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Diesel Exhaust Fluid pump prices rise in June – DEF Tracker issue 8 out now

Diesel exhaust fluid price tracker - Integer Research

We’ve just published issue 8 of DEF Tracker, the only monthly price reference service for the North American market.

This publication is an essential tool for any player in the DEF market. If you’re a fleet operator or a distributor, DEF Tracker can help you:

  • Understand the range of prices in the market.
  • Stay on top of trends as the market evolves.
  • Be confident in negotiations referencing our figures.
  • Pinpoint rapidly developing price hubs.

Whether you’re buying or selling on a national or regional level, DEF Tracker puts prices in perspective to support negotiations, and helps benchmark your company’s position in this developing market.

Plus, with new MSAs (Metropolitan Statistical Areas) being regularly added, you can better identify how active certain areas of the market are, how quickly prices change, and plan your strategy accordingly.

To find out more about our reporting methodology and how to subscribe, visit the DEF Tracker website. Or call Moz Siddiqui on +1 718 705 4735 or email

News from the latest issue:
Diesel Exhaust Fluid pump prices move upward seven cent in June

  • The average U.S. DEF pump price increased by seven cent for the second consecutive month in June, reaching $2.88 per gallon. The price has been trending upward since February 2012, in response to increasing raw material costs, moving upward from $2.73 to 2.88 per gallon.
  • However, the price of urea, which accounts for the largest cost in DEF production, staged a sharp reversal in June and the price of larger bulk deliveries (1,000-4,000 gallons) of DEF to fleets dropped in response.
  • The number of truck stops offering bulk DEF at the pump is increasing rapidly, with 37 new locations coming online over the last four weeks, bringing the total number to 539. The website includes a search function listing all of these sites and over 6,000 stockists of packaged DEF.

DEF Tracker was launched in October 2011, to help fleets and DEF distributors track and better plan for DEF purchasing costs.

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