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In October 2011 Integer launched a new service, the DEF Tracker. Drawing on Integer’s wealth of industry expertise and market knowledge, this new service reports from the North American market on a monthly basis.

Prices and supply locations, updated every month

  • DEF Prices – price data in key formats, including bulk, tote, truck stop and 2.5 gallon jugs
  • Trends and key figures – spot price movement of key DEF delivery formats with over 25 references
  • Emerging benchmarks – keep on top of new price hubs as the market continues to grow
  • Market intelligence – expert commentary and analysis of the DEF market
  • Supply network – stay up to date with the latest DEF pump investments

The first issue was published at the end of October 2011. To receive your complimentary copy email with “DEF Tracker Issue 1″ in the subject line and your company name and contact details. We’ll then email you the issue directly.

For more information on this new subscription service visit our product page, or call James Dixon on
+1 718 705 4735 or email