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LUKOIL to report progress on production of high-quality diesel fuel at DEC Russia

Alexey Ivanov, Head of Production, Optimization & Coordination Division at LUKOIL will reveal the progress being made in the production and distribution of Euro VI and V compliant diesel fuel.

The unavailability of high-quality diesel fuel has been a major factor in delaying the implementation of more stringent emissions legislation but recent improvements in fuel quality may mark the end of the production of Euro III vehicles.

Alexey Ivanov will be reporting on this progress at Integer Research’s 2nd Diesel Emissions Conference Russia & CIS which will be taking place on the 27th – 28th February in St. Petersburg.

The session will also update the conference on the development of fuel labelling regulations which were implemented in 2012.

The Diesel Emissions Conference Russia & CIS 2013 will bring together over 200 senior executives from commercial vehicle and non-road OEMs, as well as emissions technology suppliers, oil companies and government legislators.

The conference will address the issues of fuel quality, legislation and emission reduction technologies for the on-road, NRMM and aftertreatment industries.

The full conference programme and registration is available from the event website at

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