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Stage V non-road legislation expected to reduce particulate matter emissions by 65% by 2030

The Institute for Energy and Environmental Research Heidelberg (IFEU) has predicted that Stage V regulation, if effectively implemented by 2020, will reduce total particulate matter (PM) emissions in Germany from non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) by 2030.

Christoph Heidt, Geo-Ecologist at the IFEU, an independent scientific institute, presented at the 10th Integer Emissions Summit Europe in Dusseldorf. He reported that non-road mobile machinery is responsible for 48% of PM emissions and 20% of NOx emissions of the total transportation sector in Germany, emphasising the importance of next stage emissions reduction regulation.

The TREMOD-MM model, designed by the IFEU, enabled the assessment of the impact of regulation on emissions. This model takes into account the NRRM population, the power of the engine, and combined this information with usage rates and emissions factors adapted to “real world” conditions.  Heidt detailed scenarios which predicted PM and NOx reduction in Germany if the current standards remained in place against the forecasted achieved emissions reduction should Stage V be implemented.

Among the results of the study, Stage IV would reduce total PM emissions by 50% between 2020 and 2030, while Stage V implementation emissions could lead to a drop of 65% during the same years.

For NOx emissions, IFEU’s model forecast that current regulation would reduce NOx emissions from non-road machinery by 35% in Germany between 2020-30, while Stage V regulation would reduce emissions by 41%.

These numbers support the conclusions of the study, for which Stage V implementation would be a positive measure towards cleaner emissions, however he warned that emissions reduction could be lower than the calculations over the next decade, mainly due to slow fleet turnover.

The discussion took place at the 10th Integer Emissions Summit Europe between the 17th – 19th June in Düsseldorf.  The conference brought together over 250 senior executives from commercial vehicle, passenger car, marine vessel and non-road OEMs, as well as emissions technology suppliers, oil companies, government legislators, AdBlue producers, distributors and suppliers.

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