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The program for Advanced Cable Middle East 2018 is underway! The conference will take place in Dubai on May 8 – 9, and will cover:

  • End-user Perspectives
  • Power Cable Innovations
  • Renewable Energy Cables and Applications
  • Sustaining to thriving

Click download to look at the program and register today!

Thank you to our valued sponsors and delegates for attending the 3rd Advanced Cable Middle East in Dubai

**Please note this conference has already taken place, click here to visit the 2018 conference pages**

Our third conference in the series examined the markets for advanced power transmission, construction and building infrastructure, specialty and fibre optic cables and provide a detailed analysis of long-term advanced cable demand for the region.

The conference provided a detailed analysis of the regions advanced cable markets covering the following topics:

  • Beyond surviving – how can the Middle East Cable industry reposition it’s portfolios and adapt to the slowing market?
  • Transforming – developments in the Middle East utility industry
  • Heating up – Cost effective power cable applications + sophisticated cabling solutions for renewable energy
  • Look across the globe – the impacts of ‘Brexit’, slashed investments and government contracts in the Middle East

Download the post conference report and free presentations from the event here >>

Missed the conference? Purchase the papers online

Even though the 3rd Advanced Cable Middle East has now taken place, you can purchase papers and video links by stream on our website.

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The conference provided a detailed analysis of the region’s advanced cable markets and will help you:

  • Identify profitable opportunities for growth in one of the world’s fastest growing advanced power cable markets.
  • Explore the R&D requirements involved and investigate sophisticated technologies for high-end cable products
  • Provide a platform to meet global and regional industry decision makers, share ideas and establish lasting business relationships.



Missed the conference? Purchase papers here

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Taher Diab - Dubai Supreme Council of…

Senior Director - Strategy & Planning Dubai Supreme Council of Energy

Mr. Diab is Senior Director of Strategy & Planning at Dubai Supreme Council of Energy and Secretary General of Emirates…

Speaking On

Keynote Presentation: Political and economic outlook for Dubai’s power and energy market

  • Policy and regulatory framework to drive private sector participation in government owned projects
  • Dubai sustainable energy model
  • Dubai’s clean energy projects (solar, building retrofit, infrastructure for hybrid & EVs)

Abdullah M. Albishi - Saudi Electricity Company

Distribution Services Executive Director

Abdullah M. Albishi is the executive director of distribution services sector leading more than 230 employees to ensure the development…

Speaking On

Presentation: Energy supplier’s experience in the shift to aluminium cables

  • Key drivers for the shift to aluminium cables
  • Economic benefits from the raw material substitution and better transmission performance
  • Potentials to use more aluminium applications in power distribution networks

Andrew Shaw - Ducab

Managing Director

Andrew Shaw has been Managing Director of Dubai Cable Company (Ducab), since 2007.  Ducab is one of the region’s premier…

Speaking On

Gert Hoefman - Oman Cables Industry (SAOG)

Chief Executive Officer

Gert Hoefman is the CEO of Oman Cables Industry and a board member of Oman Aluminium Processing Industries. He is…

Speaking On

Ahmed El Sewedy - Elsewedy Cables

President & CEO

Ahmed El Sewedy, serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC S.A.E. (www.elsewedy.com). In 1986, he took the…

Speaking On

Leadership Panel Discussion: Beyond surviving – What are the biggest challenges facing the Middle East cable market players during ‘down cycles’ of shrinking government budgets and more funding constraints?


Charles Edouard Mellagui Maguy - Qatar International Cables Co.…

Chief Executive Officer

Charles-Edouard is the President of Nexans in Qatar and CEO of Qatar International Cables Company since September 2011. Prior to…

Speaking On

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