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Integer is a specialist provider of research, data, analysis and consultancy services across a growing range of global commodities markets.

Headquartered in London, England, the company was set up in 2003 by three experienced industry analysts who wanted to move away from the traditional, production-centric approach to understanding companies and markets.

Integer takes as its starting point the detailed analysis of company financial information, believing that only then can one make sense of an individual company’s true competitive position. Or, for that matter, the industry in which it operates.

Integer’s staff skill-set includes financial analysis, macro-economics and engineering, enabling them to bring a sophisticated focus to support company and market analysis.

Its services are used by a range of clients world-wide, from commodity producers, financial institutions and shippers, to plant contractors, trading companies, government agencies and trade associations.

Clients are served with a variety of information services: bespoke research commissioned by individual clients; subscription products (hard copy and online) that enable bench-marking and competitor analysis, and assist in investor relations; tailored reports covering producers, distributors and traders; and annual industry events.

Please give our London offices a call on +44 20 7503 1265 to find out more about how our products and services can help you.

Celebrating 10 years of Integer

2013 marks Integer’s 10th anniversary as providers of market analysis and information.  Over the last 10 years we’ve contributed to the success of the markets we serve by offering a growing range of publications, events and consultancy services.  Here are some highlights, as told by the Integer team.


“I remember a LONG time ago a defining moment when Integer got so large that instead of making a cup of tea for the whole office, it was decided that individual cups should be made or smaller tea groups formed. It was quite a symbolic moment of quantifying growth. Years later, standing 95 floors up in a Chicago skyscraper presenting to a room full of our peers, I remember whispering to Olli “We’ve not done badly eh”? A big jump from the tea story to the 95th storey but shows how far we’ve come in 10 years.”

Kristian Wyatt, Senior Business Development Manager


“Integer Research ran several exclusive, forward thinking webinars covering the fertilizer, wire and cable and emissions industries. The interactive Q and A sessions, as well as post webinar follows ups with attendees have allowed us to develop our current product range even further, to meet the industry’s evolving needs – and surpass their expectations. We have also been able to identify information gaps that the industry needs to be filled and are developing unique services to meet those information gaps.”

Ali Asaadi, Marketing Manager


“My proudest moment was the Diesel Emissions Conference Russia 2012. It was our first conference in Russia and the first I had worked on as a Conference Manager. It was an exciting challenge to start an event from scratch although the trickiest element was not being able to speak Russian – and still is! The conference performance exceeded our expectations and we have now established fantastic support from industry experts and key associations in Russia. It’s a challenging conference to organise every year, but I always enjoy it!”

Rebecca Shellim, Conference Manager


“A Russian client described our potash report at a conference last year as “the best thing he’d ever seen”. That was obviously a proud moment.”

Stephen Duck, Analyst



“The Non Road mobile machinery market report had a great reception from the industry, we hit the nail on the head with what the clients wanted and were able to help them with the areas they needed data and analysis. This report was purchased by a number of industry stakeholders and the 2013 edition should be an even bigger hit.”

James Dixon, Account Manager


“A real highlight for the team was when the locator website achieved almost a quarter of a million page views in 2012. This meant that our website traffic had doubled year-on-year since the project began, and demonstrated the success of our hard work in reaching the target audience.”

Laura Cross, Analyst


“The 1st Diesel Emissions Conference & ARLA Forum Brazil 2011 was an outstanding success. The conference was attended by 305 leading industry stakeholders from throughout the diesel emissions supply chain. Delegates enjoyed a conference program of tremendous insight delivered by the most respected figures in the industry. In 2014 the conference will be in its 4th year and it continues to build upon the strong foundations of 2011. Diesel Emissions Conference & ARLA Forum Brazil is now the leading independent emissions conference in Brazil.”

James Hobday, Head of Business Development


“My favorite Integer moment was pulling off a brilliant event with the Diesel Emissions Conference India 2012. There were three of us on the conference team, and one of the team got food poisoning on the first day of the event. That left my colleague and I to manage the whole conference ourselves. We were short staffed and the odds were against us but the conference still went off without a hitch.”

Allie Gavel, Conference Administrator


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