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LEONI, OFS Fitel and Union Cable confirm to speak at Advanced Cable Asia 2013

Experts from leading wire and cable manufacturers and suppliers, including LEONI, Union Cable and OFS Fitel, have been confirmed to speak at Integer Research’s 2nd Advanced Cable Asia (26 – 28 November in Shanghai, China).

Confirmed speakers now include:

  • Yvan Engels, Head of Product Management Datacom, LEONI Kerpen GmbH
  • Jingzan Qi, General Manager, Union Cable Holding Group Co.,Ltd.
  • Andrew Oliviero, Director, Product line management, OFS Fitel
  • Helen Chen, Managing Director, HTS, American Superconductor Corp.
  • Weiren You, Director, Chief Engineer, Zhongtian Technology Conductor Institute
  • Shinsho Harada, General Manager of Engineering Division, The Japanese Electric Wire & Cable Makers’ Association

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Wire & Cable market developments in China

Advanced Cable Asia 2013

Whilst the global cable market saw one of its largest absolute declines for more than 30 years in 2009 , the growth levels of the Chinese cable market have been impressive by historic standards. China is currently in the capital intensive phase of its development. As a result, its wire and cable industry is now the largest in the world in terms of production and demand, surpassing the USA (followed by Japan) since 2003. Today, the Chinese cable market is twice the size of the US market.

However, there are signs that the economic growth and development of the coastal provinces in China are starting to slow, and that the high levels of fixed investment growth are starting to decelerate in pace. Many cablemakers located in China in the wire and power cable sectors will face tougher competition, and will be forced to upgrade their operations to become more efficient.


About the conference

Advanced Cable Asia 2013 will identify key wire & cable market developments and business opportunities in the region to help Asia based cable makers determine their R & D and investment plans. New technologies and materials will also be discussed and assessed in order to help cable makers improve their manufacturing capabilities, and sourcing and marketing strategies. The conference will feature two dedicated tracks covering the latest opportunities and challenges for power cable and fibre optic cable manufacturers


Topics that will be discussed:

  • New opportunities and developments in emerging ASEAN markets such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Best practice in quality control and standardization

Power cable topics:

  • Smart grid rollout and power generation upgrades
  • Developments in extra high voltage cable markets
  • Submarine power cable standards for green energy transmission
  • Latest research and new applications of super conducting cable
  • Developments in nuclear and fire resistant cable markets
  • Advanced insulation materials and conductor technology

Fibre Optic topics:

  • The evolvement of Fibre To The Home (FTTH) and changing customer requirements
  • FTTH deployment and connectivity management
  • Policy trends and technology innovations for 4G networks
  • Data centre infrastructure and flexible connectivity
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques for fibre optics


Further information can be found on the conference website here

If you are keen to participate in Advanced Cable Asia 2013 as a speaker, sponsor or delegate, please contact Cheryl Tao, Conference Manager – email cheryl.tao@integer or call +44 20 7503 1265

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