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DEF pricing news – December 2012

News from the December issue of Integer’s DEF Tracker Service:

  • There was no movement in the U.S. and Canadian national DEF pump prices between November and December, after a relatively stable period of raw material pricing. The U.S. average remained at $2.79/G and the Canadian at CAD$0.80/L in November and December.
  • Both the national U.S. average for less than full truck load bulk deliveries and tote refills of DEF recorded marginal decreases between November and December, falling by one U.S. cent and two U.S. cent per gallon respectively.
  • At the current growth rate the number of truck stops offering bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) at the pump will reach the 1,000-location mark by mid-February 2013, and locations are now coming online at an average of more than two per day.

About the DEF Tracker

The DEF Tracker is the number one DEF price referencing service in North America.

Delivered monthly, the service helps both suppliers and buyers of DEF to:

  • Understand how DEF prices are developing in particular areas.
  • Benchmark purchasing/selling prices against the market.
  • Plan business negotiations appropriately.

Further information on the service can be found here

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