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The Ferroalloys Financial & Market Insight  provides unique and comprehensive financial and market analysis for the manganese, chrome, ferrosilicon and silicon metal industries.

The Report is the only independent source of company-level financial information and analysis on the ferroalloy sector, tracking the performance of individual companies and collective industry profitability.

It is the only Report to provide operating cost curves for each of the major ferroalloy products that are derived directly from official company financial filings. It is therefore the only Report able to provide price forecasts for ferroalloys based on the robust, real cost position of the industry.

We provide detailed company profiles for the leading 70 producers in the ferroalloy industry. These include financial information specific to the ferroalloy business of each producer, as well as production data for each plant or mine operated by that company. Uniquely, the Report gives you detailed financial information on a large number of non-listed companies, which still account for over 70% of ferroalloy production.

The coverage is truly global, not just focused on the major industry players in the west. All the major ferroalloy producers in the CIS are profiled in detail, as are a number of leading Chinese producers.

There is also comprehensive coverage of the industry from a product perspective, with the manganese ore, manganese alloys, chrome ore, ferrochrome, ferrosilicon and silicon metal businesses all covered in detail.

Presentation on the Ferroalloys Insight Report