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Who are the top cable makers in India?

There are now more than 650 significant producers of wire and cable and bare conductor in India, and the market grew past the US$6 billion mark in 2010.

The market currently has some significant national producers, however if we were to look back 10 years, a number of leading players that were dominant have, to some extent, been superseded by new entrants.  Indeed, there now seems to be a change in the Indian cable sector, with a sharp increase in overseas investment and technology transfer in some sectors, notably high and extra-high voltage power cable.

There is also increased demand from the industrial sector, meaning companies do not have to rely on government projects. As a result, we have seen investment from a number of companies including: Finolex Cables, Polycab, Ravin Cables, Diamond Power and KEI Industries. In most cases they have teamed up with top-tier companies such as J-Power Systems, Nexans, Prysmian and Brugg Kabel.

Integer Research - Wire & Cable Regional Study India

All data and analysis above was taken from our Regional Study: India which covers:

  • Production mix and revenues of the leading 200 cablemakers
  • Detailed capacities of the leading 70 producers
  • Profiles of the key producers, their product mix, market share and customers
  • Financial data on each producer
  • Projects requiring Wire & Cable in India
  • Macroeconomics of the region and political risk
  • End-use demand and five year forecasts

Wire & Cable Regional Studies
Our India study is one of a series of quarterly studies that gives you a complete overview of a global region, using a specific methodology. Integer’s other published studies include Brazil and China, with North America to be released later this year.

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