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Bulk DEF prices up on urea spike, strong demand

Bulk DEF prices up on urea spike, strong demandWe’ve just published issue 6 of DEF Tracker, the only monthly price reference service for the North American market. Key findings this month:

  • The average U.S. pump price remained at $2.74/G between March and April 2012, after declining by one cent between February and March.
  • A number of major DEF distributors planned to increase DEF prices for tote and bulk supply in the first two weeks of May 2012, in one case by as much as $0.21/G. This has been caused by an upward trend in urea prices, the main raw material for DEF
  • 26 truck stops added bulk DEF facilities at the pump between March and April
  • At the time of press, listed 477 North American DEF pump locations, including five in Canada, and 6519 retail locations offering packaged DEF

View a sample of our first issue
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DEF Tracker - Issue 001

Launched in October 2011, this publication is an essential tool for any player in the DEF market, providing:

  • Price information for FTL and LTL bulk deliveries, tote, truck stops and 2.5 gallon jug pricing
  • Spot prices covering more than 25 references
  • Expert analysis on DEF pricing trends
  • Supply networks and pump additions in all U.S. States and Canadian provinces

The next issue of DEF Tracker will be published on May 29. See our methodology and subscription information. If you would like a detailed demonstration of how DEF Tracker can help your business call +1 718 705 4735 or email

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