Polymers are used for applications where protection and reliability are required. Key characteristics include: high temperature resistance, low flame and smoke properties, chemical resistance, low temperature flexibility, and ease of processing. The world is becoming more extreme™, and an extreme world needs extreme materials.

Visit www.arkema.com


Founded in 1936 in Bologna (Italy), SAMP and its subsidiaries located in China, the USA, Russia and India is the only company worldwide able to provide customers
with the complete wire and cable process chain.

The product portfolio includes rod breakdown lines for copper, aluminium and alloys, drawing machines, annealers, spooling and coiling solutions, bunchers, payoff
solutions, insulation and sheathing lines.

Media Partners


The international online fair of metal manufacturing and processing. Wire, tubes, coils, bars, fasteners, springs and much more. Online since 2001.

The absence on Internet of an international meeting place, a unique, and above all independent portal about the world of metalworking (drawing, rolling, extruding and fasteners), and the need expressed by many of a means of communication and advertising like this one, give rise to the network expometals, the first online exhibition of the field, from raw materials to finished products.

The platform, now in its third release, was made on the basis of an in-depth sector study, after which the project participated in the competition "Vinci" at the University Politecnico of Milan. After 10 years the portal is always in constant expansion, not only in content but also from the structural point of view, thanks to the work of a young and dynamic staff, combined with the suggestions of the exhibiting companies.



SubCableWorld (SCW) is the preferred information resource of the Submarine Telecom Industry. Designed to deliver news and information impacting the markets on a daily basis, the daily NewsFeed highlights the top stories of the day, along with monthly features on cable contract awards, in depth industry analysis, new project announcements and cable system upgrades. The Radar Screen Report provides an in-depth overview of the state of the industry and insight to future opportunities over the next five years.

Swiss Arab Entrepreneurs

Swiss Arab Entrepreneurs (SAEs) is the first social business platform dedicated to Swiss entrepreneurs looking to do business in the vibrant Middle East and North Africa region and vice versa. Designed to equip investors with the right tools and information for faster and better decision-making, it also acts as a podium for connecting and sharing vital information with your peers, while enhancing your professional network and business relationships.

From Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and even startup enthusiasts, everyone is welcome to join the platform.

The platform provides investors from both sides of the negotiating table to gain comprehensive insight into potential investment opportunities and high growth markets by economic sector.

Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a virtual network of business entrepreneurs from the Arab world and beyond and empower them with the tools to develop the best and most efficient business strategy in an increasingly competitive business


Wire & Cable India

Covering the full spectrum of wire and cable industry, WIRE & CABLE INDIA magazine aims to serve as a one-stop platform for news and information about wire and cable industry – new developments in the industry, who’s who of the industry and the challenges faced by the industry.

Targeted at wire and cable manufacturers, processors, distributors, wire and cable engineers, and end users, the magazine is the only publication in the Indian subcontinent that not only provides people with valuable information about wire and cable industry worldwide but also acts as an effective advertising platform for wire and cable products. The magazine owes a major part of its popularity to the latest industry news it gives to its readers, its consistency in presenting interesting profiles of leading industry personalities and thought-provoking features on sector-specific issues and its strong online presence. No wonder the magazine enjoys a wide and loyal readership and a long-term relationship with advertisers across the world.

The print magazine is supported by e-magazine (emagazine.wirecable.in), E-newsletter and website (wirecable.in). With a circulation of over 17,000 copies, the magazine is widely read by wire and cable manufacturers, processors, distributors and end users.

Further the magazine’s initiative Cable & Wire Fair grew by 2.5 times in 2017 and will be further 1.5 bigger in 2019 to be held in New Delhi, India from 6 to 8 November 2019.


Wire and Cable Asia

A leading wire and cable trade magazine, Wire & Cable ASIA is available six times each year in both English and mandarin Chinese.

Wire & Cable ASIA has a closely controlled international circulation across the wire and cable industry in North and South East Asia, effectively penetrating the Chinese speaking markets.

Every issue of Wire & Cable ASIA contains the latest wire and cable industry news from around the globe, reports on new technological developments, a section covering the Indian wire and cable industry, new machinery and equipment for the production and processing of wire, cables and fibre optics, regular topical features covering information about wire, cable, fibre optic production and processing, detailed information on the major international wire and cable trade fairs, as well as in-depth technical articles by world renowned authors and industry specialists.

With its bilingual issues, Wire & Cable ASIA has a unique and increasing distribution across Asia and the rest of the world.

Website: www.read-wca.com