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If you missed this year’s event, you still have the chance to purchase the presentations and interactive delegate list for a fraction of the delegate ticket price.

You will receive:

  • Presentations: Access to all the presentations which featured at the 2012 conference – giving you a comprehensive understanding of current and future developments of the USA’s diesel emissions and diesel exhaust fluid markets.
  • Interactive delegate list: Access to our interactive delegate list, allowing you to contact those who attended the 2012 USA conference directly.

Purchase options

Item Price
Presentations and interactive delegate list $1,145 – online or email

Presentations include:

Day one

  • Keynote address: An outlook on GHG emissions and fuel efficiency improvements for the heavy‐duty transport sector
  • Keynote presentation: Aligning regulatory and customer demands to achieve emissions reduction in heavy‐duty vehicles
  • Considering the next phase of fuel efficiency regulations
  • OEM steps to improve overall vehicle fuel‐efficiency
  • New engine oil standards to improve overall vehicle fuel‐efficiency
  • Virtual Design Verification of Diesel Powertrain Systems
  • The use of DEF quality sensors in heavy‐duty vehicles in preparation for 2013
  • Advanced NOx emissions reduction technology routes for heavy duty vehicles
  • Aftertreatment innovation to meet the expanding challenge of global regulation
  • An overview of the North American natural gas market
  • Developments in natural gas engine technology

Day two

  • Vehicle manufacturer’s perspective on meeting Tier 4 Final requirements
  • An update on meeting the challenge of Tier 4 equivalent legislation: SCR and DEF for the NRMM market
  • Achieving emissions reduction requirements for diverse power category engines
  • Steps taken to harmonize diverse emissions standards
  • Industry perspectives on current and future emissions reduction regulations in the non‐road sector
  • Significant Advances for Multi‐Parameter In‐Tank and In‐Line DEF Quality Sensors
  • Cost effective solutions for advanced aftertreatment systems
  • Understanding IMO Tier III NOx standards for emissions reduction in the marine sector
  • Development of Tier III SCR for large two‐stroke diesel engines
  • Achievements in emissions reduction in marine vessels with the use of LNG

Day three

  • Outlook and challenges for the DEF market
  • Industry perspectives on current and future trends in the DEF market
  • Global overview of fertilizer and industrial urea markets
  • Aus40 urea solution availability for the marine market
  • DEF quality testing progress
  • Industry steps to protect DEF quality
  • Price drivers in the DEF North American market
  • Transitions and changes to DEF supply infrastructure
  • Optimum DEF packaging and dispensing equipment


If you have any questions about the conference, our team will be happy to help.  Contact:

Alexandra Gavel (English speaking)
Conference Administrator
T: +44 20 7503 1265